Sunday, April 13, 2008

Votes are In - at #15 Lions take...

Running Back 8 (6%)
Offensive Line 45 (36%)
Defensive End 30 (24%)
Defensive Tackle 2 (1%)
Cornerback 2 (1%)
Linebacker 22 (17%)
Wide Receiver 4 (3%)
Millen out of town so Rod can Pick 12 (9%)
Votes so far: 125 Poll closed

Thanks to all 125 of you who voted! The consensus top three options appear to be: Oline, DE, and LB (in that order); Interesting that a distant 4th is taking Millen out of town so Rod can pick, beating out RB (which really surprised me), DT, CB, and the jokers who put WR. Fun Poll. Check out the new poll on who to pick among possibilities at 15.

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