Friday, April 25, 2008

"Detroit Deuce" Makes Mention

This is from the correspondent's "live" draft on -- check out the comment they posted from a Fannation blogger...

15 LB Jerod Mayo Tennessee Jr. 6-2 230
Mike O'Hara is the Lions beat writer for the Detroit News. For more coverage of Detroit's draft,
click here.You could hear hearts crack in the Lions' draft compound when the Panthers took Harvey. That's whom the Lions' targeted at No. 15. They want to look to defense, but consider other options. They've had nine first-round draft picks since 2000 and eight have been used on offense -- one quarterback, one running back, two tackles and four wide receivers. The exception was 2006, when Rod Marinelli took linebacker Ernie Sims in his first year as head coach. Sims is the only first-round pick starting on the Lions' defense. Marinelli wants fresh legs and more talent on defense. With Harvey off the board, the choices are a running back, trading down or staying put and going for defense. The Lions like Mayo. He can play inside or outside.FANNATION COMMENT: Mayo is projected as an early 2nd round pick, but when you've got a guy you like, you don't gamble and the Lions are high on Mayo. Mayo and Sims make a great start to the new "Detroit Deuce" (formerly the Tampa 2). They will use their 2nd round pick to fill the spot in the backfield. -- jrefenes

The use of the Deuce is spreading my friends! If the Lions keep making strides, we'll be hearing more and more about the Detroit Deuce -- Go Lions!!!


CHIEFGER139 said...

being dead last on defense
im sure its meant as a put down-just like cuttin the cards-if its a deuce you most surely will lose

jreffy said...

LOL, I was wondering if you were going to pick that up.

I admit the culprit was me :)

Anonymous said...


I started that last year (Detroit Duece). I can't say it's ever really caught on. It pops up from time to time, but its never really been used as the moniker for the Silver and Blue "D". I would love to hear it spoken on a nationally televised game. That would be cool.

detfan 1979 has now taken out a patent on the phrase, and his web site is the official home of the "Detroit Duece".

Your interpretation of its name obviously conjures an image of the Eagles and Redskins games, for sure.

The other, slightly known interpretation of "Detroit Duece" is as a punchline. What do you get when you mix two Kiss records together?


Night drew to a close as (web host)snuck into the Allen Park Asylum. Under the assumption he was helping his sister move, Det Fan sneaked into the Asylum and rohypnol-led Matt Millen as he played with his Lionel Choo-choo train.

With chocolate milk staining his new Elmo shirt, Matt dropped the Crayola red crayon out of his left hand and was dragged down the hall, down the stairs to the back alley, and loaded into the moving van.

Det Fan then loaded the rest of his sister's stuff in the moving van after the Mt. Pleasant arrival.

Rod and the rest think Matt is doing some more recruiting at CMU (due to a note detfan1979 leaves on his office desk), and they welcome the change.

DetFan then sneaks Millen into a ratty old chair in the laundry room of his sister's previous dorm room. In a scene out of "Weekend at Bernie's", Matt is propped up in a lounge chair holding a Mai-Tai and won't be found until Monday morning.

DetFan then drops his little sister off in St. Johns and the draft day success has started.

Congrats guys; the mission is half complete, and is sure to allow the Lions success in this year's draft.


Anonymous said...

and jreffy, thanks. It's the little things like you adding that phrase that may get it to catch on.

Hopefully, you'll take much joy, too if it does.

I'm still getting a kick out of Chief's comment, though.

DetFan1979 said...

LOL Nobsnubber - almost like dearborn is hanging around again, eh? That guy was hilarious. I was sure I had credited Detroit Deuce to you a few weeks back, but I could be mistaken. I love the name, and hope it catches on too. we'll just have to see. thin kof it - Detroit Deuce, Double D - detect and destroy...

BTW - my props to jreffy -- when I saw the username I had a feeling it was you. Awesome -- lets get it out there and in use!
I should be sleeping, but dang! Looking forward to tomorrow. Good thing that "energy drink" from Rod go there on time *wink* *wink*

Just wish that stash of his weren't so heavy. I'm not in all that good of shape!

BTW - my wife is taking our laptop and see if I can hit a wi-fi at some point to check in with the draft. It was her mother's day present (early) and it'll give her a chance to have some fun with it (other than the fact we got a program/plug in that makes it a GPS device as well -- talk about awesome!)

Go Lions!!!!