Monday, April 28, 2008

New Polls

I'll do my first in depth post tonight on the draft results. As it is, I put up a couple of new polls for everyone. the first is just your gut reaction -- you can pick more than one answer there. The second is your letter grade. Please refer to my prior blog on how to rate the draft for the methods I use immediately following the draft. (1 and 2)

I'll do my own version of those methods tonight. Til then, have fun coming up with your grades, and keep letting me know what you think.

Great information on the prospects thus far, and the more I see -- the more I like this draft. Keep posting your UDFA, and we'll see who the Lions pick up in the coming days.

There are a LOT of Lions veterans who better be getting ready to put up a fight, or be out of a job...

Also, your thoughts on Pearson? I'll see if I can find anything more on it. If anyone else does, please let us know!


Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd time I have tried to vote and both times I have not been allowed. I tried 4 days the last time.


Dreamweaver said...

I had no trouble voteing, it might be some thing in your browser settings.
As far as gradeing the draft, my first reaction was a C+/B-, but after doing a little research on the players we picked, I have upgaded my opinion to B+/A-, we did a great job filling needs, and filled them in the right order for max improvement. This draft has Rod's stamp all over it, all Rod's type players. I would have to say that rod did a freat job teaching the scouts what kind of player he was looking for, And millen did a great job moving around the board to maximum, picks in the right rounds and letting Rod pick the players he wanted. You have to love the Lions taking cambell with their last pick, not only do I think he will be a good addition to the team, it was a great PR move as well. IMHO this was the best draft in the Millen era. Lets hope the Lions are smart and give rod a contract extention, I see great things for the Lions under his leadership.

Anonymous said...

I also evaluated them at a B+/A- level. I mostly graded the draft based on the execution of four criteria:

1) Drafting based on need

2) Players available at time

3) Ability to move around board

4) Does player fit scheme

For each area a grade should be assigned:

1) A+, more needs were met than expected, and all within the first 3 rounds (except PR which was 5th).

2) A-/B+, we had really bad luck in the first two rounds especially. But for the most part we picked the BPA at positions of need. Although, I think the Moore and Cohen picks could have probably been improved.

3) A, Millen did a hell of a job in the 1st round which added a 3rd and 5th rounder while still grabbing a decent OT. Also, he was able to pick up K. Smith in the 3rd, although the price was a bit high I think it will be worth it in the long run. I would have liked to see the Lions move up in the 2nd to take Lofton, but Dizon should become a serviceable least we know he can tackle.

4) B, Most of the players fit our scheme pretty well. The defensive players are more undersized than I'd like, but that should add a lot of quickness as well. The biggest issue scheme-wise is the Cherilus pick. He doesn't appear all that mobile but at the same time, we needed an OT and he's not as rough around the edges as Otah.


PRATFALL said...

negative guy here---why does everyone give millen et all the benefit of the doubt? where is their track record? projecting players based on college stats and hype is impossible for fans. all we can do is wait and see. hopefully ---
gosder is not a stocker mcdougle
dizon is not boss or teddy
smith is not calhoun
avril is not kalimba
based on stats and hype and the fact we drafted for biggest need this draft is an A. based on track record it is an F. and dont get negative guy here wrong i want the A grade scenario, but i am not as overly optomistic as most here.

jreffy said...

As far as grading the actual talent that the Lions got through the draft, the players are no more than B/B- athletes. As many have said, Dizon is undersized, Cherilus has attitude, but only a real RT not a LT. Smith is a workhorse, but don't expect breakaway speed (like Peterson).

However, when you consider the athletes available at the time, and the strong Emphasis Rod puts on character and work ethic, this draft is easily a solid B if not B+/A- range.

They've easily picked up 3 starters and a couple guys who can work into rotation (Fluellen, Avril) at the least.

Now we've just got to let Pope Marinelli take over and mold these guys into serious football players. I'm excited for the pre-season, but let's not kid ourselves. The Lions were at the bottom of the NFL in both offense and defense. They've got a long way to go, but this draft definitely seems to have the Marinelli stamp on it, and will help them toward building this team up.

PRATFALL said...

if true pearson needs to be cut, even though hes has guaranteed money. another negative on the millen et all regime.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought they did poorly on day 1 but good on day 2. Then I thought they did well on both days.
After a long comparison to see what was available at each pick, I looked to see what I might have drafted.
The 1st round I would have traded Buffalo Williams for their pick. if it was not enough I would have added a 3rd. I would have drafted OT Clady. With the Lions pick-- either G/T Albert or Mendenhall.
Without the trade, I take Albert.
Round 2, DE Calais Campbell, rd 3 LB Dan Conner, 3rd rd ILB Philip Wheeler, the rest of the draft I would not have drafted the WR. I do not think he will be a good returner or not any better than last year's model. He is not a burner.
You never waste a pick by drafting a FB. They are a dime a dozen as non drafted players.
With a trade for Williams:
1 Clady
1 Mendenhall
2 Campbell
3 Connor
3 Wheeler
1 Albert
2 Campbell
3 Connor
3 Wheeler.


Anonymous said...


Open your mind to the sceme of positional flexibility.

The FB (Felton) isn't just a fullback. He's a thumper. This kid and the Hightower kid have decent chances at making rosters even though they come from small schools and will both contribute.

Alberts has never played Tackle. He was a guard. Cherilus was awesome his junior year as a RT; he struggled as a LT at times this past year, but at LEAST he's done it. With Alberts--it's a guess. And there is more problems with Otah. This was the guy. Boston College linemen are usually VERY reliable and have a proven track record in the NFL. Name a second Pitt lineman? (Without looking it up).

I can't believe Adam Kraus isn't getting a few phone calls to back up Raiola as a UFA.

and Weed...the big thorn in my craw is the other thing you pointed out (Moore). I was pissed. The Lions have a fifth WR when you subtract Walter. They have Ellis, Middleton, or Bellamy who all played GREAT in camp and pre-season last year.

The CB that still sat there is also a good return man. Trae Williams would have been a steal in the 5th. Now he's a Jag.


DetroitSims said...

Well, for the most part I was pleased with the draft. They went out and got what the needed and filled those holes. If anything, after this mini-camp and season they will have a good idea what the players that have gotten this year and what there roles are gonna be. Its definetly a step in the right direction IMO. Before any of sit here and start bashing M&M, lets wait and see how these picks pan out. Hell these 8-9 picks we had this year could all make the team, we dont know!!! The guys like Dizon and Avril, Cherlius, Smith are bringing a fire and desire to camp to be the best that they can be and win that starting role. If anything they are going to push some of these guys that are on the team to work harder. They'll know now that there is someone right behind them ready to take their spot if they dont bust there ass!!!

Marenelli is starting to restore the roar in D-Town, lets hope it keeps going cause I am tried like most of you watching this team year after lose! I wanna a reason to go out and brag about how good our team is!!!! Thats what this all about with us being fans, to feel good about our team! Am I wrong?

Sorry, got going there. I wanted to tell DetroitLionsFan1979 I really enjoy reading your blogs. You do a hell of a job and keep up the good work.

flipdskrip said...

I hope that we can get out of the 3 million dollar contract with Pearson. He needs to be cut but we can't afford anymore dead cap space. I don't think we gave him a signing bonus, if we did then I hope we can get that back too. This will also free up a ST spot for Blue or Campbell.

Anonymous said...

I see where this FB Felton, has 63 touchdowns in his college career. That would be enough for me to forgo my normal rule of not drafting a FB, since they are a dime a dozen. He even is rated #2 by some. Your CB is another who should have been drafted instead of an average speed returner.