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Mock Draft Scenario #1: Current Picks

As Nubs pointed out, it's about time to start out with the mock draft competition this year (before they sign the first pick)!

Just like last year, we will go through Round 3. Rather than just listing names, try to give a reason for who you chose, and why. For instance, indicate that you liked a different player more but think they will be gone.

To help out this year, I have LionHawkeye's list of players that visited the Lions, and a general slotting of rounds. One I disagree with on the list is Ziggy Hood, DT who I think will go in the first due to a lack of run-stuffing DT's.

Also, as you are looking over the picks and projections -- remember this overall failure rate (numbers are general, and no I don't have the math sourcing -- but it looked about right and I trust LionHawkeye's math on this.)

Success Rate of Draftees:

Now look at salaries for each round, and that is why, its not just QB though!

Aaron Curry LB Wake forest
Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
Jason Smith OT Baylor
BJ Raji DT Boston College
Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
Brian Orakpo DE/OLB Texas
Matt Stafford QB Georgia
Mark Sanchez QB USC
Malcolm Jenkins CB OSU
Aaron Maybin DE PSU
Andre Smith LT Alabama
Brian Cushing OLB USC
Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State
Everette Brown DE Fla St
Clay Matthews OLB USC
Rey Maualuga ILB USC
Louis Delmas SS Western Michighan
James Laurenitus LB OSU
Alphonso Smith CB Wake forest
Ebbon Britton OT Zona
Jared Cook TE South Carolina
Ron Brace DT Boston College
Conner Barwin DE Cinncinati
Alex Mack C Cal
Josh Freeman QB KSU
Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
Sean Smith CB Utah
Evander Hood DT Missouri
Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina
William Moore SS Missouri
S'endrick Marks DE Auburn
Derrick Williams WR PSU
Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma
Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma
Chase Coffman TE Missouri
Pat White QB WVU
Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin
Marcus Freeman LB OSU
Tyronne Mckensie ILB USF
Mohammed Massaquoi WR Georgia
Tyronne Greene OG Auburn
Jon Cooper C Oklahoma
Donald Washington CB OSU
Demetrius Byrd WR LSU
Jason Phillips ILB TCU
Roy Miller DT Texas
Daniel Holtzclaw ILB EMU
Seth Olsen OL Iowa
DeAngelo Willingham CB Tennesee
Pannel Egboh DE Stanford
Mortty Ivy OLB WVU
Jerraud Powers CB Auburn
Ellis Lankster CB WVU
Greg Isdaner OG WVU
Nick Hennessey OL Colgate
Brandon Walker OG Oklahoma
Steven Hodge SS TCU
Tristan Davis RS Auburn
Bradley Fletcher CB Iowa
Johnny Knox WR Abeline Christian
Jacob Wyatt SS EMU
Brice McCain CB/RS Utah
Alex Fletcher C Stanford

Post your mock draft in the comments here -- after the draft, I'll go back and see how we did!

The picks are:


The problem I have had this year is that what the Lions end up doing at #1 overall very much impacts what happens later in the draft. Don't blow up or think I"m waffling, but I will give two scenarios: What I think the Lions will do, and what I would like them to do. Feel free to do the same!

What the Lions will Do?:

#1. Matthew Stafford: If Linehan and Schwartz are sold on him having the ability to be at worst an above average QB they will take him. While as I said he won't start til likely a fair amount into the season depending on Culpepper's play, they will be able to season him and have a veteran in place for when the rest of the team is on track.

#20. Evander "Ziggy" Hood, DT: The Lions have needs all over, but a young run stuffer is a very large one. Choen and Fluellen are possibilities for DT, but neither has the bulk or style to be a big run stopper -- Jackson will need to be rotated heavily, and will be gone in a season or two. Hood will provide for having his replacement on the roster, as well as filling out the DT rotation for the Lions. They can use a future pick for the 4th DT (assuming Hood, Fluellen, and Cohen stick) after Jackson is gone.

#33. Clint Stintim, ILB: Some may call this a bit of a reach, but from what I've read Stintim is teh next best 3 down LB propect after Cushing and Curry. Laurinitis and Maulugala are considered 2 down MLB. Laurinitis is a liability in coverage, and would do nothing for the 3rd down D and Rey is widely considered to have had his flaws masked in a loaded USC D. Stintim has size and speed -- while not close to Curry level, he still has potential to be a long term starter in the middle for many years.

#65. William Moore, SS: Alexander is healing slowly -- but will he ever return to his rookie year level? Bullocks is a solid starter on one side -- but the other side is more in flux. Alexander had a good rookie year, but was struggling before his inury(who wasn't, though?). Pearson showed he is a solid backup and ST player, but not a starting S. Henry may move to S if they go with a CB, but this is a weak CB class. At #65 he can start out rotating in if Henry moves to S, or starting day 1 if he doesn't. Either way, if Alexander recovers the Lions have 3 good young S. If not, they are protected by still having two good young starters.

#82. Travis Beckum, TE: He is a pass catching TE, and that is a position that is featured quite often in lieu of a 3rd slot WR in Linehan's offenses. They can stay back an block, or head out for a pass. Linehan loves to use 2 TE, 2 WR, 1 RB sets where the defense can't tell if it's run or pass. Gaines is a servicable TE, and was decent catching the ball if he can get over his case of fumbilitis from last season. Having Beckum gives them another weapon in the offense to draw pressure off of both Kevin Smith and CJ through various means -- which will also help out their rookie QB.

My Lions Draft (what I would do):

#1. Aaron Curry, LB: Inside, outside, good in coverage, big enough to stop the run, great at shedding blocks, played on and off the line... Curry could be the next Ray Lewis (and you guys know I don't often do the whole comparison thing) or even more -- He would be a very versatile weapon on the field, and unlike many I think Peterson has more than a couple years left. A telling thing is where earlier this week he said that while he wouldn't have done a pay cut with Seattle (he is one of the top LB in the game), he would have been willing to restructure to help out the team (convert pay to SB, sign an extension, etc.). This tells me that if he contiues to play at a pro-bowl level, he could be a fixture for the Lions longer than some anticipate. Sims-Curry-Peterson would be an expensive -- but fearsome -- LB corps. And would be set for at least 5 years.

#20. Ziggy Hood, DT: See Above.

#33. Alex Mack, OG/C: I know that I've said Loper and Peterman are strong at OG - but who will back them up other than the unproven Man-Ram? Mack should be able to unseat either Loper or Peterman this year, and also provides leverage for the Lions in talks with Raiola. If Mack plays center well enough, you could even see the Lions trading Raiola next ifseason (after franchising him, then getting a mid-2nd rounder). A stretch? Not really -- Raiola is highly regarded around the league and it woudl give the Lions many options and at worst strong depth/talent at OG and a backup C -- negating a need to carry an additonal lineman. With the top two picks going D -- and no S or CB I really like here, this pick seemed to really fit. Alphonso Smith, CB and Delmas, S were also considerations.

#65. William Moore, SS: See Above.

#82. Pat White, QB: Yes, this is a big leap/jump. However, I like the kid's moxie, and he has the intelligence and paitence to make it as an NFL starter. He doesn't have a howitzer arm -- more of a rifle. But he doesn't have a tendancy to force the ball, and could be used with the otehr QB's in wildcat type formations. If he doesn't work as a QB, he would still be useful as a returner and possibly WR or RB -- and one who could throw off a reverse or handoff. He is a multi-faceted player that I am sure Linehan would find a way to utilize. Him and Stanton could battle it out to see who gets teh Future QB mantle, and if neither one does then Stanton gets cut and White will be an excellent Josh Cribbs multi-faceted threat and the Lions can go in another direction at QB.

So there you have my two mocks. What are your thoughts? Your Picks? It is a wide open year, so I expect a lot more variation than last year.

Is it April 25th yet?? (note: my spell check wasn't working tonight, so I may have to correct some minor errors later, but will not change content of the post.)


Anonymous said...

Lopper's Mock:

It seems to me that the Lions aren't sold on Stafford at that they are going to swing a trade for a QB instead. I'm going to proceed with my draft with the most likely trade scenario that I’ve seen.

Lions trade pick #20 to Cleveland.
Cleveland trades pick #36 and Derek Anderson to Detroit.

Pick #1 - Jason Smith
It seems that Jason Smith has solidified his position as the top OT in this year’s draft. I still really like Eugene Monroe, but I haven't watched the tape so I'm going to assume that Jason Smith is really the better choice. I'd like to see the Lions move Foster to guard (if he even keeps a spot on the roster) and have Backus as the backup tackle.

Pick #33 - James Laurenitus
This guy won the Butkus award the year before Curry. If both he and Curry came out last year, James would have been a first round pick and Curry a third. James is a consistent guy with solid size and that is exactly what the Lions need in between the two stud OLB's we have.

Pick #36 - Alphonso Smith
Here is a guy that if it was only based on tape would not be around at 36. If he was 2-3 inches taller, he'd be in the running as the top CB in the draft.

Pick #65 - Fili Moala
He's got a big frame (6'4" 303lbs) and with the Lions conditioning program focused on adding size, I feel that he will add 10-20 pounds in the next couple years.

Pick #82 - Shawn Nelson
At 6'5" 240lbs, Nelson is a good receiver at tight end and will catch a lot of balls inside while defenders try to contain the Johnsons on the outside. The Lions might also look at a slot receiver with this spot.

Riley said...

#1 Aaron Curry LB Wake forest

He's the most talented player in the draft. Line backer is a leadership position, and Aaron Curry has the talent, intelligence, and physique, to be an every down, every situation, any part of the field type of impact player. That's what makes him worthy of the number one overall pick, even though he's a linebacker. He embodies the positional flexibility that Schwartz wants to build his defense around, and with another perennial pro-bowl player beside him, to guide him, he'll be primed to become a great success.

#20 Malcolm Jenkins CB OSU

#33 Ziggy Hood, DT

#65 Derrick Williams WR PSU

#82 Tyronne Greene OG Auburn

#174 Roy Miller DT Texas

#192 Pannel Egboh DE Stanford

#255 Alex Fletcher C Stanford

Anonymous said...

DetroitSims Mock:

1a. Araon Curry:

All that needs to be said is the fact we have not had a dominate LB since Chris Sp.!! They desperately need a good MLB and I think curry is it. He's got all the tools to be a great LB in the NFL. I am not sold that Stafford is worthy of the #1 pick. He might be a great QB in the NFL but, I dont think this is the time for the Lions to draft a QB.

1b. Ziggy Hood

As Detfan said, the run stuffing DT class is slim this year and we need someone for the future. I have not seen a whole lot of film on him but, I have heard a lot of good things about him. Good investment for the future!

33. Ebbon Britton OT

36. Micheal Johnson DE

65. Sean Smith CB

82. Pat White QB

DetFan1979 said...

Where/When did we get #36?

Lopper - I think you mean Luarinitis at #20, and Smith at #33.

DetroitSims -- one second rounder too many. I only wish...

Remember the picks are:

1.1 (#1 overall)
2.20 (#20 overall)
2.1 (#33 overall)
3.1 (#65 overall)
3.17 (#82 overall)

Go ahead an post a new mock if you need to!

Anonymous said...

I like the second mock. I want all defense. Of course our oline is not great but our defense is god awful. i am not afraid of paying a linebacker that much money. SHW

RIP said...

Matt Stafford, I believe, is the third best QB in this draft, following Pat White and Mark Sanchez. I also believe Ziggy Hood is the second best DT in this years draft. That being said, here is my mock draft.

1.1 Curry. He is the best every down LB, including in the dime package. We presently do not have one on our roster. If a franchise LT or QB were available, I would take either one of them. But there is not one available this year.

1.20 Ziggy Hood. As previously mentioned, I belive he is the second best out there. He would be playing a natural undertackle position, unlike the tweener Redding. If we chose a QB with our first pick, I do not think Ziggy would be available at number 20 for in normal drafts, 3 DTs would already be off the board. My other consideration would be TE Pettigrew.

2.1 Pat White (same spot as Drew Brees was drafted). This guy has an accurate passing game. He has a good arm. He was a four year starter. And he has lead his teams to major bowl games. He also outperformed all the QBs (those who participated) in the passing portion of the combine. The only knock on him is his height and playing in the spread offense in college. Sound familiar with the record setter at Purdue in Brees? I do not believe he will make it out of the second round with 32 teams evaluating him. He is perhaps the best QB in this draft.

3.1 Lets see want we needed this if season. A MLB, OLB (Peterson), NT, CBs, interior OL, TE, SS (or left side safety), 2/3 WR, and a backup QB. So far I went with the best available players while filling needs at MLB and QB. So this spot would have to be a CB or TE. My choice would be Coffman, then Macklin, if available.

With no. 82 pick, it would be Sammy Lee Hill. Why? He is a 6'4 330 lb DT. Has the size to get stonger and one of the few large size DTs in this draft. He would be Jackson relief in the pass rush. He is talented with the potential to be an every down NT.

These are the guys I see that would be the best talents at there positions.

Would have loved to have two additional picks before no. 82.

Ruth said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

DetroitSims Mock:

1a. Araon Curry:

All that needs to be said is the fact we have not had a dominate LB since Chris Sp.!! They desperately need a good MLB and I think curry is it. He's got all the tools to be a great LB in the NFL. I am not sold that Stafford is worthy of the #1 pick. He might be a great QB in the NFL but, I dont think this is the time for the Lions to draft a QB.

1b. Ziggy Hood

As Detfan said, the run stuffing DT class is slim this year and we need someone for the future. I have not seen a whole lot of film on him but, I have heard a lot of good things about him. Good investment for the future!

33. Micheal Johnson DE

65. Sean Smith CB

82. Pat White QB

I read Looper's and forgot that he put in that trade with cleveland 4 DA. Thats how he got #36. I just overlooked that. My bad

DetFan1979 said...

oops! We all must work on reading comprehension!

I should have been a little clearer on how I usually do the mock scenarios.

Typically, I first post for our picks "as they are" --

Then I come up with one or two trade scenarios, and then finally a "whatever trades you think are going to happen" blog where you put down your own guesses --

A DA trade is possible, and if you swung #20 for DA and #36 -- with what that pick has been garnering you are essentially giving up an early third, or late second for DA.

Not sure if the Lions are sold on DA enough to do it, and if the Browns would do the trade for that price. good thought though...

CHIEFGER139 said...

AT one time I would of needed a what they will do and what I want-but now think theres a good chance they will do what I want as Ive now bought into the stafford hype with the addition of the probowl linebacker in free agency
so heres my picks
1. stafford qb-georgia-probowl abilities, smart and wants to play here-Im now on board and hope he starts some games before the year is out like you wrote on your chuch blog
1a(20)-lauinatis MLB-ohio state-
we finally get our middle linebacker and a very good one, last good one from ohio state for us was speilman
2.(33)-smith CB-I will say the one from wake forest, but another one is close from Utah-for some reason this team likes guys named smith-
wanted to put my next pick here because it some what of a reach here and he most likely will be gone-when i pick him
3.(65) herman johnson OG LSU- the man is huge and would love to see him in a lions uniform-his size alone is worth the admission to see-may have to trade up a few spots to get him or get him at 33??
either way hes on my most wanted list
3.(82) I will go with beckum-TE from wisconsin-they finally put campbell out to pasture-always got hurt-time for a new guy for our new qb to dump it off too!!

actually my draft list wish is these 3 guys-Stafford,Laurintus and Herman-the munster-Johnson-will be very exicited if we at least get one of them-if all 3-would be the best draft ever for me!! go get um!!

Anonymous said...

Lambo's Mock Draft (not what I want but what I expect!)

Pick #1 Matt Stafford QB Georgia

Pick #20 Malcolm Jenkins CB OSU

Pick #33 James Laurenitus LB OSU

Pick #65 Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma

Pick #82 Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin

Pick #174 Demetrius Byrd WR LSU

Pick #192 Pannel Egboh DE Stanford

Pick #255 Brice McCain CB/RS Utah

Anonymous said...

#1 Stafford qb
I'm a Curry guy myself, but the closer the draft gets, the more i think this is the pick.
#20 Brian Cushing lb
BPA, I heard Pete Carroll talking about how he thought Cushing could play inside in the NFL.
#33 Alphonso Smith cb
A steal here, could start by 2010.

#65 Duke Robinson og
Highest rated gaurd, starts this year and make Bakus better.

#82 Derrick Williams wr kr
#3wr, and big help in the return game.


William said...

#1Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest
I love everything I've read about Curry - and most will call me crazy but I have this feeling about Duante. Everyone calls him a "short term" solution, I think he'll either be NO solution or a 4-6 year solution and I'm willing to give it this year to find out.
If he fails badly let's give Stanton a look so we know right where we are for next year's draft. 4-6 years is NOT short term in the NFL it's a career for many and the guy is only 32 so it's possible.

#20Everette Brown DE Fla St
Build the defense, rush the passer. With Peterson/Curry/Sims we're set at LB so build the line.

#33Louis Delmas SS Western Michigan
We've signed some CBs let's get a potential Pro Bowl safety.

#65Evander Hood DT Missouri
Continuing to build the D Line.

#82Pat White QB WVU
Another player I have a "feeling" for. All he does is WIN. It would be a nice change around here.

#174Demetrius Byrd WR LSU
Fishing for a little help for DC & CJ.

#192Greg Isdaner OG WVU
#255TJ Lang OT EMU
Last 2 picks are two fish from the same pond. See if we can get lucky and pick up a serviceable O Lineman.

RIP said...

I appears most of use see where our draft needs are. We need another QB on our roster. There is also great need for a second TE for Linehan's offense and to not gamble on our O-line talent/depth.

On defense, we stessed the need for a starting D-lineman, whether it was DE or DT. All the picks had us picking a MLB by the 33rd pick. The most interesting position group was DB. There were several names listed for either CB or safety, with Henry being the wildcard.

Great drafts everyone, and would love to see more.

dreamer1955 said...

#1 Aaron Curry- Best player in the draft, and fills the biggest need

#20 Aaron Maybin - Good depth at a position that is thin.

#33 Alex Mack - Can play C or OG, one of the best interior OL coming out this year.

#65 Chase Coffman - The upgrade we need at TE hen run block and has great hands

#82 Pat White - The most versitile player in the draft. he can push for the backup QB spot (maybe for the starting spot), be used as a WR,KR,ECT.

millersco said...

So far Mayhew has been pleasantly unpredictable, but solid. So for that reason I don't see us taking Stafford #1 unless there is a trade involved right after.
#1 - Curry - as everyone has said we haven't had a MLB forever. At least when we had Holmes we stopped the run. If we don't get Curry then we have to settle for second or third choice which is not the right answer (did that last year) when its our biggest need. Some say he's ot a MLB, but he's the most athletic of any of the choices, certainly has the size 255 lbs, plus Schwatrz said he played MLB frequently during the game as the situation dictated. He is an thlete that wil make our team better from day one. If we don't take him at one we won't get him. Mistake.
#20 - Peria Jerry or best DT available. Peria seems like a playmaker, gets thru the OL and disrupts and finds the ball. He's 300 lbs now, assume he can put on a little more with the strength coach. Appears to have a motor and desire.
#33 - William Beatty or best OL available, compete with Backus. Seems w are filled up at OG but could take Unger or Mac if available.
#65 - Sean Smith - big CB. WR's keep getting bigger and bigger, and he is 6-3 and 214 lbs. Good competition for CB or S.
#82 - best TE or WR return man available.

QB can wait for next year.

minker said...

1) Aaron Curry MLB
He is not only the best at this position, he's the best player in the draft and should go number one!
He will fill out our linebacking corp and we will be AWESOME for years to come.

20) Brandon Pettigrew TE
He is the best TE in the draft!
He is an excellent blocker and will really help out Backus' left side (along with Loper on Big B's right side) to firm up the left side of our line, and Linehan likes to use TE's with good hands.

33) Louis Delmas SS
He is the best SS in the draft!
The middle of our defense will be set.

65) Eric Wood C
He was the best center at the combine!
I watched him over and over and he is solid. He can learn the ropes from Railoa who will become our backup. This will really help our run game.

82) Terrance Taylor DT Michigan
He is our run stuffing DT to come in on third down for Jackson. Hood doesn't strike me as any better than Flu did last year and I'd hate to waste an earlier round on him in a year that's short on DT's.

Anonymous said...

What the Lions Will do:
1A. Stafford
1B. Oher if avail/Lauranitus (other LBs gone)
2A. Brace
3. Sean Smith
4. Massaquoi (united with Stafford)

What the Lions SHOULD do:

1. Curry - Get the best of the draft and be happy from year 1 with a great LB corps.
1A. Ziggy Hood - I agree with Detfan79 here - other NFL teams have their eye on this guy, and he won't stick around
2. Best OL available - Let's say Mack here to put in a name. I am fine with someone other than a franchise LT; just get a solid guy who can performa day 1 and plug him in anywhere.
3. Pat White - Get a guy that D-coordinators have to worry about, and for once in our lifetime, get creative! Like Hood, White is the best wildcat pick, and he won't last until 3B.
3B. Marcus Freeman - I saw a lot of OSU football last year, and in my opinion, Freeman has as much potential as Laurinitus - get this guy to go into the rotation and be the Peterson replacement in 2-3 years.

- KC Lion Fan

ClusterFox said...

This seems even more difficult than past years, being as that we really don’t know the feelings of the front office and that the first pick has a huge influence on all the other picks.
Let me also state, I don’t have a problem with Stafford if they deem him worthy. My issue is with the facts.
1) Sometimes QBs are NFL ready come day one (Matt Ryan), there is no one arguing Stafford is one of those. He’s a project, could even be a future Favre but today he’s a project.
2) We will be drafting in the top 15 next year.
3) There are 3 Qbs that will be possibly more prepared Qbs available next year

So why pay someone to get ready to be our Qb when there are already 3 getting ready that aren’t on the payroll.

Here are my picks-

1) 1-Curry- Of all those in question he can play in our biggest area of need, and he will require the smallest monetary commitment of all. Yes it will be high compared to other MLB but smaller than Stafford, Smith, or Monroe would require. The only thing that happened that really changed the pundits mind about us taking him is the JP trade. Lets face it JP is a10-11 year vet. If Curry fails or doesn’t thrive in the middle we will be in the market for a young OLB very soon anyways.
2) 20-B.Pettigrew- For my picks I’m looking at trying to get 4-5 starters possibly 3 guys that are the best players in their position groups. 2 for 2 so far. Seriously though. 6’5 263 will help the run game, and give us a better playmaker as an outlet receiver. I guess I should state I believe if Backus is not traded the best value to be had in his situation is to leave him at LT one more year and add support around him. ( I would consider Vontae Davis here)
3) 33-Alphonso Smith- Undersized, but is a Great playmaker on both sides of the line of scrimmage. A much better ball hawk than we have on roster. And imagine the blitz packages Cunningham can dream up with JP, Avril, Curry, and Smith.
4) 65-Duke Robinson-Big enough to play tackle but would be a great LG. I’d say he’s a lot like Loper. I like the idea of some of my T depth playing Guard for me. Goal line situations Pettigrew, Backus, Robinson, Raola, Loper, Cherilous. 1 year away from having 300lbs across the front, no better way to move the ball in the NFC North.
5) 82-Pat White- This is my one pick that I don’t think could happen, because I truly believe he’ll be gone by now. None the less, He is a more mature, better athlete than Stafford and we pay the right price for a project. If he fails we won’t be hurt. He can run our Goal line like Slash did for awhile or a type of wild cat if we so choose. At the very least will be a good slot receiver.

Now the lions picks.

1) 1-Stafford- I’m still holding out hope for Curry, because I believe the Draft will fall to us better. But for the sake of this not looking like my Draft. I’ll start with the QB.
2) 20-Evander Hood- A bit of a reach here, but our biggest need is in the middle of the D, if Maualuga drops to here that would be great but I doubt it.
3) 33-Laurinaitis-This is why I don’t like taking Stafford first; we need to hope things fall to us. Getting close to a Dizon type reach if Laurinaitis isn’t available here.
4) 65-Duke Robinson- See above.
5) 82-Mike Mickens- good all-around corner, above avg size. Wow I hope our draft doesn’t end up like this.


Anonymous said...

Love the site, I read it often but been a while since I posted. I use to use Millenismad but now I think Mayhew's Men is better. My ideal draft would be:

Pick #1 - Aaron Curry; Biggest area of need and can not count Maualuga being there at 20.

Pick #20 - Ziggy Hood; need big inside person to develop behind Grady.

Pick #33 - Herman Johnson; big guy that can make Backus better.

Pick #65 - Pat White; very good all-around will make defenses worry. Could be used like Ronnie Brown was last year for Miami.

Pick #82 - Kyle Moore DE; Probably highest rated DE left at this point.

This is how I hope these draft picks go.

Thanks again to Detroit Fan 1979 for doing this blog. You work does not go unnoticed.

RIP said...

Run the ball and stop the run. This is my final mock before Saturday.

#1. Aaron Curry LB Wake forest
#20. Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State
#33. Max Unger C/OG Oregon
#65. Pat White QB WVU
#85. Sammy Lee Hill DT Stillman

I do not like the overal talent in this draft, especially at in the first round. That is one reason I am going with Pettigrew after taking Curry. I just hope Unger and White will be available at #33 and #65. As I mentioned last January, this would be a good year to rebuild the O-line. It is too bad our defense stunk so bad, and it appears that we need another backup at QB.