Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Draft Challenge #2: Where They Fall

This draft scenario is pick 'em where they fall -- no trades allowed. Remember, the goal is to pick who you think the Lions will pick, and we'll see how close we were (or far away) and laugh plenty about it after the draft. I will re-publish each of these, with all the comments in the main post, after the draft. I'll put mine in the post this time (since I can't spell check comments, as I'm sure you noticed):

1. OT Williams
2. ILB Goff
3a. RB Smith
3b. DE Langford
4. DT Fluellen

I'm projecting Williams may be there, and that Lofton, Connor, and Mayo will all be gone by the time the Lions draft in 2, and with OT taken in one, but needing a MLB they go with the best of who is there and get Goff. My 1a. draft (the one that doesn't count):

1. ILB Lofton
2. OT Baker
3a.RB Smith
3b. DE Langford
4. DT Fluellen

I think they like enough third round backs, that one of them will be there when they pick (forte, smith, et al.) -- but can easily see them trading back into the second. However, for now, those are my two pick 'em where they fall. The FIRST one is the one I am counting, the second my possibly...

How about the rest of you? You 1 and 1a. alternate? (remember - no trades!)

And don't forget to post on the Jax scenario as well.

Yes, I know I could type them in Word first, and then copy and paste, but I don't have it installed right now. I know, poor excuse, but we all have our foibles. My first sales manager used to tell me to look in the mirror every morning, and every time I was feeling a bit too egocentric, and say: "Everyone has strengths and weakness. Everyone includes ME." - I still do, and often shorten it to "Everybody means me." -- there are always those better, and those worse at whatever it is you are doing. The key is in not thinking you are the absolute. (Best or Worst). Wow - enough philosophy from DetFan1979...I'm thinking it's time for me to sleep.

On with your Mocks my friends!! Go Lions!!


JJLions20 said...

1. DE Harvey
2. LB Lofton
3a. CB Godfrey
3b. RB Forte
4. CB Ikegwuono

I've seen too may mock drafts where one of the two DE's (Harvey or Merling) fall to #15. I'm hoping it's Harvey. Once again in just about every mock draft I've seen, either Connor, Mayo, or Lofton are available in the 2nd round, I don’t think it is Connor who is available, and Mayo is more attractive as an OLB to some teams that gives him a higher value rating. Lofton is sitting there for the Lions. Godfrey is such a good fit, if he is sitting there in the 3rd, I don't see the Lions passing. Forte is the best RB available at this point. Yes, two CB's in the first 5 picks. When your corners have to hit in the Cover-2, it makes them prone to injuries. The lions need depth, and they need to be planning on some of the others not being around in a couple of years.

I just have this suspicions that Colletto believes Martz was the problem with the OT's. I think he believes Jonathan Scott can be the starter, and that he can resurrect Foster, if he simplifies it. Remember, Foster played pretty good at the start of the season, then he just could not comprehend all that was being thrown at him. So if the Lions take a DE on the first pick and those elite OT’s are off the board, I don’t see them taking one. It will make a lot of fans mad, but Marinelli gets 4 defenders and a running-back in the first four rounds.

JJLions20 said...

My 1a draft... And I'll make some picks a little more controversial (which is more likely to occur).

1. LB Dan Connor
2. RB Chris Johnson
3a. CB Charles Godfrey
3b. DE Jason Jones
4. TE Jeremichael Finley

The Lions reach for Connor, because Marinelli likes his character and football intelligence. Johnson won't be around in the 3rd, and the Lions are looking for a homerun threat. Godfrey just makes sense. Jason Jones in another Marinelli project. I had to pick a receiver, but just couldn't go WR. The Lions want this is a pick for the future.

Anonymous said...

JC's Draft Challenge #2:
(I actually agree with alot of jjlions20's poet)

1. Harvey - DE
2. Lofton - LB
3a. Forte - RB
3b. Bryant - DT
4. Barton - OT

Absent a trade down (best scenario), Harvey is their man if available. I agree one of the linebackers (Connor, Mayo, or Lofton) will be there in the 2nd -- most likely Lofton. Forte would be an ideal big back to complement T. Bell. Bryant would have very good value in the late 3rd, and would provide a big body in the middle of the D-line to replace S. Rogers. Barton if available in the 4th would provide depth at OT.


1. Mendenhall - RB
2. Lofton - LB
3a. Ellis - DE
3b. Bryant - DT
4. Barton - OT

Anonymous said...

With no trading my guess would be:
1. Albert, Branden OG/OT Help now
and future RT/LT replacement
2. Lofton, Curtis ILB Run on
CB's and Linemen will allow us
to get him this late.
3a Forte, Matt RB Might not fall
this far.
3b Bryant, Red DL Rotate and learn
under Darby
4 Crable, Shawn
Just a guess.


Anonymous said...

I was always a Harvery fan for the #1 pick, or take the best OT if he is not there. And if they do so, I couldn't complain. But after listening to so many "experts" on NFL Sirius, I think if they could get Mendenhall in round 1, he could make a hell of a difference immediatly. Conner, the ILB from Penn St. called him a beast, and said he was a hand full and the best back he played against. Then at #2, get Lofton/Goff/Mayo LB, #3 Take Groves/Jackson/Laws DE/DT and then Nicks/Baker OT

CHIEFGER139 said...

wanted to get this in sooner

Anonymous said...


1. OT Alberts VU
2. LB Lofton OU
3a. RB Smith UCF/Jamaal Charles if not
3b. DT Fluellen FSU
4. LB Crable UM/if not CB Molden WKU

One note i would like to add is that i really want them to get lofton and i want it so bad i would say draft him at 15 if no lineman are there that fit. I really think the zone blocking scheme would fit a Alberts or a Williams, but I think this draft is deep enough with some good athletic OL,like Greco from Toledo, McGlynn from Pitt, or Barton from OSU. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


1. LB Lofton
2. RB Forte
3a. DE Ellis
3b. OT Cousins
4. CB DeJuan Tribble

I have a feeling that without a trade down, the lions take their MLB in the first round and LOfton is the tackling machine to run the show. He is known for high character, football IQ, and leadership which are all Marinelli traits.
If the right OT is there at 45 I think the lions go that route, but I will project that they take their RB here and Forte is the man in the 2nd round. Charles reminds too much of Tatum Bell and Johnson will nto be their at 45. Kevin Smith would be the other possibility.
Chris Ellis is a heck of a 3rd round DE and he will likely team up with five-oh as a starter in the future. Cousins has question marks with lazy technique and mental breakdowns, but is a supreme athlete who could pay huge dividends and be a steal.
Tribble has fallen down draft boards recently with a poor 40 time and a struggling efort at teh senior bowl, but he plays faster than he times and could be a steal here who will provide much needed depth at corner.

flipdskrip said...

1.Lofton LB
2.Flowers CB
3A. Bryant DT
3B. Smith RB
4. Barton OT

Anonymous said...


JJLions20 said...

Three weeks later I'd like to post a 1b draft. I still like Harvey with the first pick, but lets make the assumption he is gone when the Lions are drafting Then here is how I see it.

1. LB Mayo
2. DT Laws
3a. CB Godfrey
3b. RB Forte
4. LB Dizon
5. CB Ikegwuono

The more I thought about it, I liked the idea of drafting both Mayo and Dizon. If Dizon turns out to be a player, then Mayo can play the strong side Linebacker.