Saturday, April 26, 2008

2008 Draft -- Day One

Okay fellow fans - this is it. Comment away on here as the pre-draft commences, and the picks are made day one. I'll hop on here too after I'm back home and available, and peek in once or twice earlier in the round if I can swing it.

Crack open the brew, throw some burgers and brats on the grill, and pull out the Lions paraphernalia --- It's Draft Day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Gents. I'll apologize. Tomorrow at the start of the draft, I will be building roofs for our dugouts on our T-ball field up here in Harbor Springs. I don't know if I'll be done in time to post, so here goes my guess.

OT Clady. If he is gone, OT Williams. If he is gone, DE Harvey. If he is gone, DT Balmer.

I really think the LB will wait. I think the RB will wait until day #2 (round three).

I will try posting during the draft when I get back. Hope you guys all have a blast. I hope Matt wakes up soon enough to see the end of draft day #2 (see previous post).


Anonymous said...

Those are my exact, same, top 4 picks. I can't believe you said what I was thinking, expecially since we differ so much on trading Williams. Amazing!


JJLions20 said...

It is very possible for Clady Williams, and Harvey to be gone in the first 14 picks. I'd be shocked to see Balmer picked with the 15th pick. If those three were gone, it would depend on who is left, but I'd feel good with Mayo if that is their guy. But I'd rather see them slide down to the early 18 - 26, get another pick and still get Mayo.

CHIEFGER139 said...

well just minutes away-gonna get me a 12 pack and hope for the best-

hope theres no announcement ryans dropping and the lions just announced there moving up with a trade-dont want ANY one chokin on their beer and havin to get down on there knees to worship the great white porcelin god-like many say they will do if they draft this guy or that-

guess no matter what happens it will make some very happy and proud-make others sick
just hope they do whats best and draft for needs rather than best player available

think thats what all true lions fans want-definately would never want them to go from my blind hope oppions- im noone who truely knows what they really need

still want my runningback though-hope hes with us today-
good luck all-hope this draft puts us in the playoffs


Anonymous said...


With Harvey, Mayo, Clady, and Stewart gone, I think the Lions trade down if they can.

Anonymous said...

Guys, if they don't trade out, I relaly think the pick is Kentwan Balmer or OT Williams.

DetFan1979 said...

what's going on?? How did the Lions get to 17?? Dang..I'll see if I can find out -- someone post here if possible. I have to go again.

Anonymous said...

WOW. I do like Gosder Cherilus as the next best OT, but I didn't think teh Lions were picking an OT in the first.

Otah is hype and not better than a second; neither is McGlynn. I guess the other option is Sam Baker who is also projected as a second rounder


JJLions20 said...

The lions traded #15 for #17 swapping with KC. The swapped third round picks and now have the 3rd pick in the 3rd round. They also now have the 1st pick in the 5th round.

JJLions20 said...

Killer is saying the Lions are not calling the press in, so something is up trade wise?

Anonymous said...

The Lions traded back two spots with the Kansas City Chiefs.

They also trade their thirds, and the Lions gain the Chiefs fifth.

JJLions20 said...

Withthe picking of Cherlius it tells you the Lions did not intend to move Bacus to RT. That's ok, because I never thought he was a RT, run blocker. They need to move up into the 2nd round to get the LB and RB. Lets see how it works out. And remember, the Lions had no choice the way the board fell.

JJLions20 said...

I said earlier in the week that I had a feeling this dreft was going to be non-sexy. I'd say Cherlius and Dizon is pretty non-sexy. I liked Dizon, but I thought the 2nd round was high. The Lions must have known he would not be there in the third.

If the Lions don’t trade up into the 2nd round, having the third pick in the third round could be key. It gives you the evening to reset your draft board, and you know you will get one of the first 3 on your board. I would like to see them use the lower 3rd round and package it with their 5th and get that pick into the 2nd round and get Rice.

We will have to see if not getting the flashy guy’s turns out a lot better for the Lions.

dreamweaver said...

Lions get their LB in 2nd, they take Dizon. He looks loke a Marinelli player, reminds me a lot of Speilman. A good pick in the 2nd IMHO

CHIEFGER139 said...

if you followed my rants on m-live-some really upsetting this is what i get out of day one-

like i said this is an entire new way to look at the draft-

draft needs at a whole round or two lower ensuring you have the character guys you want filling the needs you want-dont even know if its been tried before?

WITH A BIG CAP PROBLEM LIKE WE HAVE THIS ALL COULD BE GENIOUS and change the way everyone looks at the nfl draft from now on-

either coach rod is a total genious or a total idiot from doing this-who knows?-being a optimistic guy and being serverly pissed off rod didnt get my runningback i will wait and see-

i liked both cherlious and dizon and had them on my later rounds-so to say i hated his picks would be a total lie-in some ways i love them both

maybe rod's a real genious doing this? is hightower the next pick at rb or smith to continue on this path?? both possibly good but cheaper players who could start?

guion from fl state a dt possible starter?

who knows now!! like i said i dont think this approach has ever been tried.

rod hope your a genious-not a idiot-lions great in 2008-PLAYOFFS AND BEYOND!!

ClusterFox said...

Great Point Chief. I like Rod, so I hope he lasts(not to mention I'd like to see the lions succeed this year.) But I sure would like to be the coach coming in, with all these players he's focusing on. He fill the roster with quality characters. Easier to coach(more Receptive)Easier to sign(didn't expect to go this high), easier to re-sign keeping consistancy. And If Character isn't one of the driving variables on these picks, than someone needs to explain them to me. I understand how the board fell, but Dizon before Laws,and Connor.this was well put for me as well.

i liked both cherlious and dizon and had them on my later rounds-so to say i hated his picks would be a total lie-in some ways i love them both

Hang in the there all, we ARE filling spots with quality guys, I'm just not sure if we could of gotten more athletic ones.

Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion all this ranking of collegians being drafted into the big league gets more and more problematic beyond the first 10 or so picks.

Were Cherilus and Dizon the picks most Lions fans were expecting at the end of the day? Probably not, they probably wanted more glitz, someone who's gotten more positive press from the football pundits. And, I must respectfully disagree with those who've expressed in one way or another that so far the 2008 draft has been a bust.

Minus the glitz the Lions have quietly gone about attempting to fix team needs on day 1, and with the 3rd pick in the 3rd round have every reason to believe they will continue to do so on day 2.

Go Lions


JJLions20 said...

Well, the da did not go as the Lions had hoped. The two targeted guys (Harvey and Mayo) were long gone. It does say something about where the Lions had Mendenhal rated (as well as a lot of other teams). If they did not take Connor, then there was something there they did not like. I think Mayo was their first choice at MLB, then Lofton. They missed on both of them so they had to take Dizon.

In one of Detfan1979 Blogs, the discussion was about drafting need. The Lions did just that. The Lions obviously thought Cherlius improved the team more than Mendenhal.

It would be hard to believe that the Lions don't get the player they want with their first third rounder. It will be interesting to see if they go for RB, or start drafting more defense. Most are calling for a RB, probably Smith, but don't rule out Godfrey, CB - Iowa.

Anonymous said...

I think teh Lions have gone out and gotten a good draft so far. If Harvey were the first pick, I think the second round pick was DIZON, straight up, all along. Obviously if Mayo were still there, the pick is Mayo, and they change the second round pick. Dizon is exactly what they wanted.

The third pick should definately be a back whether it's Slaton or Smith. Slaton reminds me too much of Artose Pinner, where Smith looks like he can be an every down good quality back in the NFL.

As I prepare to talk to my shirnk, someone must explain to me what is going on with Dan Connor. Every team sees it, and he is in free fall mode.

I also thinkthe Lions flirt with FB Owen Schmidtt or DT Dre Moore with the second #3. Charles Godfrey (CB-Iowa) would also be a steal.

Get some sleep, tomorrow promises to be a great day for the Lions.


dreamweaver said...

My outlook for tomorrow is this 3a. RB, 3B DT/DE, 4 Grabble, 5a cb, 5b OL, 6&7 best backup players left on the board. I think they had a very positive draft on day one, they got 2 players that that they wanted, and filled 2 holes. They didn't get that exact players that they wanted, but they got players that were on their list. I don't think anyone expected Mayo to go at 10, or Mendenhall to fall to Pitt. Just goes to show that mock dreafts and player projections don't realy mean a thing when it comes to draft day. One trade or one "reach" by any team can completly change what happens.

Chris said...

I must say that I was incredibly disappointed when both Harvey and Mayo were off the board when it came time for the Lions to pick. In the end, it may have been a blessing in disguise as Millen traded down with KC. On the surface it didn't seem that impressive of a move, but they moved up 10 spots in the 3rd round and secured a 5th rounder in the process.

I was surprised to see them take Dizon taken so early. It seems that he could've been there in round 3. I'm not unhappy with the Cherilus pick, but I'm not all that thrilled with it either. They really didn't have that much of a choice and I think Rod believes he'll fit in nicely.

Looking to tomorrow, I think they'll address D-line first and then grab Kevin Smith with the 87th overall pick.

It seems that Marinelli is more involved with the scouting and with who is selected than in the past 2 yrs. I think he has good solid "big heart" types who produced in college in mind. You really can't go wrong with that. You'll win games you wouldn't have by taking the "sexy" picks.

CHIEFGER139 said...

when harvy-mayo lofton were gone thought theyd get stewert and then when he was gone-i was really excited theyd get mendenhall-i really thought they would- and was really pissed when they didnt-wasnt pissed they got cherlious so much as i was they didnt get my guy-with cap space problems and tackles going by the second -can see why they did it-there was still a lot of running backs left-then they got dizon-couldnt understand that either-i seen him as a 4th rd pick-then forte went and rice was gone and i said oh my god we wont even get smith-we wont get a running back
but at the end of the day charles and smith were there-and someone on m-live helped me out and told me we could easily trade up in the 3rd and have the number one pick and get charles or smith-
they were right -we did it-
and when you combine the 3-cherlious-dizon-smith-thats much better than taking mendenhal at pick 15-good job rod!! you saved the draft on day 2-now its a awsome draft- as good as our trading down drafts-some what?