Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Feedback From Dallas

I would like to share some additional information regarding the Dallas trade scenarios we've been tossing around. What better way to do that than to check with a fellow team-fan blogger for Dallas at After giving him the Lions side of things, I invited him over to give some insight from the Dallas point of view. Here is what I posted on his Roy trade scenarios story:

"DetFan1979 said...
I do a Detroit lions blog ( -- First of all, I think that Dallas would need to throw something better than a couple of "depth" players at Marinelli/Millen (Rod's calling most of the shots in Det on personnel now) to get them to bite on Roy -- it would likely take both ones and the #61 in rd 2. Your opinion: Most mocks have a top CB falling to Det at 15, but the top tier guys gone by 22 -- what do you think of the chances of Dallas trading #22 and #61 (2nd rd) for Detroit's #15 and 5th rounder? Also, if mendenhall is available, does Dallas want him enough to trade the 2 #1's? You can email me at or post a return comment on my blog, preferably under the Draft Scenario #3: Dallas article. BTW -- Looks like you run a quality Dallas blog -- keep up the good work! IMHO - these type of fan blogs are far better reading than national media analysis."

Here are his responses (under the Dallas Draft Scenario Post, and the TE Post -- for those of you who don't recall, Campbell came over as one of Rod's first targets in FA in '06 from Dallas, where he was just hitting the upside of his potential):

steamroller78 has left a new comment on your post "FB's and TE's": Dan Campbell- He's the guy to watch on your 2008 Detroit Lions. He will be a big red zone go to guy for you this year. I hated to see him go out like he did. I don't know how many Lions games you guys go to, but if he is like he was here in Dallas, he is also the most fan friendly guy I have ever met. I just seen that no one mentions him in the comments here, and you guys don't know what you have til it's gone. Trust me. If he stays healthy you guys will see great things from him.

steamroller78 has left a new comment on your post "Draft Challenge #3: Dallas Cowboys": Hello detfan1979, I would just like to bring some insight from the other end of this trade you are discussing with the Cowboys. Yes, I am a Cowboys fan, and I can tell you that I think you are right on on 1 thing. I think you guys should watch what Dallas does prior to your #15 pick on the first day of the draft. Using Jimmy Johnson's draft chart your #'s are right on, and I think highly likely this trade could and should take place. Dallas is looking highly at 3 CB's in this draft, and if 2 of them go prior to #15, they will jump at the third. I still think that is also highly likely that the Boys attempt a trade up with the Jets at the #6 pick given the right situation. I will not go into great depth on all those details, but it involves Darren McFadden. I have several posts on about this stuff if you care to see that. I will also tell you, that many Cowboys fans are discussing the possibility of a trade that involves your Roy Williams. Just speculation, but Jerry Jones is after a really good #2 WR to T.O. Not to say he would be a #2 receiver, that would actually be more like 2 #1's. I would also like to say that you also have a very good looking blogspot for your Lions here. I love the layout. Mine is still an in progress, but it looks like you have put a lot of work into this one. I will have to tell my fellow fans at about this posts involving the Dallas trade. They will be interested in hearing it from someone other than myself. Also, I think it is important that you know why I say the #15 pick is the trigger point for Dallas. Arizona has the #16, and they are also after the top CB falling to them. Dallas has to jump ahead of them to be successful in getting a top tier CB. Thanks, and I will keep up with this topic on your blogspot, so you too, keep up the hard work. THANKS
April 9, 2008 7:22 PM

As a Lions fan I wasn't really aware of the fact that AZ was in the market for corners -- and lo and behold, I took a look and they are indeed honed in on getting one of the top CB in the draft... checking out Arizona sites, they think that Det will take a RB or OT, leaving whichever of the top 3-4 corners falls to them. Dallas, on the other hand, is also not impressed with any of the WR's in round one, and really is focused on Mcfadden if they were to take a rd one back -- but would be willing to make a trade to hop over AZ and get the CB they want. Millen already ahs open lines of communication with Jones -- so I really do see this as a very viable, and possible, option come draft day if the dominoes tumble correctly.

One other point to make is that Campbell is often overlooked (along with about half the roster now) as a great FA addition made in the Marinelli Era of the Millen Dynasty (not all dynasty's were magnificent, or good. Study Far-East Asian History for a while and you'll understand.) Just because average Lions fans haven't heard of a guy, they think he is a "scrub" the other team didn't want -- when many times, as with FA the Lions let go such as Bryant -- there are cap reasons, roster reasons, being outbid for what a team can afford to/will pay that player (like with Duckett and Woody (can/will)) - even if they are good players.

Do you seriously think Gruden wanted to lose Dwayne White, or that Kiffen wanted to start a rookie DE (Gaines) last year any more than Rod did/does? Nope. Lions nabbed him.

Tomorrow, I will be doing a piece on the Cap situation, and my thoughts on that (including who is trade bait cap-wise, strategies I think they are following, and a rough estimate of space to be available in 2009 start of FA). I am still looking at Netrat's awesome handy-dandy spreadsheet, and working out some of the details/scenarios. Looking ahead, I'm doing more research on: the secondary, a point-counterpoint with JJLions, Rod Marinelli series (likely to be over 3-4 posts this summer), the Dline, Linebackers, FA overview/pre draft wrap-up, more draft items, and I'm sure much more will come up -- it always seems to!

As you may have noticed, my posting frequency has been running every 2 -3 nights. This is because of many factors, but mainly: The Kids have started spring sports, and my front-office gal is due for her first child in May -- so she is going to be on maternity leave soon (and already has lots of appointments, as those with kids know), and we will be training a new intern soon for the summer while she is off. Add in the fact I do this as a hobby (unpaid), and needless to say, I've got some extra things on the platter. So while I will post as often as possible, it may only be 3-4 posts per week versus the usual 5-7. I will do my best, however, as I enjoy writing this blog immensely, and look forward to reading your comments as much as you look forward (I hope) to reading this blog!

I plan on doing a live, draft day blog with my top of the head thoughts on each of the Lions picks, and how the draft is progressing in general. Plans and reality don't always mix, so I'll let you guys know as we get closer.

As always, thanks for reading, and I look forward to your comments!

Go Lions!!

PS - the poll ends in just 3 more days, so get your votes in now!


CHIEFGER139 said...

actually looks like the year to trade up-no posts so copied a couple i put on m-live for your enjoyment

Posted by CHIEFGER139 on 04/11/08 at 3:17PM
check this out from pft-this is the year to trade up!!
Posted by Mike Florio on April 11, 2008, 10:56 a.m.
With the draft 15 days away, we’re hearing that plenty of teams want to trade down. The only problem? No one wants to trade up.

Whether it’s the result of a less-than-stellar group at the top of the board or the out-of-whack financial investment required to take a top-ten pick or the picks that need to be given up to make a move north, no one is interested.

It doesn’t mean a trade or two won’t happen. Indeed, this year might be the best year for someone to try to bust the existing trade chart, since the teams that would have to trade up would have leverage, given the number of teams that want to move down

Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a commentPosted by CHIEFGER139 on 04/11/08 at 3:20PM
forget that last post-let the excitment of the moment get the best of me-forgot about the cap-space problem-i stick with my earlier today post of ot/lb/rb and we stay put

DetFan1979 said...

Thanks chief - I knew I could count on you to make sure I didn't go commentless!

I think trade up partners will be found at 15 where the Lions are -- they can get players they watn who fill needs at more positions by moving down, versus up.

BTW - sorry man -- "millen out of town" currently has more votes than RB in round one. Don't worry - they'll get a good back by round 3.

Anonymous said...

Hey man

Sorry I've been vacant for so long. I help run our Little League program, order the gear, and now run a web site for the program. It diverts a little time.

The Lions better not trade up, and I don't think they will. They are content to stay put, or trade down. Plus, cap space this year will kill them if they break the bank for a McFadden or Mendenhall. If they launched for either, it would be pure "new-car itch".

McFadden would be worth it, but the Raiders are a lock at #4 to snag him. Mendenhall is going to the Bears, but that may be a good thing. He is fumble prone.

The best play for the Lions is to shore up teh linebacking corp. Look at the return we got after drafting Ernie Sims. Linebackers tend not to cost as much as other positions in the first round.

Tackles and running backs cost BIG MONEY in the first round. Deep draft at tackle and back lead a smart man to think the Lions will wait to fill those needs.

They have shored up the CB, TE, and Safety positions. Done.

Rivers can start day one. Mayo or Lofton can move into the spot later on. I think the Lions do a double.

Round #1 Rivers. Round #2 Lofton, Connor, or Mayo. Round #3 RB, then RT.

Round #4 and #5 will be a FB or DT that dropped.

Round #6 and #7 will be a return guy (maybe a #5 receiver) and a kicker.

The other name (and I'm not a Sparty-I'm a LSSU Laker) is a late-round shot at Saint Dic. Definately a high-motor, Marinelli guy. Possibility.

In this scenario, the Lions already have Lewis who will work Rivers to death until he takes the starting role from him. Lewis plays hard ALL the time. Lenon stays in the middle (maybe all year) until the MLB is ready.
It also gives 5-0 the chance to develop, but also means he HAS to develop. It also means that False Start or Jon Scott start on the right side. I think it means Foster, and Scott gets groomed to go to the left.

I don't anticipate many BIG things on draft day. You may see Furrey or McDonald go to the Niners. ((I don't think that would be good.))


I don't know who has ever called him a scrub, but he's Pro-Bowl potential if not hurt. I said it in a previous post, THAT INJURY was a huge reason the offense didn't run the ball. Any other TE in the game, and they are there to catch a pass. That made the Lions VERY predictable.