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February 23rd, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

Whether it is parking, support for an idea, or some other gesture or gift validation can come in many shapes and forms. In this case, there are a couple of different points about free agency that I have been talking about over the past couple of months that received their own validation this week in different media outlets.

First off, in comparing building an NFL team to a souffle, I indicated that teams get in trouble when they let the combine affect their thinking about players they have been scouting for months. Peter King referenced this approach by some teams in his latest MMQB when he said that:

Interesting thoughts, and confirmation of what I’ve been saying… Then, to top it off, Jim Schwartz recently came out giving interview answers that confirmed once again the Lions will be targeting talent vs “need” in the draft. This pretty much hits dead on with the BATFAN rating approach. Need will be addressed in Free Agency.

In other moves that peaked my interest, the Lions are shopping the #2 pick pretty hard, and Mayhew is getting other GM’s to react to his moves. (I even saw where, after the news about the Lions and potential partners came out, the other three teams in the top 4 pulled a weak “me too! me too!” It is obvious, though, that Washington may even be one of those teams that could move up…) If, as Mayock thinks, the Rams pick a QB due to the pressure of passing on too many signal callers already, that makes Clausen/Bradford (whoever doesn’t go) a hot commodity for QB needy teams near the top of the draft. Who knows — some team may even go for a Half-Ditka (No one is crazy enough to do a full Ditka) to get Suh. Any way you slice it, the Lions are sitting pretty right now and they and the rest of the league knows it.

Nice having a real GM instead of Matt Millen, isn’t it? Notice how the serious National media take is changing on the Lions and what they will do. (for the not so serious, insert tired Dez Bryant WR at #2 joke here)

Finally, on a note that both shows progress and disappointment, Jared DeVries was cut today. Now, he had a $400k roster bonus due and is coming off an awful injury missing all of last season on IR. In a sharp departure from the Matt Millen years, it sounds by all accounts as if the release was handled in a very classy manner by both the team and Jared — and there is still a chance he finishes his career as a Lion. While I really like Jared, I’m hoping the team is past needing him as a starter but he could still be one heck of a rotational player and would strengthen the depth on the D-Line considerably at the DE position if he can come back at 100%.

IF…always the big IF in the Ifseason, but I’m guessing we see him in camp with the Lions unless KVB and/or Kampman are signed to fill a veteran role at the DE spot. See you in camp, Mr. DeVries! As for the season, only time will tell…

I do have feelers out with other correspondents in regards to various trade rumors involving players and the draft — I’ll let you know what (if anything) I come up with.

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10 Responses to “Validation”

  1. By chiefger139 on Feb 27, 2010

    sorry ive been gone, alot goin on with me, 2 families in the house im supportin and my wife and grandaughter who is doing real well after losing her mother only 13 months ago work is gettin real busy and the chief with no indians is doin well keepin up-good news have hired back people, many laid off over 2 tears now-some in differnt positions but there back-maybe chief soon will get some indians back soon too. didnt get out of your article for sure who the one you quoted is for sure-was it swartz, mayhew who? maybe someone else entirely dont know-maybe some sports writer. swartz got a bashing from huge recently-for standing up for backus big time comments were hes even probowl caliber-and now there sayin swartz is just playin the company line and is another mayhew-your thoughts? kind of like the best in tallant available approach-if you can get a probowler do it-harvest the best while your the ones picking-but hopefully eventually we have enough of the skill positions filled we no longer need this and can address needs. like we thought we were with coach rods 7-9 season on the verge of makin the playoffs- been away awhile havent been on m-live either hope to catch up but many now share on my computer so dont know if I ever will-good to see your doin ok-keep me informed-the wize chief!!

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  2. By detfan1979 on Feb 28, 2010

    Thanks Chief! Glad to see things are still going okay for you after all you’ve been through! We got a good amount of Mom’s house taken care of, and we’re heading back out tomorrow. Thus far, I haven’t seen a lot of interest coming out of the combine concerning the Lions — just the usual smoke and mirrors we see this time of year.

    I’ve been in contact with Fanball’s Rams and Redskins writers, and we’ve been hashing back and forth about QB’s, DT, Olinemen and trades. Look for a piece or two on the results of those conversations by Monday evening, if not later today (Sunday) depending on how tired I am after moving things all day once again!

    Thanks for sticking with me guys! I have a fair amount of material that has built up, so look for 2 -3 posts this coming week, followed by regular posts at least at a 2 every 3 days pace after the house is done with on March 8th.


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  3. By jreffy on Mar 1, 2010

    So, who knows anything about this Montario Hardesty guy out of Tennessee? I like what I’ve seen/heard so far and he sounds like he could be a possible fit for the Lions in the later rounds.

    6′0″ – 225lbs
    4.49 40yd (#6 RB)
    41″ vert (#1 RB)
    10′9″ broad (#1 RB)
    6.87 3-cone (#4 RB)
    4.14 20 yd shuttle (#3 RB)

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  4. By Clusterfox on Mar 1, 2010

    Trying to wrap my head around this SD Trade w/Mo Morris. I’m thinking we were going to upgrade RB at some point regardless so we would have been sitting with 2-3 avg RBs maybe one high pick in this coming draft. Now we will end up with 1-2 Avg Rbs and a pick from the draft maybe high maybe not. So do we really dig ourselves that much of a hole, I don’t think so. I’m not saying Cromartie is everything we ever needed. But the Ole Black and Blue is becoming a Gunslingers division and having no clear-cut #1 CB, is a seriously large problem. And If including Mo keeps the pick to a 5th rounder I’m for it.

    On a side note, does anyone know why SD is purging RBs. I mean I can understand LT, but they should have leveraged Sproles to make LT take a pay cut. But out of the blue they show no love for Sproles either. If I was a CHarger fan I’d be pissed.

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  5. By DetFan1979 on Mar 1, 2010

    Don’t know a lot about hardesty, but it looks like the Lions can get a solid RB in rd 3 or 4 due to depth at other positions in this draft.

    My problem with trading Morris is that young backs tend to have trouble picking up blocking schemes and blitzes – two things detroit will need their main back to do in order for play action to work. I’ve got some thoughts on that subject, but they aren’t clear enough to articulate from my phone.

    AJ smith is remaking the roster, and Sproles was coming with a hefty price tag at a time San Diego has a lot of FA. He feels of their FA that need to be replaced, a back is easiest to plug n play. I think he’s probably right. However, just like with Michael Turner some team is going to get a heck of a back from SD. It would be awesome to see the Lions target Sproles who would be a great fit for what Det needs.

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  6. By nubsnobber on Mar 3, 2010

    Wow! Its been a few days. Sorry to hear about the mother-in-law. I spent about six hours catching up listening to you talking about souffles. WTH! As always, great reading. You’re a terrific writer and I missed the way you roll topics together

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  7. By nubsnobber on Mar 3, 2010

    WOW. Sorry to hear about the mother-in-law. I’ve missed all this good stuff, and took a few hours catching up. I’ve always enjoyed your writing style and usually share your optimistic point of view.

    SUH seems like the pick right now and would be a big DE. That would also give Gun a chance to flirt with a 3-4. I can see the big fella inside too, especially if they sign a name.

    DEVRIES. Wah. Its like cutting Schlesinger…you hate loyal players being cut for business decisions.

    SPROLES. Seems to have a little more rubber on thw tires than most.

    I would love to see the Lions sign 3-4 guys immediately Friday morning. Please let their be a DE and CB be in that group.

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  8. By detfan1979 on Mar 3, 2010

    I was thinking of emailing you to see how you were doing Nubs! – glad to see you’re doing good!

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  9. By MGLion on Mar 3, 2010

    nubs, please do not take offense to the following. I enjoy your comments.

    Why is it that many Lion fans are so high on the Lions changing to the “Current Favor of the Month” when it comes to changing schemes. I have see the Lions go to the “run and shoot”, the WCO, “Tampa 2″ etc. All with the same result.

    I see many fans wanting the Lions to change the defense again (why do they want to change every year?) to a 3-4 defense after one year in Schwartz and Guther’s 4-3 defense. GB’s defense has not be great with their change to a 3-4. Schemes take time to gel and get better. It also takes a drastic turn over of talented players to make a change. The Lions biggest need is talented players, with much of the league moving to 3-4 the demand for 3-4 type players increases, so the Lions will be chasing the same players as other 3-4 teams. So why not go after the best of the 4-3 type players and build a dominating 4-3 D?

    Note that Guther ran a 4-3 in KC, and was let go because KC was changing to a 3-4.

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  10. By nubsnobber on Mar 10, 2010


    Very good opinion. I’m not offended. I don’t want to see the Lions abandoned the 4-3 defense. Gunther has always changed the look of his sets and likes to get after the QB. You will actually see the Lions “D” in a 5-2 or 6-2 sometimes and in a 2-5 in different formations. Whenever you have talented athlethes that have different skill sets, it gives coaches (say it together, class…..”positional flexibility”) options.

    The thing I see with “Bosch” is a great speed guy. Next to Sammie Hill, he may have another good year. If Suh comes on board, look out.He’s strong enough to run stuff, but quick enough to play strong side DE. So on an obvious pass play, you line up Suh, Bosch, and say…Peterson. Gunther could rush two, drop Peterson and four other backers and trick a QB to throw into zone, when he was reading blitz.

    Next time around, you send them with the above three, and both MLB’s blitzing….say, Dizon and Lewis. Same set, same pre-snap formation, but two different results.

    I don’t want the Lions to switch to a 3-4, I agree that players need to learn a system and it all takes time. I also know Gunthers tendencies as a coach. To be aggressive, kick your ass, and do it in the most uconventional and ballsy manner possible.

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