Friday, April 25, 2008

Dream Scenario Scenario #4

Here is where you get to play Matt Millen. No - put down the model train, it's draft time! No Matt, put down the beer -- NFL draft time! Well, okay - keep the beer. Sure can't make draft day any worse. Hold on Mr. Millen, Rod is here. What do you mean "special gift" -- it looks like an energy drink - oh for the draft! Okay.... Here you go Mr. Millen, it's a gift from Rod -- he said you can't drink it until tomorrow morning. It says "Matt, looking forward to a great draft tomorrow -- be sure to drink this in the morning to be good and ready for the long draft day ahead. It will knock you out boy! -- Rod."

And that is how you get the chance to dream...

Now that the mustache has been silenced, what will Rod do...

RULES: Realistic trades (either by the draft chart, or team needs values/relationship); Keep it to picks if possible, but this is the "dream" scenario. so have at 'er -- start with what the Lions have, and then move about the board, take who you project to be there, trade again, etc. Be sure to let us know: Who the trade is with, and why they are willing to trade, if trading up be sure to have a targeted player since it is pointless to do so if you do not.

I'll post the LIVE DRAFT blog tomorrow, and join you in the evening when I return.

Go Lions!!


CHIEFGER139 said...

i think finally matt's gonna get guys we need-this is the year-i hope so after huge and killer slammed em on that audio on m-live-need some good picks to give us hope-the scenerio of movin up to get ryan i think would break most everyones heart-except detfan99-for his sake though im glad they posted that article-gives him big time hope tommorow too!!-cant wait!! once its done then we can all start predicting our win loss picks-maybe we can all put them on your blog as a contest too to see who's more right!! probably be a lot of ties.

JJLions20 said...

I've got two realistic trade scenario's where the Lions could come out winners, not because they’re looking to trade but somebody else entices them to get to the 15th pick. One is a trade-up and the other is a trade-down scenario.

Trade-up scenario:
Lions are poised to take Mayo with the 15th pick, but when Buffalo is on the clock (and there is a relationship with buffalo that can facilitate this trade). Buffalo wants the WR from Michigan State (Devin Thomas), but would like to get him for a little cheaper price, and are willing to move down to 15, and are willing to take a little less than value, requiring only a 4th rounder in addition to the 15th pick. The Lions pull the trigger and take Derrick Harvey. Now if you want to have a little fun with the Scenario, you could have Buffalo actually picking Harvey, and Millen taking the first WR off the board (Thomas) and then swapping players.

Trade Down Scenario. When Detroit is on the clock at #15, they are willing to take Mayo since Harvey is off the board. But they get a call from Houston, who wants Mendenhal. Houston wants to trade up because they have to get ahead of Arizona, who is rumored to like Mendenhal. For the # 15 pick the Texans give up the #18 pick and pick # 79 (3rd round) which I believe is close to value for the trade. The Lions still select Mayo with Pick #18, and now have 4 of the next 69 picks. With the 4 picks the Lions select a DT, OT, CB, RB (not necessarily in that order)

Less than 17 hours to go....

Anonymous said...


Dude, that "trade up scenario" is funny as HELL.

With the 15th pick, Matt Millen selects another wide receiver.

That would be hilarious.

Draft Day; you never know what is going to happen.

A few NEAT rumors I've seen the past few days.

You also have the obvious Roy Williams trade to Texas. What about Roy going to Houston for Mario Williams and a third rounder?

How about Patrick Willis to Detroit for Jon Kitna and Shawn McDonald?

A slightly smaller scale, Saints and Lions swap 1st round picks, Lions toss in their second 3rd, and get Duece McAllister (coming off knee injury).


DetFan1979 said...

LMAO -- can you just imagine how many TV sets would get busted before they found out Millen was tradign Thomas and a 4th for Harvey?? The sheer comedic shock value would be untouchable in draft lroe -- Kiper might even have a heart attack on the spot and die. And how about the talking heads who will invariably be joking about said pick before it happens, thinking it will never come to pass...

I'm not big on Harvey, but that alone woudl make the draft weekend perfect..

ROFL - "with the 15th pick..."