Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sean Rogers

When it comes to Sean Rogers, I'm of two minds.

On the one hand, I see "Big Baby" -- doubling down cheeseburgers, taking plays/games off, mishandling strippers (as a friend of mine said - how exactly do you mis-handle a stripper??), and huffing-and puffing his way to the sideline.

On the other hand, I see the dominating defensive force that near single-handedly destroyed Shaun Alexander in the 06 Season Opener (Alexander has never recovered), and still have a video of him stiff arming selvin young on the way to the end zone against the Bronco's last year.

While he did begin to sputter out the second half of the season, it must be said for me the bigger disappointment was Cory Redding. After dominating the second half of 06 when Rogers was out, he did nothing at all in 07, even though Rogers was drawing constant double teams.

One thing I keep in mind about Rogers is that he started his career under the influence of Dan "Big Daddy" (definition of Lazy) Wilkinson. That is not a great role model to pattern after for a long NFL career.

Rod's first year, he was trying to see what was there in the chaos. Rogers seemed to be really buying into his message last summer, and into the first half of the season. He's not a guy the media loves because he doesn't like talking to them -- never has. Can't say that I blame him, considering the asinine questions and petty idiots that cover the Lions.

Last year, Rogers had surgery on his knees and shoulder. Say what you will about water aerobics, etc. -- that still makes the kind of conditioning Rogers needed out of the question. Rod pushed him about as far as he could go last season. And he certainly was not the only player who folded in the second half when they had a shot at the playoffs.

Looking at the draft class of 08, it appears the Lions could find a suitable replacement with a good talent level if they have a pick somewhere in the first half of the second round. A 3rd and a 5th would probably be enough for the Lions to parlay into the proper pick as well.

The key is, why trade a guy and then go out and draft a replacement? The guys they can get there will be good, but not Pro-Bowl. Not the dominating force Rogers can be - when he wants to. And there, I think, lies the crux of the issue. Even if they get a guy who is a little less talented, but is in on every play, gives it his all, and buys into Marinelli's message as part of the Team, instead of a "special star", then the defense as a whole will be stronger for it.

I will also say that if they keep him (which I find highly unlikely -- now that there are 3 -4 teams bidding seriously, someone will go where the Lions want them to, just to "win" the player they wanted), that they must institute strict measures on fitness to not only keep him in the shape he needs to be to dominate, but to be sure that he gets no special treatment so that Rod doesn't lose the rest of the team.

If it were Millen alone picking his replacement, I'd be worried. But if there is one thing Rod knows, its Dline. (On a related note, that is why I don't see the Lions taking a DE high, if at all, this off season -- I think they are sold on Iakieka Alama-Francis -- 5-0 -- and his potential and readiness to step in and make in impact this season. Here's hoping they are right!)

Thoughts? Look for another Lions post tomorrow night!

Monday, February 25, 2008


There can be only one...

One is the lonliest number...

One CB of a spectacularly horrid CB crew that allowed Antwaan Randle El and Kevin Curtis make out to be Jerry Rice in his prime, or a young Randy Moss in different weeks.

One is too many.

How many times did I hear last season that all of the Lions CB's might get a back-up job someplace else. Apparently, Rod Marinelli was thinking the same thing!

I totally applaud this move! They let all of the CB contracts expire becuase they wanted to! Lets be quite frank here -- a unit made up entirely of UDFA could have performed just as well, with a heck of a lot more upside, and a heck of a lot lower cap hit.

Does this mean I think the Lions shouldn't bring back Keith Smith and Travis Fisher, even Fernando Bryant, at the right price?

I think they should. By cutting these guys/not extending their contracts, they can have a look at the FA market. Once their value is set (low, I expect) the Lions can sign them back without overspending -- IF they want to.

First, how many CB's do the Lions need? I'm not talking preseason, I'm talking final roster. Last year, they carried at most 5 - - Robinson (who I look for them to resign), Wilson, Fisher, Bryant, Smith.

They have Wilson under contract, and I look for them to resign either Fisher or Smith, and to get Brian Kelly if he's not too expensive. That leaves them with 3 CBs.

They need to draft at least 2 corners and bring in a metric shit-ton of UDFA.

Q; When do I see (want) them to draft a corner? Assuming they pick up a 2nd only from Denver for Sean Rogers, I currently see the Draft order as:

5.OOFSA (Out of football soon anyways)

The above Scenario would give the Lions 4 Starters, possibly 5, considering KJ's ongoing health concerns. Assuming they sign Kelly, then I would think he would be one starter to begin with, or the Rookies will both start with Kelly mentoring and playing Nickel situations, with Wilson coming in for the Dime. I can also see the Lions starting Wilson and Kelly, and then transitioning to more and more playing time for the rookies while they are brought up to speed in the T2.

What do you think? Let the debates begin!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

In The Beginning...

The Detroit Lions were a proud franchise. Storied rivalries. Smash-mouth teams. Champions. Then came the dark times - The Edsel times... With his comically inept commander, Darth Mustache, he timidly stands by as the team languishes.

And now that we have my opinions on the Lions' "management" clear that is the end of that. You will NOT see endless Fire Darth posts, sell the team, etc on this site. I'm just a guy who loves football, and loves the Lions - for better or worse. I'll try to post as much as I can about team happenings from different sources - along with my take on those, and other issues that I see. Personnel analysis, draft, FA --

And through it all I want this to be really alive with comments (appropriate please) whether you agree with me or not -- I want this blog to be a place where "thoughtful", "intelligent", and "Lions" can be used in the same sentence - without laughing.

So look for my first Lions realted post soon - I look forward to the discourse!

Josh - aka DetFan1979