Friday, July 30, 2010

Lions Congregation: Training Camp Eve

Lions Congregation: Training Camp Eve

July 30th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |
…and Lions fans tucked, all snug in their beds…visions of Touchdowns danced in their heads…
Yes, it’s like Christmas Eve for the Lions Congregation — Football season approaches…the preseason will soon be upon us. So what thoughts are running through the heads of the panel this fine summer’s night?
Question: Damien B.: What are you looking forward to most about training camp?

Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience: I can answer this week’s question with one word.
Seriously, I want to see some NFL football played…even though, for the most part, we’ll be seeing never-gonna-be’s in uniform and on the field for the next 5 weeks.If anything, the preseason exhibition season has we fans acting like Pavlov’s dog, drooling at just the mere thought of regular season NFL football, when every game is important. Yes, even Lions games.
I love baseball as much as anyone, but the NFL really has become our new national past time.

The Wayne Fontes Experience: “In Detroit, you’re with us, or we hate you!”

{I love Al’s logo and just felt it captured the mood right on tonight! ~DetFan1979}
Zac of The Sidelion Report: There is a lot to look forward to but I am most looking forward to seeing the offense on the field. This is the first time in quite some time that the offense should feel like a solid unit rather than some warm bodies and a couple isolated islands of talent. We can expect a huge year from Calvin Johnson as the excuses made for him (legitimate or otherwise) should be completely gone with Nate Burleson, Tony Scheffler, and Brandon Pettigrew filling the defensive backfield. I’m also really looking forward to see what Jahvid Best can do considering his speeds is an added dimension the Lions have sorely missed. I can’t wait to see if Matthew Stafford can take the major step forward that many believe he can and needs to take. The Lions figure to have a number of problems on defense but the offense may be exciting enough to compensate and make Sunday afternoons worth watching.
NetRat of The NetRat Detroit Lions Site: I am looking forward to all the roster battles. Not just the starters either, but the entire roster. I believe that the new special teams coach along with the bottom of the roster is going to help the team more then some of the other moves that were made. Perhaps not right at first, but as the season progresses. Then again, I expect the entire team to improve in season enough to make the second half of it look nothing like the first half of it. This is assuming that the players that I suspect will make the roster actually do and the coaches do what I think they are also capable of.
Michael of Blue and Silver Pride: Honestly, camp is a rough time for the media because each year (for every team), end of the roster talent shines briefly before burning out and bumming just about everyone. For the Lions especially, hope springs forth in such a way many of us have become overly cynical.
Honestly, the best thing about camp is just the proximity we now are to actual, meaningful football being played once again. Every year, there seems to be an even longer break between the Super Bowl and the first game seems to just never come. Now, it is right around the corner.
So, here’s to the skill player everyone is going to overhype and the one injury that is sure to happen. But, most of all…here’s to football!
DetFan1979 of Roar of the Lions: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? With Suh’s contract, I mean. The eve of training camp is like the day before you go on vacation for me. We’ve been iffing all ifseason, and now we finally get to see the beginnings of how things are really going to roll this season. With the Lions in the unusual position of having most of the starters set, it comes down to the backup battles and special teams duels. I’m really looking forward to the preseason and how the various return men fare. It is just wild that guys who were starting last season who are on the roster now might lose position battles to be a backup! Thrilling!
Most importantly, it means Football is on it’s way soon! Like the buds peeking out on the trees, the first leaves changing hue in the fall…the opening of training camp signals the early beginnings of a new season – my favorite – Football Season!!
Do you have a question, idea, or thought you’d like to see the Congregation discuss? Email us at
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Training Camp Roster – 40 Lock

Training Camp Roster – 40 Lock

July 27th, 2010 | by detfan1979 |

The Lions preseason roster was in the Detroit News the other day. Something I did in years past – when the the roster was in much more flux than it is this season – was to have everyone list their “30 lock” — 30 guys they were sure would be on the roster at the final cutdown. This year, we’re going to to the 40 players you feel will be on the roster when the Turk makes his final cutdown rounds after the 4th preseason game.

Leave your list in the comments, and when the final cutdown occurs I’ll take a look at how we did. In years past, the collective knowledge of this blog’s readers were pretty much spot on. How will we fare this year?

Rating: 8.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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13 Responses to “Training Camp Roster – 40 Lock”

  1. By Zac on Jul 27, 2010

    Stafford, Matthew
    Hill, Shaun
    Smith, Kevin
    Best, Jahvid
    Johnson, Calvin
    Burleson, Nate
    Pettigrew, Brandon
    Scheffler, Tony
    Backus, Jeff
    Cherilus, Gosder
    Peterman, Stephen
    Sims, Rob
    Raiola, Dominic
    Felton, Jerome
    Hill, Sammie
    Suh, Ndamukong
    Williams, Corey
    Vanden Bosch, Kyle
    Avril, Cliff
    DeVries, Jared
    Follett, Zack
    Peterson, Julian
    Levy, DeAndre
    Ekejiuba, Isaiah
    Brown, C.C.
    Delmas, Louis
    Bly, Dre’
    Houston, Chris
    Spievey, Amari
    Wade, Jonathan
    Muhlbach, Dan
    Jansen, Jon
    Hanson, Jason
    Harris, Nick
    Fluellen, Andre
    Wesley, Dante
    Johnson, Landon
    Ciurciu, Vinny
    Simpson, Ko
    Gandy, Dylan

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  2. By Ron on Jul 28, 2010

    Offense (19):

    QB (3): Stafford, Hill, Stanton
    RB/FB(4): Best, Smith, Morris, Felton
    WR (3): CJ, Burleson, Bryant J.
    TE (2): Scheffler, Pettigrew
    T (4): Backus, Jansen, Cherilus, Fox
    G (2): Sims, Peterman
    C (1): Raiola

    Defense (18):

    DT (3): Suh, Williams, Hill
    DE (4): KVB, Avril, DeVries, Hunter
    LB (4): Peterson, Levy, Follett, Ekejiuba
    CB (4): Houston, Bly, Wade, Spievey
    S (3): Delmas, Page, Simpson

    Special Teams (3):
    K: Hanson
    P: Harris
    LS: Muhlbach

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  3. By Lionfan73 on Jul 29, 2010

    I do this every year folks. Here goes…
    1.Matt Stafford
    2.Shaun Hill
    3.Jason Hanson
    4.Nick Harris
    5.Don Muhlbach
    6.Dom Raiola
    7.Rob Sims
    8.Stephen Peterman
    9.Jeff Backus
    10.Gosder Cherilus
    11.Brandon Pettigrew

    12.Tony Scheffler
    13.Calvin Johnson
    14.Nate Burleson
    15.Bryant Johnson
    16.Ndamukong Suh
    17.Corey Williams
    18.Sammie Hill
    19.Kyle Vanden Bosch
    20.Cliff Avril
    21.Jared Devries
    22.Jason Hunter
    23.Zack Follett
    24.DeAndre Levy
    25.Julian Peterson
    26.Chris Houston
    27.Amari Spievey
    28.Dre Bly
    29.Jonathan Wade
    30.Louis Delmas
    31.CC Brown
    32.Jason Fox
    33.Jon Jansen
    34.Tim Toone
    35.Jordan Dizon
    36.Jahvid Best
    37.Kevin Smith
    38.Isaiah Ekejimba
    39.Dylan Gandy
    40.Jerome Felton

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  4. By gvgmoney70 on Jul 30, 2010

    1-Stafford 13-Backus
    2-Hill 14-Cherilus
    3-Best 15-Janson 25-Hill 35-Bly
    4-Smith 16-Sims 26-Peterson 36-King
    5-Morris 17-Peterman 27-Levy 37-Spievey
    6-Felton 18-Ramirez 28-L.Johnson
    7-C.Johnson 19-Raiola 29-Ekejiuba
    8-Burleson 20-VandenBosch 30-Follett
    9-B.Johnson 21-Hunter 31-Delmas 38-Hanson
    10-Northcutt 22-Avril 32-CC Brown
    11-Pettigrew 23-Williams 33-Houston 39-Harris
    12-Sheffler 24-Suh 34-Wade 40-Mulbach

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  5. By Rip on Jul 30, 2010

    I went heavy on offense this year for I believe, and read, this defense have a lot of question marks on defense. When you include the PUP list, I removed players like Ko Simpson from my list.

    Offense (22):

    QB (3): Stafford, Hill, Stanton
    RB/FB(4): Best, Smith, Morris, Felton
    WR (3): C Johnson, Burleson, B Johnson
    TE (3): Scheffler, Pettigrew, Heller
    T (4): Backus, Jansen, Cherilus, Fox
    G (3): Sims, Peterman, Ramirez
    C (2): Raiola, Gandy

    Defense (15):

    DT (3): Suh, Williams, Hill
    DE (4): KVB, Avril, DeVries, Hunter
    LB (3): Peterson, Levy, Follett
    CB (3): Houston, Wade, Spievey
    S (2): Delmas, CC Brown

    Special Teams (3):
    K: Hanson
    P: Harris
    LS: Muhlbach

    Last year we were not allowed to add special teams to our 30. So if you more separation, the list may need to be 45 next year. I do need to back to go back as a refresher to so how we did.

    A thank you goes to Ron for making it easier this year (copy and paste).

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  6. By discodan on Aug 2, 2010

    what time will suh sign

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  7. By chiefger139 on Aug 2, 2010

    1.c,avril de
    2.jbackus t
    3. rb
    4. d.bly cb
    5, l.delmas s
    6.j.felton fb
    7. j.felton fb
    8, a.flullen dt
    9. z.follet lb
    10. d,groakski te
    11. j.hanson pk
    12, n.harris p
    13. s.hill dt
    14. j.jansen t
    15. c,johnson wr
    16. d,northcutt wr
    17. s.petrman g
    18. j.peterson lb
    19. b.pettigrew te
    20. d.raiola c
    21. m.ramirez g
    22. m.stafford qb
    23. n.suh dt
    24. k.vanden bosch de
    25. n.burelson wr
    26. r.sims g
    27. c.williams dt
    28. d.levy lb
    29. k.simpson s
    30. s.hill qb
    31. k.smith rb
    32. d.muhbach ls
    33. t
    34. j.hunter de
    35. c.williams dt
    36. c,houston cb
    37. j.wade cb
    38. t,scheffler te
    39. d,stanton qb
    40.m. morris rb

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  8. By nubsnobber on Aug 12, 2010

    QB-(2) Stafford, Hill
    RB (4) Best, Felton, Smith, Morris
    TE (3) Scheffler, Pettogrew, Heller
    WR (4) C. Johnson, B. Johnson, Burleson, Toone
    T (3) Backus, Cherilus, Jansen
    G (2) Peterman, Sims
    C (1) Raiola
    K (1) Hanson
    P (1) Harris
    DT (3) Suh, Williams, Hill
    DE (3) Vandenbosch, Avril, Hunter
    LB (7) Peterson, Dizon, Follett, Levy,
    Campbell, Ekijiuba, Ciurciu
    CB (3) Spievey, Bly, Houston
    S (3) Delmas, Wesley, CC Brown

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  9. By detfan1979 on Aug 19, 2010

    1. QB Stafford
    2. QB Hill
    3. RB Best
    4. RB Smith
    5. RB Felton
    6. WR C. Johnson
    7. WR B. Johnson
    8. WR N. Burleson
    9. OL Backus
    10. OL Sims
    11. OL Raiola
    12. OL Peterman
    13. OL Cherilus
    14. OL Jansen
    15. TE Pettigrew
    16. TE Sheffler
    17. DE Vandenbosch
    18. DE Avril
    19. DE McBride
    20. DT C. Williams
    21. DT Suh
    22. DT Hill
    23. CB Houston
    24. CB Wade
    25. S Delmas
    26. S Phillips
    27. LB Follett
    28. LB Levy
    29. LB Peterson
    30. LB Dizon
    31. CB Spievey
    32. LB Ciurciu
    33. DE Jackson
    34. K Jason Hansen
    35. P Nick Harris
    36. LS Mulbach
    37. S Simpson
    38. CB Bly
    39. RB Morris
    40. DT L. Cohen

    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  10. By Hayabusa Gurl on Aug 23, 2010

    Inside every cynical person, there is a depressed idealist

    Sent from my iPhone 4G

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  11. By Rip on Sep 5, 2010

    Well the results are in. It looks like very missed on Jon Janson making the team. I never seen it coming where Corey Hilliard would make it before Janson.

    The greatest foresighted guest came from Josh with is bold prediction of DE Jackson making the roster, who was with Seatle at the start of training camp, over DeVries or Hunter. But then his input came 3 weeks into training camp.

    Good job to everyone for there was some surprise cuts, injuries, and trades that molded our new 53 man roster this year.

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  12. By detfan1979 on Sep 6, 2010

    Here is how we did on Offense:

    The results for the defensive side will go up tomorrow.

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  13. By detfan1979 on Sep 7, 2010

    here are the results on the defensive side of the ball:

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