Thursday, April 24, 2008


Well, time has snuck up on me once again. Only two more days to the draft! I've had inquiries as to whther I am going to do a LIVE draft event or not. the short answer is: Maybe...

Here's the deal:
Saturday Schedule:

  1. Kids' Soccer til about Noon
  2. Drive 40 minutes to St.Johns. (1pm).
  3. Drive 1 hr to Mt. Pleasant to help Kid Sis move home from college (congrats to her - graduates in May.)
  4. Pack up her stuff (she lives in a 3rd floor apartment. She better be packed)
  5. Likely it will be about 3pm or so when we depart for St.Johns again (I usually eat lunch on the go, but if we stop for that, it could be closer to 4pm)
  6. Unload, manage to drive home...
  7. Probably about 5-6 pm by the time I get home.

My Estimate for when the Lions will make pick 15: 5 - 5:30. Great.

Here is what I am going to do: I will be posting a story Saturday AM titled "Live Draft Blog" -- You loyal readers can post your comments on the draft as it is occuring, your analysis, etc. -- and I will hop in and out once I return home. I will post a new story on Sunday so we can repeat the process.

Following that, the post-draft frenzy of analysis will begin!!

Does anyone know: Does the draft shift to ESPN2 or NFLN for day 2/later rounds? I know I don't get NFLN, and I'm not sure about ESPN2.

I keep hearing the phrase "it better be Hershal Walker or keep him." -- I don't know about you guys, but while Hershel Walker was fantastic, I'm not thinking that he will be able to help the Lions out this season. Just sayin....

BTW -- Only two days left to get your posts onto the Rock-solid mocks! I will be posting one more scenario: Create Your Realistic Dream Scenario Scenario tomorrow for our last shot, so give yours some thought tonight, and I will post it, probably around 9am-ish EST tomorrow.

One more funny note: I got my NFL Draft pre-view issue of SI -- and it is already wrong, as Jake Long was taken first overall already. LOL -- I will say, I liked that it had the Lions taking Brandon Albert at 15 with Williams, Clady, Long and Otah off the board. After reading that and your comments on here, I got to thinking: He'll upgrade G, RT, or LT -- but no matter what, he'll likely earn a starting spot this season...and that would improve the line! So even if he "busts" and ends up as a G (which something tells me he won't) -- then the Lions get a solid Oline starter, and can draft another OT early again next season!

Too many choices - we'll have to see who's there. In two days.

Til tomorrow then, Lions Fans!

DetFan1979 Out.


JJLions20 said...

Here is a link to ESPN's Draft coverage. Between ESPN & ESPN2 you will get it all.

After all the Mock Drafts and player moving up and down the draft board, I'm pretty much where I was a month ago. Get Harvey with the first pick. I really like the idea of the Lions having 4 picks in the first 3 rounds. I don't advocate moving up to get Harvey if it costs us one of those picks. I think the Lions have so many holes after the purging Rod did, that I think they need the picks. If Harvey is not available then form all the reports it's going to be Mayo. I wouldn't mind them sliding down if they still got Mayo and stockpiled another pick in the first 3 rounds.

But I have to remind myself of one thing. The Mayo pick seems to be telegraphed, and the Lions under Millen have been good with the smokescreen. It would not surprise me if it was not Mayo and the Lions have somebody else targeted, and they feel they can get the MLB later.

I don't like the Alberts pick, because it is a stretch to think he is a NFL Tackle. I wouldn't want to be paying a starting 1st round tackle contract to a guy you moved to guard.

I think the Lions Draft will hinge on what two teams do. Carolina and Chicago. I'd like to see those teams make the bizarre picks. Allowing somebody to slide to us that we thought was unlikely. Maybe even somebody that would entice another team to move up.

Anonymous said...


"Yes, you are correct, Grand Master."

If I had to take my guess, the smoke screen is with Dan Connor.


Drew Rosenhaus. Penn State. Matt Millen.

Dan Conner has dropped (on purpose?). He has done nothing wrong or given any reason to get skipped over by Mayo. Connor was an OLB who switched his senior year to MLB. The Lions want an MLB who covers deep like an OLB.

Rosenhaus is Drew Stanton's agent and has a relationship with the Lions personnel already.

Matt Millen knows everything about this kid as he is a Penn State Alum.


DetFan1979 said...

Connor would be fine with me...actually, I can think of at least a half dozen players this year I would be fine with that many, they damn well better hit on one!!!

Well, consider marinelli and all the "beautiful daughter" references, and Millen with his naughty name for Morton, maybe "hitting on" isn't the proper way to say it...

I have 5-6 players I really like, and I want to see them get at least 2.

Connor,Mayo,Lofton,K.Smith,Crable,Dizon,Scmidtt, any O-Lineman who can start at RT and maybe challenge Backus.

See, not too hard to hit 2 or 3 of those, now is it?