Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day One Initial Wrap-Up; Day Two Start

First of all, glad to see the posters who see this draft for what it is here -- a positive step in filling needs with quality players. I made the mistake of looking for news first, and am amazed at the level of negativity coming out on many boards.

First of all, everyone who was ranting on the Lions possibly "reaching" for Mayo at 15 were unequivocally wrong. Period. Also, the idea that all the "1st round" OT's, Stewart, Harvey and Mayo would be gone at 15 wasn't so far-fetched after all. Imagine how Houston felt. It was projected that at the spot they were, they would have had a choice between Cherilous and Baker, both of whom were long gone.

There was a trade down -- albeit, only two spots but it leaves the Lions perfectly positioned heading into day 2, round 3; They essentially have the 3rd pick in the draft tomorrow, and there is a lot of talent left on the board. Judging by Marinelli's MO thus far, I say they get their RB in Kevin Smith with the 3a., and possibly move up to take langford in the 3rd as well -- depending, I can also see them maybe landing Red Bryant or a DT. Godfrey is a possibility with #3a, but I don't think Smith will last to 3b and he is their only targeted back other than Tashard Choice left on the board. Fluellen in later round might be an option as well -- I seem to remember that Marinelli was really intrigued by him.

Peeking at out Mocks, we were definitely all VERY wrong. Nice to know how predictable the draft really is.

Connor will be the likely #1 to Miami, but despite those comments lambasting the Lions for taking Dizon over Connors, it is clear thus far that the teams preceding the Lions (who took Lofton off the board -- too bad, I wanted to see them land him) felt the same thing -- had Connor been taken before Lofton, looking at how the draft fell, Lofton would have been there for the Lions. There as only one LB taken after Dizon in round 2, Groves, and if I remember correctly, he did projects (and was often listed) as a DE tweener guy. Correct me if I'm wrong guys. This tells me that teams felt a lot better about other talent on the board. We shouldn't be surprised, as the Lions telegraphed this pick well in advance as their alternative to be sure they got one of the three LB prospects they wanted -- Mayo went #10, Lofton went early 2, so they went with option 3 in the 2nd, and there is still a LOT of talent out there. Connors, who is dropping like an acme Anvil, was listed as the other LB in the top 4 ILB's by Mayock and Kiper -- so how is that a reach?

One interesting trend is that all 8 OT projected to go in the 1st/2nd round were gone by pick 26 of round one! That means 1 in 3.25 picks up to that point was an OT -- and they were basically picked until only 3rd+ talent remained. Even then, SF "reached" for a 3rd round "graded" G in 2. Oline is important, and teams gutted the position early.

I've seen a lot of negative press already about the Lions first two picks -- which is great!! Whenever the draftniks have loved the Lions' draft, it has been awful. Good sign right there.

Dizon may seem a reach, but they obviously felt him better than guys such as wheeler and Goff who would be available in 3.

As I sit here looking over things again one last time, I must say so far I am quite pleased with the "unsexy" draft the Lions are conducting right now. Would that they had focused in on Need this much last year, but the past is past. Cherilous was hovering around the 4th - 5th best OT, and that is where the Lions took him. They just knew that in order to do so, they had to do it in one. And really, who else was the pick at 17?? At least they knew they didn't have a need at G, and knew that was who KC wanted as they need help all along the line; Ariz was CB or RB so it was a safe trade back for a guy who will most likely start at RT to begin the season -- if he doesn't it will be because Scott has played lights-out. Also, I can possibly see a healthy Scott getting reps as the backup LT -- thoughts on that?? If he can stay healthy, maybe he can push Backus -- if not, then they can get a LT early next year as the prime focus, and have a great young Guards and Tackles that will leave them set on the line for 6 or 7 years, with only Raiola needing to be replaced as he ages/an upgrade is available.

If Dizon doesn't work at MLB, at worst they will have one heck of a starting young SLB in Dizon, and can again target a MLB in next year's draft, and pray the picks fall better than they did this year.

Search and Destroy -- Block out the Sun Baby!!

One final thought before I sign off: Marinelli really wasn't kidding about taking a player where he had them ranked, and not giving a shit about where draftniks had them ranked. That whole speil about he preferred to look at taped on how fast they moved in a game, not how fast they ran in shorts was right on two. (Dizon's "measureables" aren't there -- but the tape and the stats say they are. Enough Bailey and Kalimba who had the measureables, but not the "it". )Hope he keeps it up, and more importantly -- I hope it works!!

Can't wait to see how tomorrow goes!! I will follow the same type of format as yesterday -- just post your thoughts here and hopefully tomorrow I'll actually be around to jump in more!


flipdskrip said...

Do you still want Smith even though Jamaal Charles is ripe for the picking. I see Conner to Miami, Avril to St Lou, and Charles to us in the start of the third.

flipdskrip said...

Probably Marcus Harrison to St. Lou

Dreamweaver said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks we had a good draft so far. I can't believe all negative posts on all the boards, saying the lions blew the draft today. and most for stupid reasons, mostly either becouse we didn't take the bigest name on the board, or Millen has always made bad picks, so these must be bad too. From all I've seen and read, these first 2 picks are exacatly the type of players that Rod is looking for. Dizon could be the rebirth of Spielman the way he plays, have looked at his college stats?, he's the real deal.
If tomorrow goes as good as today did, I see good things for the lions this year.
I knew there was no way the Williams trade to Dallas would happen, there just isn't room under the cap this year for muliple 1st round picks, and I believed rod all along that he wanted Roy and C.J. on the field together this year
I wonder if we can work a deal with S.F. for some picks for Mcdonald. Maybe there fourth round pick, and a pick next year. That would give us 2 in round 3 2 in round 4 and 2 in round 5. I think we might be able to handle that with our cap space.

GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

jreffy said...

Allright fellas, I've had quite a few beers in me while watching the draft on Tivo (I had a rugby event all day until 6pm) so please excuse any poor grammar...

First off, I am pleased that the Lions have addressed their two biggest needs with their two picks in the draft so far, Linebacker and OT.

Now, I know many of the fans have complained about the pick of Cherilus, however, keep in mind that the NFL has put a premium on LEFT Tackle. Left tackles are consistently projected as the premier lineman. Personally, I think this is a bit of an overemphasis. The only difference between LT and RT is that the QB can see the RT and (defensive) RE during their drop-back. Big deal, the RT still has to block a DE one-on-one.

Keep in mind, Cherilus is a hard-working, mean-streak of a OT. He's a guy that Marinelli likes, and personally as a Hatian immigrant, I think that speaks a bit toward A) his hard-working attitude, and B) his big heart (he's awfully active in the community and charity). As much as it is beating a dead horse, he is a character guy and overall, a good pick.

I'm a bit more skeptical with Dizon. I'm 90% sure that he's going to be an OLB with the Lions, and I'm HOPING the Lions are able to land Connor tomorrow to just help fill out that Linebacking core. Let's hope Dizon ends up being the 2nd coming of Chris Spielman, but that's a bit much to ask.

The Lions don't need to address running back anytime soon. Fellas, I know this is hard to accept but Running Back simply is the easiest position to play in the NFL. You don't need a high draft pick to produce a top RB...Terrell Davis, Ryan Grant, and many more are examples of this. So please, have patience when thinking about the Lions needs at RB.

Now, one last thing, and a bit of comedy. I play Rugby (awesome sport), and today my club here in Chicago was hosting a college tournament. Around noon, someone mentioned that they had recieved a news flash on their blackberry that the Bears had traded their #1 pick and Alex Brown for Roy Williams. It was hilarious how hysterical all the Bears fans were. I immediately called my father in Ann Arbor to confirm and since he had seen nor heard nothing I immediately knew it was rubbish. By the way, Bears fans are just as ridiculous as Lions fans. In fact, Bears fans are going through a QB hatred phase similar to Lions fans vs. Joey Harrington a few years ago. It's Deja Vu all over again, and I can't help but find it slightly amusing.

Anyway, here's to hoping this draft pans out to be positive, and keep in mind we won't know until the end of this season at the earliest. I like Cherilus and let's hope Dizon can contribute. GO LIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

Well there are still some interesting players left on the board; some nice looking defensive tackles, still quite a few good linebackers, and as I've said before good runnings backs that should last up to the 5-6 round easily. I only hope the Lions still keep waiting on getting a running back, they can get their goal line carrier late in this draft easily.


JJLions20 said...

I have to say, I stayed away from the chat rooms so I wouldn't have to see all the negativity. As I posted last week I had a feeling this would be an unsexy draft.

As far as Dizon goes, I trust that Rod had the talent evaluated properly. Mayo going at #10 was an indication the Lions and not the Draftniks evaluated the talent properly.

I like the Cherlious choice because he is a RT with a RT mentality. Remember "Need" is not just about filling a position. The "Need" is also bringing more intensity, and football character to this team. Cherlious has a mean streak, and Dizon brings more intensity then a lot of other players drafted on Saturday. Dizon's personality is similar to Spielman. Lets hope it works out the same for the Lions this time around.

The reason I thought this could be an unsexy draft is because we don't really know what Rod thinks about the existing players on the roster. It is a possibility that RB is not as high of a priority to Rod as it is to the local media. If there is a CB, DT, or OLB there that Rod loves and thought was a 2nd round talent, he could be chosen over a RB. You can see from my mock drafts I've been a proponent of Godfrey in the third round, then again according to Jamaal Charles is the best player left on the board. But what I think and what thinks, has very little to do with what Rod thinks.

We need to give Matt and Rod credit for the trade down. It might not look like much, but to be sitting at the top of the 3rd round instead of the middle at the beginning of day-2 is big. Also remember the 5th round pick they got was originally Miami's, so it's the first pick in the 5th. Traditionally you would expect Millen to move up. But this could be another Rod influence on the draft. The lions are not moving up and getting rid of picks. Maybe Rod feels he can find talent anywhere in the draft. It will be interesting to see if they stay put with two 5th round picks or if they package them to move up to the 4rth or possibly low third.

Anonymous said...

Day 2 and we got 3 of the first 24 picks in round 3 -- can't wait, only 75 minutes from the opening bell.

Day 2, the day where coach Marinelli has said verbiage to the affect that "we can't miss with these picks," so I'm going to sit back and try to see the benefits garnered from all the pre-draft press regarding coach going one on one with the Lions scouting documenting just exactly what he/we are looking for as far as "football character" as it relates to the tape of on field performance.

While yesterday we quietly hit a couple of doubles, today I believe we must/will hit a couple of homeruns. Day 2 will ultimately determine whether or not the 2008 draft was a good one or not, because this day will determine just how many starters, or probably more accurate starters-to-be we procure this year, remember we need 3, 4, 5 who need to be starters in the short term, per coach.

Just a thought on all these online highlight clips. What we seeing, and what we are basing our evaluations on is about 3 or 4 minutes of the players 3 or 4 years of playing college ball. Saw one on Dizon and my first impression was that he reminded me of Chris Spielmann. Is this a fair analysis based on less than 1% of his playing time? Time will tell.

Go Lions


Anonymous said...


I have watched a fair share of tape on this kid. He's not an OLB. He's not terrific in coverage, and doesn't shoot with TE's up the field. He gets lost. He isn't incredibly fast at 4.71 (but he bobbled both times in his 40 yd). His pro day he was a 4.61.

What you get with this kid is a quick guy, a laser beam who made 174 tackles and LED the NCAA. He AVERAGED 13 tackles a game. The pad level is low. He was quietly sneaking up teh board, and did so in a Gerald Alexander way. Same thing, the guys west of the Mississippi don't get much media play. LIONS GAIN.

The Lions go with runnng back. They are scared "their" guy isn't going to be there. Whether it's Charles, Slaton, Choice, Boyd, or Smith.

The Lions go with DT.
I want Dre Moore in this grop. He's the "poor man's Trevor Laws". He's smart, quick, and loves the weight room. He's high energy, and a Marinelli guy. The reason they can wait is because of the low amount of DT's taken. Only four have been picked so far.

You have Marcus Harrison, Nick Hayden, Red Bryant, Pat Sims, DeMario Pressley, and Frank Okam still left.


You will see them snag either Dan Connor or Cliff Avril, then wait and take the "best remaining back and DT".

The dugout project didn't get moving quickly yesterday, so we'll see how it goes today. Unfortunately, I won't be back in until noon-ish. Take care of Baker Street for me, he needs beer frequently, and for God's sake....keep the beer away from Chief. It's ok buddy, you will LOVE the back they get today. They will get one. And maybe a second one in the fourth of fifth. There are a few good BIG backs like Caulcrick and good FB's like Owen Schmidtt and Peyton Hillis (He blocked for McFadden and Jones).



JJLions20 said...

Well Nubsubber was right the Lions were scared that somebody was going to move up and take smith so they simply moved up to the first selection and guaranteed they would get him. Only cost them a 6th rounder.

JJLions20 said...

Why did the Lions take Smith and not Charles?

I think it has to do with the zone blocking the Lions are switching to. Below I will paste the evaluation (from ESPN) on Smith. Reading his bocks, Burst into the hole, and good vision are all qualities of a back in a zone blocking scheme. I also think at 6-1 ½ and 217lbs, he could carry another 5 – 10 lbs when he hits the pro weight room.

Smith can dance in the backfield too much and he's a little bit of an upright runner, so he takes some big hits. However, he does an excellent job of reading his blocks and shows good burst in the hole. He also has good vision and enough lateral mobility to make defenses pay for over pursuing.

Mark in AZ said...

I think all the picks so far are built for the system we have now on both sides of the ball. The transistion is so big from collage to pros that wiht players built for the system it makes a smoother transistion and can learn other factors faster. I like what I see no sexy pick we seen how the sexy pick worked in the past.


JJLions20 said...

The Avril pick is interesting because the Lions paid (in my opinion) a high price for a third rounder. Two 4th round picks for a 4th rounder sounds steep. But Rod is looking for a speed rusher, and he simply does not have one on the roster until this pick. But will the Lions try to bulk him up to be a speed rushing DE, or play him a OLB and let him sub as a speed rusher on obvious passing downs.

The Lions got an OT, MLB, RB, DT, & DE/OLB. That's 5 players in the first 92 picks. Maybe the feeling is the chances to find a starter after the first 100 players are chosen is pretty unlikely. So it’s better to give up two unlikely starter picks for one pick the Lions felt good would give them production.

Anonymous said...

While i somewhat agree it may be a little high price (i would have give one of the 5's), I think the Avril pick and the trade for him were good. I do believe he gives them added flexiblity with a possibility of being a starting DE in the future. They gave up next yrs 4th which hopefully will be lower in the round than this year's. They can still get value with the 2 5th round picks.

Anonymous said...

Cliff Avril is the third down blitz specialist. I like it. I like the Flewelling thing at DT even though personally I liked Moore. They are definately drafting need.

My pick for Round #5 is (#1) Owen Scmidtt or Caulcruitt.

For the Round 5 #9 I'll go with another OLB/MLB such as Ezra Butler or HIghsmith or Jonathan Goff (whom they were BIG on./


Anonymous said...

There's that tweener. Jerome Felton put up some BIG numbers as a BIG guy. He can be the big power back, or put on a few pounds and be that FB they need. I don't know much about him, he was the 3rd-4th FB on the board on my chart. I know he isn't just a straight up fullback, but I don't know how he is at receiving.

With teh trade back, I am looking to see if the Lions get a 7th rounder from the Saints. They don't have a sixth.


Anonymous said...

The Moore kid is the kick returner that they wanted.

Jon Goff is there as is the pure MLB from VaTech.Vince Hall.

Also, look at all the mush-heads in the mlive room that wanted Carl Nicks. They bithed about the Cherilus pick, and someone said Nicks. He is in free-fall. Must be something there.

You may see an OLB, CB, or a K/P in the seventh. Another guy I just saw a clip on is Caleb Campbell (S) from Army. Good kid, and with Kelvin Pearson possibly looking at issues, a backup safety/special teamer is necessary. Caleb Cambell is that guy. He also looks like he could put 25 pounds of muscle on his frame and slide to MLB such as Brian Urlacher.


Anonymous said...

I found this on Mlive:

Jerome Felton (FB)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 246

Compares To: JEROME BETTIS-ex-Pittsburgh...Felton is much quicker than Bettis, but both display the powerful frame that allows them to break tackles and drag multiple defenders in attempts to gain additional yardage. Felton is a devastating scorer when near the goal line and has shown decent receiving skills out of the backfield. He might be a better fit in a one-back offense, but he has enough hip snap to play tailback and the upper body strength to play fullback, making him a valuable prospect due to his versatility.

Felton is the #2 rated FB in the draft according to

Sounds like we got our bruiser to me. I like the pick even though we desperately need some more defensive picks it's hard to deny our need for a goalline back.


Anonymous said...

In the flip-flop with the Saints, the Lions gained the 11th pick of the 7th round.

The Lions have no 6th round.

They pick at #9 and #11 in the 7th Round.

Mark (lionwing2019) said...

so far the draft plan of position flexibilty has happened all the players pick other than Smith can play different postions.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely most of these guys can flip-flop (or play special teams roles).

If you want detfan1979, I will also highlight a bunch of the guys that go undrafted that are still on my charts tonight. May be a forecast of some guys we see in camp, (especially the local colleges)


Anonymous said...

That S from Army, I think it is still mandatory for them to finish a number of years after graduating from a service school. They graduate as officers.


JJLions20 said...

Catching Lightning in a bottle. That's what rounds 5-7 are all about. You might find a special teamer, or a career back-up, but what your really looking for is that one special player when plays at a higher level then his measurable suggest. It's really a crap shoot, but if you can find a guy or two, it can really help fill out your roster, and also help a lot in the salary crap. The top 100 players (about 3 per team) should stick. The Lions have 5 top 100 players. If those 5 (or even 4 of 5) turn into starters, and you somehow find a starter in rounds 5-7, then you have a real good draft.

Realistically, Cherlius will be starting by the third game. Rod likes to make the rookies earn their stripes if possible. Remember Ernie Sims did not start until the third preseason game, but it was obvious we had nobody to compete with him at weakside LB. I hope they start Dizon at MLB from the start, but he may start at SLB and be moved to MLB after mid season. Smith will get a few carries from the beginning of the season and if he proves he can pick up the blitz he will see more playing time. Ultimately he will be splitting time 50/50 with Bell. If Fluellen and Avril crack the rotation that will be a plus.

As I posted a couple of weeks ago, for the Lions to perform well next year, we are going to have to get improvements in play out of CJ, Alma-Francis, Alexander, Bullocks, Cody, Ramerez, Davis, and maybe Stanton. These are guys who will be entering that 2nd or 3rd year. They need to step up. You can't expect 5 rookies to step in and start.

Mark said...

The safety from army would still have to serve but if drafted or signed by a team he could serve as a recruiter and not be deployed I saw that on the NFL network in his interview.

Mark said...

we got Campbell from Army way to go love this kid

CHIEFGER139 said...

day 2
is almost done and i think we hit a homerun-got smith-thank god-made my day-i wanted him sooo-baddd!!1 then avril-a steal-got the other big tackle from fl state fluellen-not guion but can rotate in to give the guys a breather and learn under darby-like the big fullback they got-could contribute immediately and now what they did on day one makes sense cherlious a starter and dizon a mlb starter-maybe no superstars-but at least all mediocre players at all positions of need-giving us a shot at winning now-thats the way i see it-there gearing up to win now

JJLions20 said...

And with the Lions last pick, how can you not feel good about the draft. Check out the link on his pro's and con's.

Rod said we will play SLB but gives flexibility to play Safety. Looks like he could contribute at some point on Special teams. I think this guy is going to be a practice squad player in his first year, unless he lights people up on special teams. Other teams will not pick him up on waivers and because they will have to put him on their roster. Being a 7th rounder switching positions I doubt if somebody will give up the roster spot, unless like I said, he lights up people on special teams.

I like the pick because he is no doubt a Marenelli man. Look at the Pro's. Leadership, hard worker, puts in extra time in the film room, Explodes behind his hits, Leaping ability (important for LB's in the cover-2), plays with emotion, tough, Wrap-up tackler. I'm not sure if there is much more of a description you could look for in a player Marenelli is looking for.

I think this guy has a chance to stick, and when your 7th rounder are sticking your drafting is helping out (or your talent is pretty bad)

BTW, lets not give Rod all the credit. Matt Millen’s son is a teammate of Campbell. Don’t laugh, this is similar to how Jeff Garcia got into the NFL. The son of the coach (I can’t remember which one) convinced his dad to take a chance on Garcia. And, Garcia has had a pretty good pro career.

Mark in Az said...

Not how I saw the draft going but I'm ok with it. May be a blessing. I think all the picks make the team and were in better shape than before.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i was rootin for a qb-to make detfan99 happy-otherwise-other than the cb guys-everone should be somewhat excited with these picks-
ot,mlb,rb,de, dt and even a fb were addressed-oh i forgot wr-should of known we'd get one of them-
lions greatin 2008-playoffs and beyond!!
det fan 1999-now throw out our draft scenerio's so we can all laugh and pay tribute and awe to those who did well

then hopefully start your season records we predict before it happens-maybe eventually time allowing we-predict each game one at a time and the score and we give our reasons why it will happen-will be funny especially in week 16 when many things have changed from before the season

Anonymous said...

Draft rating just in from Walters Football.

Detroit Lions (Last Year: 7-9)

2008 NFL Draft Picks:

17. Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
When the Lions traded back to 17, I thought they were daring because the Cardinals could have plucked Rashard Mendenhall off the board. Turns out the Lions were just dumb as usual. Hello, Matt Millen! Ever hear of Jeff Otah? He's from Pittsburgh, a city that has a winning football team. This is getting ridiculous. Millen should spend less time blackmailing William Clay Ford and put forth more effort toward the draft and free agency. Look, Gosder Cherilus might be a solid tackle in the NFL, but Detroit reached for him when there were better options on the board. (Pick Grade: D)

45. Jordan Dizon, OLB/ILB, Colorado
Next year, some cunning Lions fan should sneak into Detroit's war room and put laxatives in Matt Millen's coffee. With Millen dropping a deuce on the can, maybe the Lions will actually make a decent pick. Jordan Dizon? He was a fifth-round prospect, at best. What exactly does Millen have on William Clay Ford? I'm very curious. (Pick Grade: F)

64. Kevin Smith, RB, Central Florida
A minor reach, but this is nothing compared to what Matt Millen has done recently. Jamaal Charles and Tashard Choice probably would have been better options. Not bad though; Kevin Smith should be able to displace Tatum Bell. (Pick Grade: B)

87. Andre Fluellen, DT, Florida State
Another reach by Matt Millen... I didn't see that one coming! (Pick Grade: C)

92. Cliff Avril, DE, Purdue
Wow, a great pick by Matt Millen? He must have been in the bathroom; I'm glad to hear some cunning Lions fan took my laxative idea seriously. You have to love edge rushers from Purdue, and defensive end is a major need for Detroit. (Pick Grade: A)

136. Kenneth Moore, WR, Wake Forest
It must have hurt Matt Millen to draft a receiver so late. Kenneth Moore is a bit of a reach in Round 4; there are better options available. I don't think receiver's much of a need either. (Pick Grade: D)

146. Jerome Felton, FB, Furman
Millen, if you're going to take a fullback, take one of the better fullbacks on the board. Just a tip. (Pick Grade: D)

216. Landon Cohen, DT, Ohio
I'm thinking Matt Millen forgot his draft board in his hotel room and just picked a random guy on the ticker. (Pick Grade: C)

218. Caleb Campbell, SS, Army
Great pick. Even if Caleb Campbell doesn't amount to anything - though I think he will - he'll be a fan favorite. (Pick Grade: A)

He doesn't like our draft but I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

From what i heard is if fluellen didn't have a arm injury he would of been a first round pick so go figure. I still like the draft. Oh who said that our RT will not make the transisition from RT to LT??

CHIEFGER139 said...

the way i see it-others tell me wrong-but rod took the approach to win now attitude-thinks he can make the playoffs now-didnt take no real superstars to build the team for the future-but took real guys who could contribute now and feels at least from true guts in determination can make the playoffs now-why would he of traded up to get smith?/ knew all his real needs and targeted guys who can contribute now-i see this as a draft for the win now mentality-which is for what i hoped!!
lions great in 2008-playoffs and beyond!!

Anonymous said...

Starting with an aside: it was good to hear that this is the last year the draft will be held at Radio City in New York and that the NFL will begin discussing having the host city for the draft be different every year.

I don't put a lot of value in rating players pre-draft beyond the top 10, and I certainly disregard any grading of a teams draft irregardless of the repute of the one or organization doing the evaluating, because they don't know how each team has each player ranked on their big board plus little consideration is given to what was left on the board at the time of the pick, in relation to how the teams have the collegians ranked on their boards.

This was a good draft by the Lions because each and every pick addresses a need on the team.

1 - Cherilus. Was this a good pick? Maybe we should ask Foster, Scott, Backus, Dunn, and Morris - the OTs listed on the roster on the Lions site. Does anyone not see the competition for starting RT not improve the Lions? Cherilus has the flexibility to play both OTs. With what was available on the board Gosder Cherilus was a solid, solid pick, certainly not the D that Walter's Football gave it.

2 - Dizon. Was this a good pick? Again, maybe a truer evaluation would be gleened from asking Gardner, Fincher, Davis, Lewis, and Lennon? Competition is good, makes for a better team. He looks like a young Spielmann to me and if he turns out to be 1/2 the player Chris was we've improved beyond a shadow of one doubt. Besides he immediately improves the special teams, and am sure coach Marinelli has visions of him eventually being the MLB for our defense. And thats most definitely not an F which Walters grades it.

3 - Smith. Walters says it was a minor reach, Kiper said he's going to be the Lions opening day starting running back. Am pretty sure Killer has this right in his stating the Rams were going to take him with the next pick. As soon as Smith signs he's above Cason and Calhoun on the depth chart that's a certainty and am already looking forward to the preseason competition between Bell and Smith and how they do in Colletto's offense. At least ESPN wasn't at commercial during the pick and who gives a hoot about grades if/when Smith contributes to a balanced offensive attack, which will also be a benefit for the defense by keeping the offense on the field more. Upperdeck homerun is how I would grade this pick, if thats an A or B who cares.

4 - Fluellen. Again same logic. Does anyone not think Shaun Cody isn't feeling the competition for roster spot tonight? Makes the team better. What more is wanted? Walters Football continues to express their immaturity with the constant Millen one liner insults, which, to me, only detracts from their credibility.

5 - Avril. Because of Sabbath Observance don't get to see many Saturday college games, but I did see Purdue vs. Northwestern a couple of years ago and Avril clearly jumped off the screen as the best player on the field, by far, bar none. Either Harriet, Smith, or DeGrate isn't going to be back next year and DeVries isn't getting any younger. Avril from the time he signs he's in the rotation. Homerun as I see it, if thats an A or B, who cares.

6 - Moore. Walters again bashes Millen, this time for taking a receiver. I see this pick as a smart one. Why? Because unlike Walters I see Moore, in addition to being insurance to the whatif Roy situation next year, as being competition for Cason and Troy Walters for returner. Cason showed signs late last year, but again competition is a good thing and I don't think anyone who really follows the Lions can argue with the fact that we need to improve the return game. So I grade this pick as doubly smart, not an F as Walters does.

7 - Felton. An attempt to replace TJ. I for one hope the Lions lose the hybrid TE/FB schematic. Bradley has to be concerned about his roster spot and if we lose the hybrids so do Fitz and McHugh. Someone said Felton reminds them of a young Jerome Bettis. If that turns out to be true Felton was the best FB on the board at that time, no matter what Walters says.

8 - Cohen. Know nothing about him other that what can be found at Ohio University's site (not Ohio State), but this has to be a Marinelli pick based on evaluations from the scouting department. Again Cody is on the bubble, competition will improve the team, which is fine by me.

9 - Campbell, from the business end of football which doesn't include the emotionalism, this wasn't a reach just as coach said. Just ask Ramzee Robinson or any DB or LB thats hanging onto their spot on the roster because of the special teams playing. Coach did say he had visions of Campbell being the SAM backer. But football is more than a business and it was a heartwarming pick, and one things for sure when he Campbell arrives at minicamp next week he's going to be pumped ready to go thru a wall for coach.... and folks thats just what we need.

Go Lions


DetFan1979 said...

I ended up being gone until about 10pm. Missed most of it -- althought I must say, Nobsnubber pegged day two right on, and my prediction of Smith and Fluellen, with an OLB/DE speed rush specailist were right on as well. Plenty of time for additional analysis, and impact on position groups (bakerstreet and others, great analysis. I do not like Walter Football's anaylsis IMO - it's juvenile, and often uninformed.).

Overall, great draft in the initial gut check from me, but I'll look it over and write much much more on it in the coming weeks.

Filled needs with solid guys. Go Lions!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't turn out too bad. Once the Lions showed they were picking for need, it was kinda easy to see who they were going to take.

There are a few guys I'd like to research, but teh FB/HB hybrid from Fulton (Jerome Felton)...we're gonna like him.

And Campbell is going to rub off on a lot of people.

CAMPBELL - yes he is a graduate of West Point, and an officer in the US Army. ESPN highlighted him and I learned that a new Army rule will allow a "Pro player" to serve as a recruiter near their posted city for a two year window. If they are drafted or signed to an NFL team for a period of two years, their Army commitment is dissolved.

When interviewed, CAMPBELL said to teh effects, "But after my football career is over, I also have the option to go back into the Army and lead Troops."

We are really gonna like this kid.

This kid is Kelvin Pearson's replacement on the roster if what is coming out of Tampa actually happened. We'll wait and see.