Friday, April 4, 2008

Draft Challenge #3: Dallas Cowboys

Nope - not Roy. Two words: Rashard Mendenhall. He is the "perfect" compliment to MJD in Dallas, and they would love to secure him. They have a pick at 22 and 28 in round one. Here is the trade (and it fits the value charts, and the needs of both teams) -- [don't go getting angry Cheif and Can -- it is only a scenario -- and how can you argue with an extra second? is Mendenhall worth 2 picks to the Lions?? I'm guessing Millen won't think so, and certainly not Marinelli)

Detroit pick #15 rd one (1050) and pick 161 rd 6 (22) - 1072 points
Dallas gives pick #22 in rd one (780) and 61 rd 2 (292) - 1075 points

Detroit may have to give them their 5th - 144 (34 points) for a total of 1084 for 1075. This is the scenario I will go with. So we have Dallas at 15 taking Mendenhall. the pick:

1 - #22:
2a - #45:
2b - #61:
3a - #76:
3b - #87:
4 - #111:

I think that is a realistic scenario, with Dallas still getting two picks in round one, but forfeiting their 2. I didn't go with a 3 because of how late their 2nd rounder is, it is about same value as a high 3 -- and I have the Lions giving them a 5th to get the deal done (something I am sure Millen would do to get an extra pick in rd 2)

Remember the rules: you can to a 1 and 1a draft, but only your "mock in rock" #1 counts. No further trades, try to be as close as you can to who will be available -- and a commentary on who you picked and why is always fun -- it shows who you think is gone, or might like them to pick but don't think will be there. I find the thought processes as actually more fun to read than who is being picked!

For those who haven't, be sure to post on scenario's #1 and #2. Go Lions!! Go Lions Fans!!


CHIEFGER139 said...

how the @##*8 %%##@@! can i do a draf twhen you take away my favorite player!!
ok i will play your game but not till tommorow

DetFan1979 said...

Calm down chief - this is just a scenario. I took away your favorite player in the Jax scenario too. I just didn't mention that he may still be on the board -- just that Harvey would be. Besides, this is all in fun and you got to pick him in the Take 'em where they got 'em scenario.

Have you checked the latest mocks? some of them have Albert, Williams, Otah, Clady, Long, Harvey and Mendenhall ALL gone by pick 15. Seriously. So...hopefully he falls there and Dallas does a trade as I think that Dallas with their value at 2nd rounder, their first 1st rounder fits best with the needs of both teams. And they may be willing to go up for either a WR they like, as the teams between Lions and Dallas need a WR, or for a CB as their top CB's may be fone by pick 22, but one or two there at 15 as well. Can't wait to see what you and everyone else comes up with.

I'm having a tough time with this one, so mine may not go up for a bit...also wishing I had waited on my primary, but I guess I could pull a Kowalski and totally reverse course - ;)

CHIEFGER139 said...

actually this is what i hope they can do-i would even screw the point system to do it and give up our latest 3rd if need be to get the 4 picks between 22-76
1.lofton mlb-okl.
--mayo and conners are gone-many like him better than mayo - if hes gone too we lost the entire reasoning for the trade to begin with cause we missed out on our biggest need

2a- gosder cherilus ot-
they brought him in-scout ranks him at 54 so should be there at 45(i hope)

2b-matt forte-rb-tulane-
scout ranks him 58 so may be tough to get him at pick 61-thought of going with kevin smith but will take my chance forte's there

3a. daryl robertson de-georgia tech
need more depth there

3.b. leroy guion dt-fl st
they need another 300 pounder to rotate in with darby/cody-darby will show him the ropes

4. ali highsmith olb-LSU
should complete our depth at the linebacking position-they seem to be fixing one thing at a time with depth

5. chiefger139-scout- wizeguy u.-they need my help and enthusiaum-ha ha

JJLions20 said...

First I have to say, I didn’t like this scenario as much as I did the Jacksonville trade, because I think it makes it less likely to get Johnson in the 2nd round. I’m not sure the strategy changes much between the #22 pick and the # 26 pick, But, so I can change my picks a little, I’m going to say some Mock Drafts have Phillip Merling sliding to the upper 20’s. If that happens we take Merling with the #22 pick. That then changes the 3b pick.

1 #22: Phillip Merling - DE (Clemson) The DE position is a must in the Cpver-2, and in this case the Lions get a gift at #22.

2a #45: Curtis Lofton - ILB (Okl) Even though Mayo is still on the board the Lions go for Lofton. More of a true MLB.

2b #61: Chris Johnson - RB (ECU) Hopefully he is still on the board at #61, but I found a couple mock drafts that suggest he could be there. One mock draft actually had Dallas picking Johnson with the 61st pick.
3a #76: Charles Godfrey - CB (Iowa) A corner back that will hit and known as a good tackler. He fit's the Cover-2

3b #87: Ahtyba Rubin - DT (ISU) The lions Take a DT with the pick they got from Cleveland for Shaun Rogers.
4 #111 : Jack Ikegwuono - CB (WIS) You just can't have enough good CB's. Another kid to develop.

Once again, It might not be a sexy draft, but in this case the Lions go for defense in 5 of the first 6 picks. It would be better if we did not give up the 5th round pick, because we could get an OT in this round. (Rinehart, Zuttah, Giacomini, or Kieth)

As for a 1a draft selection. I’ll go with the following:
1: #22: LB Dan Connor
2a: #45: DT Trevor Laws
2b. #61: RB Chris Johnson
3a. #76 CB Charles Godfrey
3b. #87 DE Jason Jones
4. #111 TE Jeremichael Finley

When I look at these selections I don’t mind these much at all. I have to admit having Laws and Johnson both available at those spots may be a stretch. If we go this route, Scott and Alma-Francis will have to step up this year.

Lionise said...

This has been a good challenge on what may be a very ralistic scenario. Thanks again to detfan1979 for hosting a great web site.

In one way, I might prefer to see pick 15 used to take Chris Williams; but this trade possibility comes about as close as anything to satisfying most of the Lions' needs. I had been thinking about what I would do, and then was pleasantly surprised to see jjlions20 has come up with the same first two choices that I like. Chief also has a well-reasoned approach. So here is my take:

1 - #22: Curtis Lofton, ILB.
I think he is emerging as the best candidate to make an immediate impact on our defense.

2a - #45: Trevor Laws, DT.
In every draft scenario, I look for a way to get this guy on our team. He seems to represent the ideal 'Marinelli Guy' and I believe he could help mold the winning character of this franchise and be a rock to pound on for several years.

2b - #61: Ray Rice, RB.
When I look at the videos, Ray Rice reminds me more of Barry Sanders than any other running back in this crop. He could make an impact in 2008, but by 2009 he is sure to be our ace.

3a - #76: John Greco, OT.
We have got to bring in an excellent OL prospect every year to keep building the depth. Good value here. Although detfan1979 said that good OT should e available in Round 2, I think that most of the top tier will be gone by pick #45; so this option looks best.

3b - #87:Charles Godfrey, CB.
Keep builidng the depth. I go along with others who have also identified CG as a wise pickup.

4 - #111: Kendall Langford, DE.
This guy could be a real prize and is worth the risk here.

This would be my dream six-pack. But whatever happens, I have faith that this time, Marinelli and Millen will score high with the fans. Having done such a good job in the free-agent market, the stage is set for a great draft.

Anonymous said...


1. Curtis Lofton MLB
Will be an absolute stud in the middle. Is the second best LB behind Keith Rivers
2.aCliff Avril DE/OLB
Would provide a pass rush specialist and be a solid SLB for years to come
2.b Matt Forte RB
Will provide an immediate upgrade at RB and will be a good combination with Tatum Bell
3.a Duane Brown OT
If he can be motivated he will be a steal with great upside and athletiscism
3.b Kenny Iwebema DE
Has flown under the radar a bit, and might need to be taken with first 3rd rounder, but he is a great prospect who got by Joe Thomas twice in 2005, and has the character that Rod loves.
4. Kendall Langford DT
Is a DT/DE tweener who fits the fast moving Tampa Two as a DT. Size is 6'5'' and 287 and he has natural strength and alot of upside.

Anonymous said...

rd 1 Curtis Lofton
2a- trevor laws
2b- anthony collins
3a- kevin smith
3b- Shawn Crable
4- leroy guion

signed leosfan sorry it took me so long. What do you guys think, good or bad. also DF79 how do i register on here to have my name on here.

Anonymous said...

Hello detfan1979, I would just like to bring some insight from the other end of this trade you are discussing with the Cowboys. Yes, I am a Cowboys fan, and I can tell you that I think you are right on on 1 thing. I think you guys should watch what Dallas does prior to your #15 pick on the first day of the draft. Using Jimmy Johnson's draft chart your #'s are right on, and I think highly likely this trade could and should take place. Dallas is looking highly at 3 CB's in this draft, and if 2 of them go prior to #15, they will jump at the third. I still think that is also highly likely that the Boys attempt a trade up with the Jets at the #6 pick given the right situation. I will not go into great depth on all those details, but it involves Darren McFadden. I have several posts on about this stuff if you care to see that. I will also tell you, that many Cowboys fans are discussing the possibility of a trade that involves your Roy Williams. Just speculation, but Jerry Jones is after a really good #2 WR to T.O. Not to say he would be a #2 receiver, that would actually be more like 2 #1's. I would also like to say that you also have a very good looking blogspot for your Lions here. I love the layout. Mine is still an in progress, but it looks like you have put a lot of work into this one. I will have to tell my fellow fans at about this posts involving the Dallas trade. They will be interested in hearing it from someone other than myself. Also, I think it is important that you know why I say the #15 pick is the trigger point for Dallas. Arizona has the #16, and they are also after the top CB falling to them. Dallas has to jump ahead of them to be successful in getting a top tier CB. Thanks, and I will keep up with this topic on your blogspot, so you too, keep up the hard work. THANKS

DetFan1979 said...

I've been thinking long and hard about this one. As you may have noticed, I have been waffling around on who to focus on priority wise at the beginning of the draft. So, without further ado, here we go:

1. Kentwann Balmer DT
2a. Curtis Lofton ILB
2b. Carl Nicks OT
3a. Kevin Smith RB
3b. Charles Godfrey CB
4. Kendall Langford DE/DT

Here's the deal - after seeing the schedule, there are a lot of stron grun teams out there. Balmer is like a young S Rogers, minus the off-field issues; he will definately eat up the run. He's knocked as not being a big pass-rusher. Thsu the Langford pick. Both him and IAF can play in or out, similar to Redding. Putting White, Redding, Langford, IAF in on passing downs would seriously create problems for opposing teams. Nicks at worst would provide depth at T, and hopefully earn the starting RT spot -- an if Scott progresses past last season and stays healthy, who knows if he might be able to push Backus on the left? Lofton and Smith are necessity picks, but still great value. Finally, Godfrey I think is good neough to push Smith or Wilson for that final CB spot on the roster. He may be practice squad this season, and then end up hitting the roster next year. I'm almost hoping he gets "injured" at the very end of the pre-season so they can hide him on IR for a year while he develops. Don't think that teams don't do this -- I'm noticing where more and more I think it is a common way to keep good prospects off the waiver wire. Start them on PUP and move them to IR... just things ot keep in mind. They did it with Stanton, Davis, and Ellis last year -- I look for them to do it again with at least 2 -3 players with potential.

minker said...

Here are my pick's for the upcoming draft:
1. #22 Jerod Mayo MLB from Tennessee. He's our Urlacher and is everything we want in a middle linebacker.

2a. #45 Chris Johnson KR (RB) East Carolina. I know this is a draft that is deep in RB's but we need his special teams play! There is no substitute for his breakaway speed and ability to get open. Devon Hester won't be the only returner the rest of the league will have to worry about.

2b. #61 Brandon Flowers CB Virginia Tech. Brings the lumber, great closing speed, will be excellent for run support and once he learns the Deuce, our secondary will be tight.

3a. #76 Shawn Crable OLB Meeechigan. This guy is so good! He rounds out our hard hitting linebacking corps. Great speed, smarts and loves to hit-excellent value and way worth the 3a pick!

3b. #87 Anthony Collins OT Kansas
He may not be ready to start but, once he learns and works on his technique, he is going to be really good and with our simplified zone blocking scheme, it won't take long before he's blowing people off the line. He won't be learning from malcontents either, but from guys playing with a chip on their shoulders.

4. #111 Maurice Murray DT New Mexico State. With so many great attitudes brought in by our coach, this guy's work ethic will greatly improve (I don't know if it was ever really an issue, but it won't be here). He will be a good-great value at this point in the draft and with his size, strength, and speed, will be able to rotate into the line right away.

Our defense is going to be so awesome with these additions! Special teams will be scary good with THIS IS WHAT 4.2 LOOKS LIKE-Johnson and with a healthy CJ and Campbell back on offense, this team is playoff bound for sure. I am really excited about our prospects.

Patrick said...

DetFan1979, Motownmann from MLIVE...what are your thoughts on the draft thus far?? as for me, I am a little ticked with the Moore and Felton picks...I felt Nicks from Nebraska and Schmitte from WV should have been our least if you would choose a FB...get the best one available...