Monday, April 14, 2008

Check Out the Comments!

I didn't do any other primary posts tonight, but did do a couple of lengthy comments on the GB piece and the LB piece from the last couple of nights -- if you read all the comments from everyone on both posts there is some awesome stuff there - great analysis and reading for all. A few different questions/topics have come up, and I will address them as I can read up on them and/or get the opportunity.

I've also got more ideas on the draft as it is approaching, and will be sharing those as well. So much to write about, so little time to write it!

Will try to post tomorrow evening, but definately Thursday! Go Lions!


Anonymous said...

Way TOO funny.

I went to Lake State, then spent four years in Newberry. Half the town of Newberry is related to former Lions TE and current FOX Sports Detroit commentator Rob Rubick.

OLB/MLB I was one of the proponents of doing this 1st round / 2nd round picking. Then they snagged Gardner. Out of college Indy thought this guy was a CAN'T MISS. We'll see what he brings to the table. I do not think Cannon is a lock. Not as much as Lewis. Gardner played inside with Indy I believe, which gives the Lions "positional flexibility" at that spot if they turn him out (SAM).

Everyone on mlive wants to know when the ex-Gator is going to get his crack at the MLB spot. There was a reason he never sniffed the field. There was a reason the Cards cut their third round draft pick. Granted, they have four solid starters. Hard to believe Blackstock isn't starting (projected) this year.

The other thing is, there are going to be less roster spots available this year. Rod didn't keep a roster spot last year for a return man. I can't SEE that changing, but Stan Kwan may have a different idea come camp.

The Lions only kept one FB. I gotta think that'll change, too with the new commitment to power football. That means last year's roster may not be a good gage. We still have a long way to go until then. I really don't see the Lions going after any type of CB like Killer and Zaroo's article today.


CHIEFGER139 said...

once again no mendenhal at 15-in your voting choices-skippin what will happen again are you? can understand why-if he was there no way you could put up your questions about trading down-that would never happen
on our great lions roster only 3 dt's period -do you think they will address dt-in the 1st 4 rounds-only one ive heard even address it is detfan1979 on here and on m-live
dont those big guys get tired and need a breather-how can that happen with only 3 on the roster??

Anonymous said...


I agree. That's why there were echoes of Kentwan Balmer and so much emphasis when Blamer came to town. Ultimately, you need to replace Shaun Rogers. Darby is not it. Cody needs to step up, but is smallish like Redding.

They need that 335-350 run stuffing body rocker in the middle. I think you will see them wai until after the draft, then sign a Booger McFarland-type player.

All three of the guys they have right now are 300 ish and will get blown off the ball. They need a disruptive force, they need an un-injured, non-strip club gun-toting, too many fast food visits, young Shaun Rogers.


Anonymous said...


I'm sorry. Langston Moore. That is four. I don't know how great he is going to be, but he had some really good flashes last year when he got his sniffs of the field.

Detfan 1979 (you'll love this). Border conspiracy theory. If you didn't read the Lions' posts today (four new articles) someone posted about sliding Cory Redding back outside.

Couple that with a post I had two months ago about the Lions staff falling in love with Kentwan Balmer and it makes sense. The Lions fill both holes with one pick.

One, Redding is a good DE (and would make four). Two, Balmer would make four DT's on the roster with Cody, Moore, and Darby.

The other thing is........SIZE.
The Lions play mostly run-first teams---especially in the division. Rodgers is a 1st year starter, Grossman can throw, but Lovie likes pounding the ball.

This gives the Lions more size stacking up against all the run-loving teams.

AFC South Tennessee, (RUN) Texans, RUN) Indy, (NOT RUN) and, JAX (RUN). The NFC South with Tampa (RUN), Carolina (PASS), N.O. (RUN), and Atlanta (RUN w/ Joey).

The other two teams Washington (new coach) and San Fran (PASS-Martz) are wild cards.

Just a thought, but something to think about on draft day if Harvey is off the board.


DetFan1979 said...

nobsnubber -- I was either in appointments or on conference calls to complete policy transactions from about 9am to 3:40pm -- then I really got to play catch up, so I had not read any news of the day, other than the schedule coming out (someone emailed it to me at work).

I've had time to skim article titles now, but was working again this evening, so I'm just now getting to Lions stuff. I'll continue on tonight's post.