Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Draft Challenge #1: Jax Trade

Looking at Mlive (using le0fans idea) -- everyone put in the comments your mock draft for who the Lions will pick given a set of rules, or a possible trade scenario.

Here is Scenario #1: Jacksonville, who is known to covert Harvey, DE -- trades #26 overall (round 1) and #58 overall (in round 2) to Detroit to move up 8 spots to #15 and snag the guy they want. With no further trades, who do you thin the Lions will select, and in what round? 1-3 is mandatory, and 4 is optional. Commentary not required, but appreciated. If you are going for a BPA situation, make a choice for your "official" draft guess, and then list your alternates. We can all have a good laugh at these scenarios after the draft. I'll put mine down in the comments as well, with yours. Remember -- this is all in fun!


Anonymous said...

With that trade (which I hope you are right) we get
1: MLB Jerod Mayo Tenn.
2: OT Anthony Collins Kan.(take Jonathan Stewart if he falls)
2: RB Chris Johnson ECU
3: DT Dre Moore Mary.
3: CB Charles Godfrey Iowa
4: SS Jamar Adams Mich.

My thoughts I had to throw in my Michigan pick of course :)

Aaron Lambert

DetFan1979 said...

Millen is good at getting people to make hasty trades on darft day for a guy the covet, and fear Detroit or someone above them will take.

1: MLB Curtis Lofton
2a: OT Sam Baker
2b: RB Matt Forte
3a: LB Shawn Crable
3b: DE Kendall Langford
4: DT Andre Fluellen

There were other guys I liked better - Dre Moore at DT, Lawrence Jackson DE - but I think they woudl be gone by the time I would want to pick them. If baker is there for pick one in round 2 -- Lions want a starting caliber RT from this draft, and he is one of the few that projects to be a solid LT in the future as well. The second 2 was sure to have Smith or Forte available in the pert of the draft the Lions snagged Alexander last year, so went OT before RB. Round three was tough for me because I wanted to go DE or CB with 3a. -- but the right guys were gone, or too far away. Crable was sitting there, and another SLB would be good, so I couldn't resist. Then 3b. was easy with Langford (hopefully) still on the board to provide a speedy pass rush specialist that would fit well in the rotation with White and IAF (who I can see rotating in at DT on some passing downs, with Langford, White, and Redding...nasty thought, huh?) Finally, whiel Fluellen in the 4th may seem a bit of a reach, he may be gone as early as the end of the 4th, first couple picks in the 5th, and he is a good run stuffing DT that could do well learning from Darby and rotating in, and is at least good enough to make the roster and get meaningful playing time.

If this draft scenario happened (who knows??) I would be thrilled -- all 6 picks would see significant time their rookie year, or push others to play at a whole new level to keep them from doing so -- either way, the team would be much improved.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!!

DetFan1979 said...

Wow! you beat me to posting on my own Blog Aaron. Sweet! LOL on adding the UM guy, and insurance for it Bullocks doesn't recover 100% did cross my mind. I can't find fault with the rest, although I'm not thinking Johnson will fall to the 2b. pick, and Dre Moore may go in the second. Collins is a possibilty, I just projected a run on OT's in the early 2nd, and that is why I took one there as well.

Can't wait to hear from the rest of You!

JJLions20 said...

First I have to say, If Harvey is there I don't see Marinelli making this trade. The Lions would take Harvey in a heart beat. But given the trade goes down here are my picks.

1 : Sam Baker - OT (USC) The Lions can get a premium OT at this spot and knowing that Connor, Mayo, and Lofton were still on the board, they were pretty sure they would get the MLB on the next pick.

2a: Curtis Lofton - ILB (Okl) Even though Mayo is still on the board the Lions go for Lofton. More of a true MLB.

2b: Chris Johnson - RB (ECU) The lions get lucky and Johnson is still on the board at this point.

3a: Charles Godfrey - CB (Iowa) A corner back that will hit and known as a good tackler. He fit's the Cover-2

3b: Jason Jones - DE (EMU) The lions take a local kid, who they feel can develop into the speed rusher they need.

4 : Jack Ikegwuono - CB (WIS) You just can't have enough good CB's. Another kid to develop.

It might not be a sexy draft, but the Lions plug the two biggest weaknesses with starters at OT and MLB. Johnson will get some carries and split time with Bell by mid season. Alma Francis starts at DE but Jones gets some reps by mid season and Alma-Francis moves inside on passing downs. The two CB's spend most of the year developing, but get some playing time as injuries riddle the secondary by game 7.

Anonymous said...

JC's wish for the Lion's 2008 Draft:
1. Merling - DE
2a. Lofton - LB (assuming Stewart is gone)
2b. Nicks - OT
3a. Forte - RB (bigger back w/Bell)
3b. Bryant - DT
4. Zbikowski - SS (this guy is a baller)

Every year team's make strange, unexplainable picks (see the Lions), especially in the 2nd-4th rounds where they fall in love with a guy and reach to get him. Hopefully, that will allow the Lions to fill their MANY needs with what might seem higher value picks than anticipated.

Is it April 26th yet???!!!

Anonymous said...

1: OG Albert Virgina or DT Balmer NC if Albert is gone
2: LB Lofton Oklahoma or LB Mayo Tennessee if Lofton is gone
2: RB Forte Tulane Assuming they don't re-sign KJ
3: OG McGlynn Pitt or DT Dre Moore Maryland depending on what they do in Rd 1.


Anonymous said...

Looks like I forgot 3b
CB Chevis Jackson LSU


Anonymous said...

First I have to thank Detroit Fan 1979 on running this blog and actually posting something this week (unlike Mlive). My guess at the draft with trade down is:
1. Albert, Branden OG/OT (Ron
loves players that can play
more than 1 position).
2a. Lofton, Curtis ILB (A run on
defensive backs and offensive
& defensive linemen will leave
here for us).
2b. Avril, Cliff DE (To be
groomed under Darby).
3a Forte, Matt RB (Just a wish).
3b Godfrey, Charles CB (Future
4 Crable, Shawn DE/OLB

Well that is my guess. Thanks again for running this blog.


CHIEFGER139 said...


Anonymous said...


With trade
1. LB Mayo TU( i still like Lofton over Mayo,but I think they take Mayo, maybe if Rod watches more film he'll change his mind, i hope so)
2. OT Anthony Collins KU/Cherilous if he drops
2. RB Kevin Smith UCF
3. DT Andre Fluellen FSU
3. LB Shawn Crable
4. CB Molden WKU

See u guys on April 27th when I got this challenge in hand. Detfan I must say I love the Langford pick not sure if they would go with him, the other de they brought in though in a later round, can't remember his name. And thanks for setting this up, it'll make it a lot easier to monitor after I get all these picks right. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

5th:te/de msu


Anonymous said...

This is harder than I first thought it would be. I like this scenario because it eliminates the temptation of taking either Mendenhall or Stewart with the #15. I will be showing alternates in parentheses.

1 Balmer DT North Carolina.
He should be there for the taking and Coach loves him. (If not there then Lofton/Mayo)

2A This is the make/break pick for the Lions.
Lofton ILB Oklahoma or Mayo ILB Tennessee. (If neither is there Charles RB Texas or Johnson RB E. Carolina)

2B Brown OT VT (Baker OT USC)

3A Avril DE Purdue (Goff ILB Vanderbilt or Forte RB Tulane)

3B This pick definitely depends on whom they got earlier and who is available.
Crable Mich OLB (Harrison DT Arkansas or Choice RB GTech)

4 Schmitt WV FB (Williams CB Kent State or Woodyard OLB Kentucky) I would love to Schmitt in a Lions uniform. He would remind all of Sledge.

5. Boyd RB S. Carolina (Parmele RB Toledo)


flipdskrip said...

This what I would like to happen for our team this year. Some are guys that were injured near the end of the season but definately worth a late pick. They could have been first day guys if not hurt.
1. Curtis Lofton MLB
2A. Brandon Flowers CB
2B. Godser Cherilius OT
3A. Kevin Smith RB
3B Shawn Crable ILB
4. Jason Jones or Chris Ellis DE
5. Nick Hayden or Frank Okam DT
6. Jack Ikegwounu CB
7. Dennis Dixon QB