Friday, March 13, 2009

Possible Comp Picks

Here is a link to the projected compensatory picks for the 2009 draft, based on 2008 FA. He has done a great job with his projections, especially the last couple of years. I typically use them when I'm looking at how the draft may shake out early on. The real comp picks will be announced around the 22nd or 23rd of March -- til then, this article gives you a good rule of thumb to go by.

As you can see, he projects Detroit getting two late 7th rounders. Not much, but hey -- couple good picks to take fliers on positions of need -- say returner? -- or for depth at spots like TE?


CHIEFGER139 said...

face it det fan79-these mean nothin-except for us who dont want a qb early we can give them a bone by throwin in some late 7th rd qb's-makes me wonder if the guys actually doin the drafts do the same-good god we missed we need a linebacker or whatever position-we will take a couple 7th rounders just to appease them-hopefully not- there actually lookin at all and will give them there fair do-also makes the chief seriously wonder-answer me all-say they get a 7th rd pick-say a left tackle-they also draft a 1st rd left tackle-they go to training camp-the 7th rounder is showin up the 1st rounder in every way-do they keep the 7th rounder and cut the 1st rounder or there too proud to admit they screwed up and drop the 7th rounder automatically?? figureing this at least saves there job-always wonder about this stuff-how much politics are involved in all this-are lower guys actually discremanted against like lower school guys etc- or is chief too rapped up in conspieracy theories-would like all your wize posters theories on this!!
signed the wize chief

dreamer1955 said...

I think if the 7th round pick was the better player, he would move ahead of the 1st rounder on the depth chart. I don't think they would cut the 1st round guy, they would keep him (to much gaurinteed money)and try to develope him (him would fill the backup roll). They can always use him as trade bait a year or two down the road, unless he's a complete bust.

Isphet said...

Basically, a 7th round pick is more like reserving a guy that would be an undrafted FA more than it is choosing someone that's going to help your football team.

At least that's how I look at it.

Anonymous said...

Extra picks can also be used for trading into a higher round (4th or 5th) where you may get a player you really like. It never hurts to have extra picks.

DetFan1979 said...

comp picks can't be traded. however, the concept is correct -- using lower round picks to love up and get a guy you like is vary good.

giving up last and this year's 4th to move into the 3rd for Avril, for instance, was a great example last year. The Lions do have 2 6's though, so they ahve some ammunition to move around in the lower rounds should they choose.

RIP said...

Goes to show if you draft well over a long period of time, teams build good depth. With good depth, they can afford to let good veterans go which rewards them with more draft picks (some with good quality). The added bonus is it gives more flexibility on thier draft board. Drafting lower in the first round also gives them salary cap flexibility to sign thier free agents or move up in the draft sign someone they realy like (NE with move to pick LB Mayock(?).

Anonymous said...

Lions trade defensive tackle Cory Redding and a 5th round pick to Seattle for linebacker Julian Peterson!!! I just caught it on M-Live. I wonder if this means no Curry at #1??? I hope they still take him #1, He's gonna be a beast of a LB!!!! I can;t remember if Peterson plays WLB or SLB, anyone know???


Isphet said...

Yup, Peterson picked up for Redding; that's kinda cool. Big upgrade for the Lions' D, and they dump Redding's big salary. Redding's good, but not worth what the Lions were paying him.

Not sure if this changes the Lions' draft strategy though. Mostly because no one knows their draft strategy in the first place.

I have this sneaking suspicion that they're looking at BJ Raji as the number one pick. Imagine BJ and Grady Jackson clogging the middle of the line; that's like 650+ lbs between the two of them; talk about bulking up the line in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah It would be like the william's of minney!!!


ClusterFox said...

Looking forward to seeing your opinion on the Redding trade, DF.

1-Throw the contracts out, because we got rid of a bad one and picked one up that isn't much better.
2-I haven't quite figured why we lost a 5th, if they were really planning on cutting him.
3-Thinking back to a great post you had in April of last year, talking about Position Flexibility and value. You used a number system and compared people based on their value in multiple areas. If you would grade Redding as a 7-8(if that), based on what he brings, I believe the combination of Darby next to Grady on running downs and Fluellen and Ikaika(and mid to late draft pick) on passing downs is going to bring us at worst a 6. We traded that to upgrade our likely at SLB we get a solid 8 moving up from a 4 at best (can’t even tell who would be there currently).
Lastly-I can’t see how a 10 year vet, quality pick up in the IF season could possible sway any feelings we have towards the #1 pick. I still think its QBO or QBD. If we take a LT we are really in for a rebuilding year. IMO based on simple improvement of personnel in areas