Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is This the "New" Logo?

This may or may not be the new logo, but I figured I might just as well post the link for all you anyways.  This is totally unsubstantiated, but seems more likely than others Ive seen about.  It was on NFLShop, and appears to be a real, yet inadvertent, revelation of the teams new logo.  Several sources have picked up the story after seeing it, and it resembles the mock-up that Phil Zaroo had on Mlive a short time back. 

Here is the link.

What do you think?  Appears to be just an updated Bubbles.  Keep up the great commentary fellows!  New thoughts from me late evening tonight. 


Anonymous said...

It is gone from the NFL Shop, It may have been premature release.

Isphet said...

Someone at NFL shop is gonna lose their job over this, I bet. Or at least get in a LOT of trouble.

This logo isn't my favorite. I guess I was hoping for a complete break from the honolulu blue and silver, and Bubbles logo. the changes aren't far enough removed from the past to help me forget it.

It's a little better, though.

Anonymous said...

I like the "new logo" I prefer not to make big changes with logo's. Big changes in product a diffent story, Fix the foundation!


millersco said...

So what do you think about the comment made today by curry saying he hasn't been approached for contract talks yet

nubs said...

I like tradition, even if it is Honolulu blue and silver. That's what seperates us from an expansion team. (The no Super Bowl trip, is the thing we would have in common).

Remember, the Millenesque Raider/Lion unis were supposed to help change the "attitude in Allen Park" before and it didn't work. You must change the culture, not the unis.

I truly believe 10% of what is out there right now (in regards to Curry or anyone else). Not that I think Curry is not telling the truth.

The one thing I do know a little about is deceptive behavior (long story). If anyone read the printed word of teh ESPN interview with McDaniel today, you missed it. During the interview he says that Cutler and he will kiss and make up and that he is our QB.

During teh interview, he was also asked about teh future, and if Cutler is the guy for the future. The psycho-somatic reflexes (his eye contact, looking down, albeit a 100th of a second long) and the nervous cough was about the best poker "tell" that I've seen in an interview to say "Hey, this guy is definately getting sold to the highest bidder."

I don't know if the Lions are "all in" or if they've tossed in their hand, but Matt Cutler is NOT a Denver Bronco this fall.

millersco said...

I didn't know Mornhinweg well so I can't say much. Mooch won a few games but didn't use his players real well I thought and didn't have answers either. Its a tough call but I thought he was worse with the wet toast offense - didn't use the talent. Marenelli at least knew his offensive limits and got an OC too bad it didn't work out. On defense his philosophy just didn't work and he was stubborn. If DanO hadn't been hurt they might have won a couple.
I agree didn't seem like Marinelli could adjust.

There was a Detnews article yesterday where the Schwarts said they will pursue talent not needs. So who do you think has the most talent between Curry, Smith and Stafford?