Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another CB and Restaurateurs Rejoice!

Fire up the grill boys -- a big man is in town! Oh, and a CB who supposedly wasn't going to visit...

First off, the Lions signed Philip Buchanan, formerly of Tampa Bay. Don't let this jade you. He is a 28 year old CB in his prime, not a 35 year old CB on his last legs. They signed him to a two-year deal according to reports. TB fans seem none too thrilled at losing him either. Think people are hosed with the Lions? Check out some of their fan boards...woooo. They are making like Millen down there.

The second move is the Lions signed Grady Jackson to a 3 yr deal to be a 2 down run stopper. I like this move as it addresses an immediate need with an appropriately priced short-term fix, while giving leisure to see what they have in Cohen and Fluellen. If those guys aren't the answer, they can look next ifseason in FA and/or the draft.

BTW - be sure to read all the comments on the last section if you haven't yet. Lots there!!!

These are the types of signings I was referring to the Lions needing/going after yesterday. They by no means came close to breaking the bank, didn't have to overpay, and yet filled in some more of the roster.

I also like the way things are being played close to the vest. While Grady Jackson was announced, there were rumors flying the Buchanan either was or wasn't in for a visit -- and there was uncertainty if the Lions were even in the market for him (thus making other teams think they weren't a factor) until suddenly his signing was announced. I like it on one side -- no more shouting moves for everyone long before you make them. On the other hand, it made it easier to figure out what was going on...

Grady is not another S. Rogers. He has always been a team guy, and at this point in his career he knows what he is -- a value priced veteran run stopper. Period. But he'll eat up blockers those 2 downs, and that will free up the LB and the other Dlinemen to make more plays. Good solid moves to shore up need areas short term while they work on long term fixes.

I'll once again be giving my two-cents on the Church of Schwartz tomorrow morning. I'll be posting my answers here after I write them.

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Ty said...


Spot on, again. What excites me isn't necessarily the players themselves, it's how Mayhew is spotting the holes and filling them cheaply and efficiently. He's getting the *right* guys for the team, the *right* guys for the system--not the biggest names or the 'hottest' prospects. You're really on a roll lately, man, keep it up!