Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dan O-utta Here!

Dan Orlovsky got his wish for a chance to start as he signed a 3 year deal with the Houston Texans today (he also got his wish to play throwing to a top WR -- Andre Johnson vs Calvin Johnson) as the "backup" to the inconsistent and injury prone Matt Schaub. Considering the number of games that he has missed, DanO's chance to get, and then try to hold, a starting are pretty decent. Good for you DanO. We'll miss you.

If you're wondering why the Lions didn't re-sign him, or why he decided to enter FA -- see what Don Banks had to say about his contract:

Orlovsky deal astounds
Maybe the most astounding contract I've seen handed out so far in free agency is not the Albert Haynesworth deal in Washington, it's the Dan Orlovsky signing in Houston. The Texans reportedly gave the ex-Lions quarterback a three-year deal worth $9.15 million, including a $2.4 million signing bonus, to take over the backup spot that was vacated by the trade of Sage Rosenfels to Minnesota.

I'm guessing a 2.4 million signing bonus and that kind of salary were not in Detroit's offer, even if he was to get a shot at starting...

Still no news on Cory Smith. I (or one of our astute readers) will update you as soon as more is known. He is a FA, but he is someone who could have been re-signed to provide depth in the DE rotation in what has now become an even thinner FA DE market this ifseason.


Anonymous said...

While I am happy for Dan, it makes me wonder two things...1. Why Mayhew is so confident if not enamored by Daunte? 2. Are they looking at Stafford and thinking he will drop so they can draft him at 20.

I don't think it changes them looking at Curry, but I do believe it says a lot how they really feel about the QB's in this draft.

Lastly I would prefer and I have said it on MLIVE...but they don't really listen...fix the trenches..ol and dl.. Do like baseball and get strong up the middle on both sides... DT MLB and Safety....rb QB and c/t's. I really think that is what they are doing...because that is really where they are can have avg cb's if youfront seven provides pressure and does not give a qb a chance to pass/ block the lanes, and have solid saftey play. look at NYG.


CHIEFGER139 said...

im beginning to think they will draft stafford with the 1st pick-they took him to lunch and will have him in detroit, i think they are having the tackles too-and samchez-no mention of linebackers or curry and with there failed attempt at cutler afraid mayhew has made up his mind-with some nudging by the fords-to get the qb-think mayhew beleives you can build you lines -especially the offensive one with later round picks-the good teams do it-should be able to build the other grunt jobs with late picks too-and there gonna blow there wad of top picks on all the glamour positions

ClusterFox said...

Schwartz's comments about Best Player regardless of position point some where other than Stafford. The fact that no one is willing to declare the best QB of the draft is to much risk. Im not a culpepper fan but he is as good of a "Stop gap" as Kitna has been. I agree we probably would've prefered to keep Dan-O, but I believe they will try to get Sanchez or Stafford with 20 or go get another young 2nd stringer in FA.

One comment. BVO's article is idiotic. For some reason people don't understand that we can say what we want untill they sign on the bottom line.
We want Culpepper around as Draft/FA insurance but he's got a big roster bonus, how do we fix it. Tell him he's in line to be the Starter, change his roster bonus to easy incentives for next year. BAM Done nice job Mayhew/lewand.

We want Dan-o Back for the right price. Do we tell him he'll be the starter?NO, we are in the middle of negotiations. we want him signed on a 2nd stringer contract not a starters contract.

Long story short, The new front office seems to be doing a good job, its the local media and Fans that haven't changed.(Not to include the more intelligent fanbase that frequents this site)


Anonymous said...

Chief....dude I really hope least not at the first pick. What caused us to lose all of those games last year was not the offense entirely....but the defense. the offense did not surrender 31+ a game or whatever it was...but they did put the defense in bad situations. I think good coaching can correct a lot of things.
Hopefully Mayhew does the right things for the team and can properly lay a solid foundation for this team.