Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lions Congregation: Week 3

Here are my answers to this week's burning questions from the Lions Congregation. I submitted my answers late (so they may not be up at this juncture) as I have been knocked out with the flu since late Tuesday evening.

Great comments by everyone so far, and some really good points made. Hey nubs - which Smith? Andre or Jason?

1. Who's the one remaining free agent you'd most like to see the Lions go after?

I would like to see them bring in FB Mike Karney. He is an aggressive blocker, and would be a good complement to Felton in the FB stable. Felton can be a good all around blocking back, short yardage back and even decent WR out of the backfield -- but Karney is the kind of hammer in the run game the Lions have been lacking since Sledge was breaking facemasks.

2. In your opinion, if we acquire a quality SAM backer, can Jordon Dizon start in the middle and succeed?

I am not convinced that he can, but I'm not convinced he can't either. Really, we just haven't seen enough of him anywhere on the field to know -- and honestly, how many of the player evaluations from the prior staff do you really trust? I mean, Avril was practically inactive half the season, and look at how well he did when he finally hit the field!

3. What are your thoughts about where Bryant Johnson fits into the offense?

He is a solid #2 WR. He ws fighting through injury, and playing in a Mike Martz offense that favors the slot WR these days (ala Furrey's big year). I think he has what it takes to be a solid #2 WR. He is not the kind of guy defenses will plan around, but he will beat single coverage most of the time, and that is all you need to either take coverage away from CJ and/or keep the D-Backs away from crowding Kevin Smith in the run game.

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RIP said...

Saw fullback Mike Karney signed with the Rams.