Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Church of Schwartz: QB Questions

As I indicated last week, I am answering questions along with other bloggers for the Church of Schwartz website. Here is this week's questions, with my answers in italics as I sent them:

Here's this weeks questions:

1. Give me your QB depth chart to start the season.

It is still too early by far to tell. As of right now, I would say Culpepper, Stanton, Draft Pick. But it all depends on where they take a QB in this draft. Unlike many, I am not convinced that they take a QB this year. My gut says that they sign a young veteran like Simms, let them all compete and that Daunte -- depending on who they sign and how camp goes, could end up anywhere from the starter to not even on the roster. The position is in a big state of flux, and I don't see it clearing up anytime soon. I don't think this is really what Schwartz, Mayhew or Lewand would prefer -- but they are working within the hand they were dealt, and can only upgrade from the cards available. I'm not sold on Stafford at all, and although they may go that way in the draft due to cap reasons (see for cap info, and more on this topic of first pick economics) I don't have to like it. Ideally, I see them signing an additional QB this ifseason, and then letting all 3 battle it out -- in part to see how Stanton is progressing before moving on.

2. Can Daunte Culpepper still be an effective NFL starter with the right coaching?

Yes. He wasn't healthy in Miami -- rushed back way too soon with the brace on his knee. In Oakland, it was Oakland. Kerry Collins looked like crap there, but had done very well in Tennessee. He also wasn't exactly getting top flight coaching. Linehan coached Daunte through his best seasons, and Daunte took a beating after Linehan left. I think IF he works his weight down, and gets motivated and into the ifseason workouts, then yes, he can still be an effective starter. But he needs strict coaching, and to stay focused. I think but the big question that will remain unanswered for now is not CAN he, but WILL he?

3. If you could acquire Jay Cutler straight up for the 1st overall pick, would you do it?

Right Now. Proven commodity versus unknown, and you could sign him to a rich long-term QB deal and still come out better than it costs for the #1 overall pick. I don't think it will happen, even though Denver did sign Chris Simms, and I think McDaniels would prefer him. For some reason, I get the impression McDaniels doesn't want Cutler as his QB. I would even offer the Roy Picks for him -- #20 and the 3b pick. Heck, I would even go as high as #1 overall and 3a. The Lions have a lot of holes, but using those two picks to get a proven, franchise QB?-- and still having #20, #33 and 3b. -- to fill Oline and defensive needs? In a heartbeat. Where do I sign?

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nubsnobber said...

1. Stafford- Looks like this is the #1 pick. Hopefully, I just jinxed it and they will snag Leftwich. Without a 3rd QB on the roster (Henson, REALLY???), you'd think that Dante is the veteran starter under Linehan until he learns the system and has mentored the kids. Stafford doesn't look too bad, and can run the ball. I was reading my son's USA Hockey magazine yesterday, and an article on the "Heisman Hockey player" appeared. Gotta like the nasty streak and the quick-response motor reflexes. I'll say for now (even though I LOVE Curry) that the depth chart is Dante, Stafford, Stanton. If they sign somebody before the draft, I will definately change up.

2. Yes. And he will w/ Linehan. Then, the baton gets passed.

3. No. Cassel was the desired QB in that trade, and he gets had for a 2nd WITH a linebacker (Vrabel). Fair market value would then suggest that Cutler needs to come to the Lions with Denver yielding their 1st as well if they want the #1 overall. I would take no lower than Denver's 2nd rounder and Cutler for the #1. If Denver is going to give you Cutler, they have to get Stafford to replace him, and they can't do that at #12. By then, both Sanchez and Stafford will be gone.

LET ME MAKE ONE THING CLEAR, HOWEVER. I really hope and think that the Lions should sign a FA and take Curry #1. The other issue is, is Curry a MLB or a SLB or WLB. The Lions may see him as either "B" or "C" and may take Laurinitis or Maualuaga with #20.

The poor man's Curry is Clint Sintim from Virginia. Unlike Cushing and Matthews, he is bigger at 255. The new Lions' staff wants to get bigger. This will be part of the process, and Clint may still be around in round #2 at pick #33. I was impressed with him and I don't believe all the hype around Laurinitis "dropping stock" because he is a slow-footed Big Ten linebacker. Everybody points to "Puz" and Dan Connor and thinks Laurinitis is going to now go 2nd round. COOL! I hope he is still there. Then the Lions could take a DE or OG at #20.

nobsnubber said...

The other thing I wanted to point out is-the lack of quality guards in the draft. Duke Robinson is the only guard projected to go in either the 1st or 2nd round. That doesn't bode well unless he is still there at #20 for the Lions (and an MLB is still there at #33). That is why you see Mayhew trying to stick a square peg (Backus) in a round hole (LG). Make no bones about it, Peterman starts at RG next to GOZ.

CHIEFGER139 said...

agree with all the answers to the church and unfortunately i think stafford is the 1st pick-just hope he turns out to be as good as they think he is

Todd said...

T. Owens next to Calvin reported on!?!?!?

Just kidding, just kidding haha.

Love the analysis, haven't had time to post but have been reading you all obviously daily. I have also liked the free agency moves so far, following the plan they have so it seems. Not going to make any big splashes signing anyone huge (besides Grady's size), but enough to fill some holes for a year or two stop gap.

Keep up to the good work DetFan!!

JJLions20 said...

I was waiting for another post about the QB possibilities. I did some research a couple of weeks ago trying to find tendencies of the coaching staffs through their years as a Head Coach or coordinator. I looked at the drafts they were involved in and the QB's they had playing for them. We'll leave the draft tendencies for a later discussion. But I found something real interesting with Linehan. Look at the QB's he had on the roster in Minnesota, Miami, & St. Louis. There is something that jumps out.

Minn. 2002 Culpepper & Bouman
Minn. 2003 Culpepper & Frerotte
Minn. 2004 Culpepper & Frerotte
Miami 2005 Frerotte & Rosenfels
STL 2006 Bulger & Frerotte
STL 2007 Bulger & Frerotte
STL 2008 Bulger & Green

Then last night I heard on the Radio that the Lions were going to bring Gus Frerotte in for a look. The hosts of the show were laughing it off. But if you look at what Linehan is comfortable with, Frerotte is a real option. If the Lions don't believe they are going to draft a QB #1, having Gus as the #2 guy going into camp is a real option. If Linehan has any doubts that Culpepper is his guy, then why not bring Gus in and let them compete. It all makes sense so don't rule it out.

Anonymous said...

NO TO STAFFORD!!! Find another free agent QB vet and draft curry #1!!!! Its time for a change!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, Detfan,

What do you think about Dizon moving to safety? He doesn't seem big enough to be a backer (we already have Sims as a smallish backer and I think having 2 small guys out of 3 is risky)
I think that he could probably get down to 220lbs and I can't stand the idea of another 2nd round pick wasted.
I don't have too much experience with being able to look at a guy and figure out how good he would be at other positions, but to me it seems like Dizon might be able to cut it at safety. When I would watch him at line backer, it seemed like he was around the tackle a lot, but by the time he got free from blocks and was in on the tackle, the rb had already gained 5 or more yards. It seems like safety would be a perfect possition for him to come down and stop the run b/c he wouldn't have to deal with blockers quite as much, and he does have a pretty good ability to get around the ball carrier and make tackles.
I really don't know how well that he would do in coverage. He ran 4.69 at the combine and lowered it to 4.59 at his pro day. Those numbers don't seem too bad, especially if he put in the effort to lose some weight and get quicker.
Anyways, I'd appreciate it if somebody touched on this subject and let me know what you think. I wouldn't be too upset if the Lions picked line backers with both their picks in the first round. It would at least give them (with Sims, Curry, and other) a position of strength that they could build around. If Dizon could possibly work at safety, then him Bullucks and Alexander doesn't sound too bad either.


nobsnubber said...


Dizon is what he is...a backup right now to Ernie Sims. I don't see the good pivot in his hips and quick enough feet for him to cover better than what he does now.

I don't see him as a starter in this defense. With that said, there are special packages tha you could roll him out in, and I could see where you slide him in as a safety in blitz packages.

Some of the people they sent on blitzes last year left their feet poorly and missed sacks. Dizon won't do that and is solid at blitzing and covering backs and receivers. I see him as a really good special teamer, and a 3rd down coverage/blitz specialist who would be bigger than a safety at covering fullbacks and tight ends. I wouldn't call him a bust as he can still grow...we just don't know where this coaching staff wants to fit him in yet. Once Jordan gets a definition, we'll see how that translates. I see him being a very good role player for us if he is used properly.