Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DetFan1979 Manly Draft

Based on my post yesterday, and my other posts, you may wonder where I stand this season regarding the draft. Well, here it is:

For The Record: Especially because of all the holes the Lions have, I would say damn anything else and go for the #1 player on my board at #1 as long as he signs a reasonable contract before the draft. If he balks a bit, move to #2 and see if that motivates him.

I'd then go BPA all the way down the draft this year. Honestly, at how many positions are the Lions so set that having "need" is a worry???

Just threw out the salary thing as an added zest to a different kind of argument than him vs him, contract vs contract value for them instead... Like I said yesterday, if you're okay with the contract, you're okay with whatever selection you make.

BPA to me isn't just top player at his position, but one who I am convinced will make the most impact at the NFL level right now of all the players left in the draft. So at #1 overall, I'd take the #1 guy on my board. At #20, whoever is the highest name not crossed out. Repeat.

Honestly ask yourself this question, and you will best see how I would make the selection:

If I knew I had the #1 pick in the draft, but didn't know which team I was drafting for, who would I take? (this eliminates needs, scheme, everything but the player and his position)

My Answer: Stafford would ride the pine on many teams. No. Smith and Monroe would be a marginal upgrade at best for about half the teams, and may not start for others. No. Orapko? You're kidding, right? Curry... he can play all three positions, and even played at nickle-back in college, so he can line up at LB, put him on the line, cover a LB. Rush him or drop him into coverage. And, with his skill set there isn't a team in the league -- from the Steelers to the Pats on the top echelon's of defenses that he wouldn't be able to make an immediate impact on.

Your Answers??


Anonymous said...

i agree with this 100 percent.


Mark in AZ said...

I would agree the Lions have so many holes to fill and too many question marks as well. If we can't trade down which I said would happen but, looks unrealistic now after the combine you must take Best player possible for OUR team and who will contrubite right away. I can see if Dizon is not in the mix than the #1A Curry and #1B LB as well and that would be BPA.

I saw the Rams cut Pace so there in the market for a LT now. The draft should be fun this year.

Anonymous said...

I've read where the QBs coming out next year are better than the ones coming out this year.

I have no idea how the remainder of the 2010 draft class stacks up.

Will it be deep with linemen? Defensive backs, etc?

Another thing I'd like to point out from Schwartz presser today is that I think he said the Lions have reviewed EVERY play Stafford played, and my guess is the same goes for Curry, J. Smith, Monroe, and how many others I don't know.

We've seen countless youtube highlight clips, the decision makers have seen every play ... HUGE difference.

I'd say Curry at 1, another LB at 20, then defense the rest of the way this year. But that don't matter, because its what Mayhew says. And on top of that the possibility of Ford telling Mayhew to draft Stafford if only to put butts into seats isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

Mayhew seems like one shrewd dude, Stafford was in today (3rd visit), I hope its a smokescreen, and that Mayhew may somehow work a draft day trade for more picks, more DEFENSE picks.

Go Lions

2girlsandaboydad said...

I just think you have to take the best player on your board at number one. Having the number one pick implies lack of talent on your team. And for the Lions they really have only one, non-special teams player, lock on their roster, Calvin Johnson.

There is an opportunity to acquire quite possibly the Calvin Johnson of this draft on the defensive side of the ball, Aaron Curry. Given the Lions FA acquisitions and what remains for FA LBs now, Curry makes even more sense as the selection at number one.

The Lions said they want to run the ball and stop the run. You do that by having the best OL you can bring together and the best front 7 you can cobble together on D. Curry would surely help with the front 7 part of the equation.

If the Lions decide that J. Smith or Monroe are the number one guy on their board...fine, take 'em.

If it's Stafford, or even Sanchez...I'd just bite the bullet. I would have to just accept that these professionals graded them out in a way that put the QBs up there.

nubs said...

I think the Philadelphia Eagles are now feeling a little pressure to make their team work, and they have seen a slight mass-exodus of high talent FA's leave.

The Eagles have two first rounders.

Michael Crabtree will be gone by #3, and Donovan NEEDS a target. Just stirring the proverbial pot.

Pacer said...

HI all-the people over at m-live have gone somewhat insane tonight and unfortunately some very good posts are getting lost in the garbage. I for one would like to see more posters on this site. However I have had a very busy night and can't stay around. Here is something that is probably worth conversation. Two articles regarding Cutler and what is going on in Denver. Somewhat contradictory but here are the links. It would be a good thing to get home (Mountain Time) tomorrow night and see some comments. Could we and would we want to get Cutler under the existing circumstances? Big fan of his but I'm not sure at this point.



There may or (may not)be a QB in the offing and I think it is worth the discussion.

Detroit 1979-thinking of offering up a dinner for 2 for posters who come to this site for some "reasonable discussion" where people can disagree and still be agreeable". There would have to be some timeline involved but I am willing and you and others on this site can assist in making this idea fun and make sense to other posters. Think about it-I will check back and see what you and your posters think-goodnight all.

RIP said...

Saw an interesting link from MLive about formula to add debate for QBs.


Anonymous said...

I saw that the Rams released Orlando Pace....Anyone think we should try to get him, I mean for a cheap price????


nubs said...

PACE - played 14 games last season, but spotty the two seasons before. If he were signed what would it accomplish? A gap-fill for a year or two. That's fine, but you've banished Backus to LG (and paying him top OG pay when you don't know if he could handle it). You'd also have to protect yourself and make sure there were so many inury-games played stipulations that Pace may not want to come on board.

CUTLER-Tom says he wants to give up #20 for Cutler. Cassel and Vrabel were BOTH HAD for a 3rd rounder. I don't think Cutler will fly for a 3rd rounder with Tampa and others chomping at the bit. Denver is not going to allow Chris Simms to inherit the throne that easy, and will need to be convinced that Sanchez or Freeman will be available with the #20. That is probably why Killer thinks it's a draft day decision. If this situation in Denver just muttles over-this is a possibility on draft day. If they kiss and make up, forget it.

Isphet said...

I thought Cassel and Vrabel went for pick 34, just after the Lions' second pick. Anyways...

Whenever I think of Curry's versatility; I can't help but be reminded of Troy Polamalu. The Stellers put that guy anywhere on the D, and he makes plays regardless of where he is. I'm not saying Curry WOULD be a LB version of Polamalu, but he certainly COULD be.

Curry could be anywhere from pretty good to Hall of Fame, while Stanton or the other guys mentioned could be anywhere from out of the league in 3 years to Hall of Fame.

Isphet said...

Stellers. lol. funny typo. Steelers, even.

ClusterFox said...

If Schwartz says Curry can play anywhere from 3-4 olb to an 4-3 mlb. I don't need anymore info. Like I said their only chance of dealing that first pick is for people to believe that Stafford is the real-deal. I believe they will do everything they can to keep the trade possibility alive. Even though its highly unlikely anyone will trade into that spot with a draft class like this.


nubs said...

I just saw Smith's weigh-in and 40 yard dash on the NFL network. He has "D" cups, and did this shirtless. IT IS NOT PRETTY. WARNING-HIDE YOUR CHILDREN'S EYES. This is an exploited "bust" in both ways, pun intended. I don't want to see this guy go before day #2. He isn't committed.

nubs said...


potatoes, potatoes; tomatoes, tomatoes; round 3 pick 4, pick #34.

It's all in the pronounciation. I knew you were right as soon as I saw your post. I went back and read my post, and have been beating my head since.

Cassel and Vrabel were had with #34(a second round pick, not a third)

Cutler couldn't be had for a 2nd rounder (pick #33) with Tampa chomping at the bit).

The point I was trying to make is that I don't know who Denver would want (either Sanchez or Freeman), but they may be gone by #20 and may not want to trade Cutler for the #20 if they are gone by then.

The simplest fact about this year's draft is that there are 5-10 young men who are going to get PAID top ten money, and don't deserve it. Go back and look at some past numbers from drafts of yore, and they don't add up as top ten guys. Andre Smtih today was gross, and it really shows this kid was a good football player for Nick Saban in Alabama, but Charles Rogers was, too.