Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is that your Final Answer?

Until something concrete happens, this will be my final say on Bronco's QB Jay Cutler. At this point, I am going to move forward with the idea that the Lions are entering the draft with their current complement of players and picks.

First off, long weekend with sick kids. I'm beat, but I love the great back and forth in the comments going on last story -- if you haven't read them, take the time. Well worth it!

I'm actually very close to 5BakerStreet (glad to see your comment -- always insightful!) in where I stand on trading for Cutler.

I DO NOT want Jay Cutler if the Lions end up with a net loss of more than one 1st through 3rd round pick. Period.

Both scenarios I am in favor of --

1. Cutler for any ONE: 1,20, OR 33
2. Cutler and 12 for 1 and 20 (lose 1 and 20, gain 12 and cutler)

-- amount to a net loss of one draft pick.

I am willing to say yes, a 25 year old pro-bowl QB is building with youth IF you only give up one guy for him. For instance, Cutler at one overall or Stafford? Cutler is the better gamble.
Where I don't want to see it go is Cutler at 1...20...65...and maybe a pick next year which is what some delusional people are suggesting.

If that is the asking price, Mayhew should tell them to stick it up their Millen and keep the picks. I can see Cutler being worth more to the Lions in the long run than any one guy in this draft. But any 2, 3, 4? NO WAY!

IF the Lions were a team with few holes a QB away, then yes - why not? But a team with more holes than Swiss cheese? With more openings than people in line for unemployment in Michigan? Nope. Not for the Lions.

Even the other teams supposedly bidding -- like Tampa Bay -- are not whom I would expect Cutler to help the most. Tampa Bay, for instance, is just starting a rebuild as big as the Lions are with a rookie GM and Coach (who's never even been a coordinator). Yet, they gave up a 2nd and something else for Winslow -- a beat up, oft injured TE. Now they want to give up more picks for a QB?

How about a line? How about the fact you have about 3 starters left on your defense? And this is TAMPA, not Detroit! They are chillin like Millen down there based on their ifseason moves -- and my gut says they are not in for a bright near future down there...

Meanwhile, back here in Detroit? As long as Mr. Mayhew and Mr. Lewand remember that Matt Millen is no longer running the Lions, and not grossly overpaying includes trading for QB's -- we will be fine. Stick with your plan gentlemen, it's looking good so far.

I know that there will be tons of Lions fans dreaming of a great young QB from now til Cutler's situation is settled. I will not be one of them. If dreaming of a QB means dreaming of a gutted team for an additional year, then you can count me out.

And that is my final answer.


Isphet said...

Stick it up their Millen. lol. classic.

Anonymous said...

Okay everyone has an opinion and I can respect that but I believe that is a little high of a price and quite frankly if I was Denver I would probably jump all over that and then go out and pay what ever it took to sign Byron Leftwich to get through this coming year. I too am also getting tired with all this Cutler talk and really ready for our next move. I think we may see something else before the draft, maybe a veteran QB signing (hopefully not Rex G. but who knows maybe he was a product of his environment and might thrive in a new environment... Boy I can't even believe I'm saying anything positive about him). I can't see how a little healthy competition at the QB spot can really hurt with a new system and coaches in place, heck everyone is starting from square one.


CHIEFGER139 said...

get cutler if possible, but I dont think its possible either,stafford has opened his big mouth he can throw harder than elway so most bronco fans cant stand the guy, so that cuts dowm our hopes of getting cutler. unfortunately we most likely will get stafford and set us back another 3-5 years with another over paid wasted 1st round pick.

Isphet said...

Detroit Lions' 2009 team marketing slogan: Plug the dike.

Too many holes, not enough plugs to go around. Nobody, including Cutler, is worth enough to justify leaving more gaping holes in the dike than the Lions will already have to deal with.

"Plug the Dike" is a nice change from "restore the roar"; especially considering the word "restore," which implies there was one to begin with. Should have been "establish the roar." Right?

Detroit Lions '09. Plug the dike.

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with your analysis, The Lions can not afford to give up high draft picks for a Player even if it is a desirable QB. To many holes that need to be filled thru the Draft. The Lions have filled some big holes but some of the holes were filled on a temp basis with older players ie Jackson and Peterson. Keep those picks and Draft wisely then the Fans will have a chance to watch and support a winning team for longer than a momnet.

Anonymous said...

Once Cassel was traded, I think the opportunity to get Cutler was gone. All of the "they lied" stuff , IMO, is a ploy for Cutler to get a new contract. He is grossly underpaid for someone of his caliber, and what better way to get a new contract than playing the disrespect card. Nobody in their right mind would give up what it would take to get the # 1 overall to over pay an unknown quanity. The only way I see Cutler getting traded is if Bowlen steps in and pulls the trigger. The coach and GM will not do it. I think the odds of him being traded are less than 5%. That being said, I agree that only one of our top picks is a good price to get him. Over paying (draft picks) for one player would be a Millen. I mean mistake.


Isphet said...

Josh Freeman article! Good one, too.

Anonymous said...

Cutler is NOT the answer this year. He MAY be a possibility NEXT year if he stays in Denver and fills the stadium with bile. If he continues to complain and whine, then he may come at a much cheaper price next year-but by that time our desire for him may be all but gone depending on the draft, free agency or what have you. The intrigue is because he is a known commodity- pro-bowler? Yes, for one season but possibly overrated and could be a locker room cancer. We must bide our time for now. Cutler or no Cutler will not make a drastic impact on the overall state of the Lions this season-not with all the holes we currently have.

Isn't it interesting all the talk suddenly coming out of Allen Park about draft related prospects? Especially after playing it so close to the vest on free agents? Also considering the gag order on the players? There's LOTS of smoke coming from Allen Park. Let's hope it's a smoke screen and not the house being on fire after Mayhew/Lewand were playing with matches!

nubsnobber said...

Sanchez really looks good on film from his games. He benefits from having a team around him and doesn't seem to audible much. The line-of-scrimmage stuff in the UCLA game actually looks like dummy calls. He uses the same hand signals when the "D" shows blitz, but there were three different results (TE quickie, WR slant, and draw), but it's impossible to tell if it was a physical fake, with a verbal call or vice versa. Just the hand signal was the same. Overall, Sanchex didn't try forcing the ball into double/triple teams and kept plays going with his feet. He also slides around the pocket well, not to run but to keep the play alive. I would say that Sanchez and Freeman are 1,2 and fairly even. I really liked the way Freeman looked when going through his progressions. He looked more calm, and relaxed. Sanchex hasn't been a starter long, while Freeman has controlled the offense and called teh shots for three years, so maybe Sanchez will get better as he feels more comfortable. It's hard to tell, but I like both over Stafford.

I really think all the QB talk is a mute point, though. I really think the Lions wait til next year for a QB (if Culpepper doesn't pan out with Linehan). I also think the tackles in the top part of this draft don't rate as well as Jake and a few others from last year. I think the pick is "D" or Knowshown Moreno.

nubs said...

Just kidding on the Moreno bit.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Knowshown a little small to play OL?

:) :D :P