Sunday, March 8, 2009

Full Back?

There is a FA who just became available I'd love to see the Lions take a look at since they lost out on Moran Norris when the 49ers made a better offer: Mike Karney.

He is more of a pure blocking back, but the Lions need one of those. Felton, if given a chance, could be a good short yardage runner/blocker/catch out of the backfield type FB for the Lions as he blocks well. But for a bruising, jumbo-package blocker Karney would be perfect for Detroit.

The Lions have K. Smith starting, Morris is a solid backup/breather type back, and Felton could be used as a good 3rd down/short yardage back. What the Lions lack is a punishing blocking back, and Karney would fit the bill nicely. By the way, unconfirmed, but I read in one source that he was cut the day before his wedding. Ouch.

Supposed to be a great effort, team oriented, Sledge-type player. Go get him Lions -- if the Price is Right.


RIP said...

Hope the Lion's do sign him. It sounds like he would fit good in the thier locker round while giving Schwatrz some versitility to his game preparations.

RIP said...

Meant locker room.

2girlsandaboydad said...

Read a New Orleans
(Picayune?) writer's view on that guy. Lot's of great things about him. How he was a Monday Night player of the game one time. However, and if I remember right, one minus was a lack of a special team's resume. That might make him a roster count liability. But, you got to love his passion for the game.

2girlsandaboydad said...

Mea culpa...I see DetFan linked that article. And, I see that the special teams comment came from a response at the end of the story...mea culpa. I knew I read that somewhere.

nubs said...

Here is another source (ESPN) siting that Kerney was at his rehearsal dinner the night before his wedding when he was released.
He is a stud, and apparently a Duece McAllister supporter. The other free agent out there that hasn't been signed yet is Derrick Brooks. Can't believe he's dangling still.

nubs said...

This is a "Pro-Bowl" list from Len Pasquarelli (ESPN) of free agents still on the market. A few have signed recently.

WR Marvin Harrison IND 36
WR Laveranues Coles NYJ 31
TE Chris Baker NYJ 29
LT Marvel Smith PIT 30
LG Derrick Dockery BUF 28
C Mark Setterstrom STL 25
RG Kendall Simmons PIT 29
RT Kwame Harris OAK 26
QB Trent Green STL 38
RB Deuce McAllister NO 30
RB Warrick Dunn TB 34

LE Anthony Weaver HOU 28
LT Vonnie Holliday MIA 33
RT Dewayne Robertson DEN 27
RE Jason Taylor WAS 34
OLB Derrick Brooks TB 35
MLB Donnie Edwards KC 35
OLB Cato June TB 29
CB Shawn Springs WAS 33
CB Dre Bly DEN 31
FS Mike Brown CHI 31
SS Corey Chavous STL 33

nubs said...

The Detroit News has announced their NFL Logo contest winner.

It shows winners, and all 70-some applicants. There are good ones, and a few that look like the "pink Lions" and my six year old took a stab at it, but they are still cute. Worth a look.

CHIEFGER139 said...

like your link,shared it with m-live-looked like many were better than the one that won,and surprised they let a out of stater win it
do you think they will let felton start now that norris is gone?? was really disappointed rod didnt have him starting-especially when they were out of it-and they virtually never let him run it when he was in there-realy disapointing-I know he was a late rd pick-but he seems really talanted for a 5th rounder-and they shouldnt hold him back just because he is a late round pick.

Anonymous said...

Liked the DN's Article and entries. My Fav was #74. A good update of the current logo.

Cheif, they likely did not know when the entries came from. But why not an out of stater winning.

I for one grew up in the Traverse City area, out of HS I entered the Marines (a Michigan Grunt) which took me to North Carolina, where I presently live, and settled after getting out of the Marines.


Ty said...


Great catch. Karney is exactly the kind of blue-collar wrecking ball we love to see at FB here. I think Felton is a promising offensive tool, especially if he can fill the Jim Kliensasser role in the Linehan offense--but we also need a facemask-breaker.

I was hoping Jon Bradley would be that guy, but it looks like he'll always be more "awesome" than actually good.

Ty @ The Lions in Winter