Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Logo Soon!

A couple of things have come together to point to the Lions having a new Logo soon -- as pointed out by Tom Kowalski on Mlive.com. It fits well, and I got a heck of a deal on some stuff at the Lions store this weekend. There isn't much left, to be honest, but there are still some awesome deals and Lions gear is Lions gear to me.

An interesting point to note in all this is that the change request for the Logo and Unis would need to have been put through last December at the latest in order to be approved for use this year. That means Mayhew and Lewand planned ahead well. Even if they had not gotten the job, the new front office would have been able to sweep in with a new look. Very thoughtful.

Now, I wonder what it will look like?


Anonymous said...

I know that Schwartz has a presser today. I wounder what the changes are. I just ordered my Smith jersey. Great deals. Go lions.

jreffy said...

What time is the presser?

DetFan1979 said...

Just got done. Birkett has some notes up, and I expect more later. I'll try to find the audio later as I didn't catch it.


Ty said...

Wayne Fontes Experience pointed out a tweet from "Motor City Sports" citing an anonymous media member as saying they've seen the new logo and it's "not good".

Of course, this is like six levels of internet hearsay, and tastes are tastes, but it's not a promising sign.


CHIEFGER139 said...

as far as the logo goes someone sent me a email earlier today it was nubs article the free press winner-hope thats not true-i remember the lions back when-they were on monday night-dad made me go to bed-but i listened through the bed room door-they were good then so i thought-actyually all there division was the best -the vikes the pack the bears were down then but it was the bukus years and everyone feared playin the bears cause they knew there would be injuries-they called us the black in blue division back then-
guess i spill my age-sears had electric football then -it was the chiefs vs the vikes-and my dad bought me the game-and you could also buy other teams to play on the stupid game-I remember savin for weeks on my paper route to buy the lions team and the bengals too my other favorite team at the time-liked the orange helmets and they were thr 2 teamds in indy territory you seen back then-funny i never really liked the colts all that much-liked dallas but once they beat us in the playoffs 5-2 hated them too
hate to see what they change the uniforms too-when i was a kid drew artist pictures of my beloved teams helmets and players-guess now i am ancient hoped my dreams of the lions bubble helmets and honula bkue and silver would come true-guess you a wipes in management who only want to make big bucks are takin that away from chief too!! my answer-god is makin a special place for all of you who are for big money only hope you have fun there