Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Training Camp Visit - Part 1

Oops! NetRat may be right -- sleep is overrated...but it does help you think!

I wrote the initial article over at Roar of the Lions this time...and then went straight to bed. Without clicking that little button called "Publish" on this blog. Some days/nights...

It published where everyone can read it! (not just me), and I'm sorry I didn't get thie link to it up here sooner.

I'll have more player stories up tonight, and the pictures will be up tonight or wednesday. It was a really great experience! Jrefffy may also be going later, so we will have better pictures, and another perspective later on. They weren't in full pads yet when I was there.

~ DetFan1979

PS -- I've still only heard form 11/16 in the Dynasty League, and 10/12 in the annual redraft. I'll send out another email, and then post up who needs to respond yet before I start to fill the openings. Dynasty League players -- keepers are starting to come in, so when you know don't forget to email me. Thanks!!! ~ DF79

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