Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lions Congregation: Head Coach Edition

Lions Congregation: Head Coach Edition

August 27th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

Time once again for the Lions Congregation over at the Church of Schwartz. Here is the task, along with my response. Be sure to check Friday afternoon for the answers by the rest of the Congregation — which includes, IMO, the best Lions bloggers on the web.

This week I want you to play the role of The Schwartz. I have 3 hypothetical questions and I want your take on what you would do as thehead coach.

1. Drew Stanton thoroughly out performs Stafford and Culpepper the next two games. What do you do in Game 1 against New Orleans?

This question doesn’t specify against which units — for me, he would have to “thoroughly outperform” the other two against the other teams’ ones. That is something I just don’t see happening. Also, it is not just who does well in the preseason games, but who I think will help my team win against New Orleans. Drew Stanton has done well in the preseason thus far — but what he has shown me indicates he would be a mediocre starting QB, likely to be injured due to his style of play. However, as a back-up QB (even my #2) at that point I would feel very comfortable with Drew being able to come in and keep the team afloat for a few series, or even a game or two. Think Charlie Batch in Pittsburgh.

When it comes down to it, if I thouht he had “thoroughly outperformed” the other two, and gave me the best shot to win then I would start him. But I would have to be SURE he gave me the best chance based on preseason and practices both. Drew has come a long way, but if he were even close he would have garnered time against the one’s. At this point, he is developing into a great #2 QB which would be a huge win for the Lions if they keep him around, and backing up Matthew Stafford for the next 10 years could make for a great, long NFL career for Stanton.

2. Dane Looker is the best wideout the rest of the preseason. Where does he slot into the rotation?

I doubt he will be better than CJ, but whatever spot he earns, that is where I play him. Most likely, he would end up beating gout Northcutt in the slot. If this happened, I would likely also keep D. Williams as #4, and Standeford as #5. Looker isn’t a flanker type of WR, but more of an underneath vet with savvy and reliable hands. He is this offense’s version of Mike Furrey a couple years back. He would be my starting slot WR.

3. Shaun Smith continues his mediocre play and has another off field incident. Is he on the team to start the year?

Easiest answer: Nope. There is solid competition at DT at this point, and I would in that scenario keep Jackson, Cohen, Hill, Fluellen, and Harris or Darby as my usually inactive player who would come in for any injuries/suspensions. It could stand some improvement, but I think with shifting IAF inside on some downs, and back to DT again next season and this could be a solid young unit — with or without Smith.

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2 Responses to “Lions Congregation: Head Coach Edition”

  1. By RIP on Aug 27, 2009

    What off field incident that Smith got into. I read many of links, and this is the first I heard anything.

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  2. By detfan1979 on Aug 27, 2009

    These are all hypothetical situations, and how we would deal with them if we were head coach of the Lions.

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