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Busy Week One of Camp

August 9th, 2009 | by detfan1979 |

As the first week of camp culminated in the “Lions Uncaged” practice on Saturday, it seems that everywhere I look has been a multitudinous flurry of posts, updates, tweets, thoughts and pictures. While it is exciting to be a Lions fan, I find sorting through it all is time consuming to say the least. Are most sports bloggers suddenly paid by the number of posts?

You will not find me tweeting. I am not in a position to provide “up to the second updates”, and honestly wouldn’t get any work done if I followed all the comments of every person who is “tweeting” about the Lions. There can be too much of a good thing.

Fortunately, Sean over at Pride of Detroit did a really great job summarizing each day of camp by linking to stories across the web. You can get a good synopsis of the week in review by visiting him there.

I also suggest checking out NetRat’s blog, as he was at practice Friday, “Lions Uncaged” Saturday, and on Sunday. He’ll be posting more updates soon.

As I was skimming through my RSS feeds a thought struck me about the web, and brought up a pet-peeve of mine. The AP-Rewrite/Re-use

I remember a time when there was unique content on the various sites — Fox, ESPN, SI, DetNews– they would all have a little bit different take on the Lions stories (or sports stories) that were coming out. Now it is more like “story of the day” where each one has almost the exact same article posted up from the AP. The game summaries are certainly so during the season. While I understand cutting costs, etc. I still bemoan the lack of distinct information, and stories that don’t just summarize the same 3 or 4 quotes 15 times written by people who can’t even bother to see who is still on the roster, much less what is happening with the team.

What has risen to take its place, however, I am excited to be a part of the: the sports blog. There are now quite a few quality sports blogs that explore thoughts, ideas, and analysis pertaining to their teams that go beyond the soundbites. While it is true we are wrong as often as right (or maybe even more so) I feel honored to be one of those breaking the carbon copies, and bringing you knowledgeable insight.

With that in mind, my quick hit thoughts on the fist week of camp:

  • Totally different attitude — while this has been said of every coaching staff that has come in, from the front office on down to the smallest details in how practice is run, and players are scouted has a different feel. Where I see a marked break from years past is that in this case the change is designed and directed toward specific results, and thus far is achieving them.
  • Physicality — we heard about how phsical the Lions were when Rod came on board — and now, we’re told they are even tougher. Larry Fotte said they are more intense than Steelers camp, and that he loves it. I agree with NetRat that the LB are really going to be laying down hammer on opposing offenses this year and smile doing it.
  • Injuries – So far, pretty minor impact with 4 exceptions: Fitzsimmons has a real uphill fight to make the roster thanks to Gronkowski making the most of his opportunities with Pettigrew and Fitz sidelined. Cook being lost for the season could hurt a little as he was a versatile backup, even though I didn’t have him pushing for a starting spot. Keith Smith was someone who also needed a good camp, if only to help solidify a weak secondary. Unfortunately, he is injured again as Health seems to be his biggest hurdle; one he may not overcome. Finally, Bullocks’ nagging injury causing him to go see Dr. James Andrews again is very disturbing. I was hoping he would have a solid camp and take the 2nd starting safety spot, but that possibility could be in jeopardy now.
  • According to the recent poll taken of the first week of camp on this site as to who will start next to Delmas, of 51 voters — 55% said Bullocks, 12% Manuel, 6% Schweigert, 8% Henry, 18% Pearson, 2% Hicks. If Bullocks is out long term, then it could be a free for all there; and the position will be weaker than I anticipated prior.
  • It is now pretty obvious what the Lions saw in Stafford — and that is a floor of being an average to above average NFL QB.
  • The front office having all 10 draft picks signed with no holdouts is amazing considering almost half of the first rounders are still unsigned as of this writing.
  • It appears at this point that a majority of Detroit’s picks — including the late rounders, could make the roster.
  • I’m still a bit disappointed with the Derrick Williams pick, and I think at this point Detroit has to be too.
  • I am thrilled with 7th rounder Gronkwoski, and think it’s him, Pettigrew and Heller making the roster which means the Lions will be set at the top two TE spots for the foreseeable future.
  • I am not so thrilled with the WR in general — I really thought one or two of the young guys would step up to their chance, but so far no dice.
  • I am glad they traded for Dennis Northcutt. While they are now a touch thin at Safety, it sure did a lot to ease my fears about the WR.
  • Scwhartz and his coaching staff seem to have a great flair for practicing for Sundays. If this situational practice translates like I think it will, we should see much better performances from the Lions when the going gets tight this season — which in today’s NFL can be worth 3 ro 4 wins easily.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Quick note, for regular readers DetFan1979 Fantasy Football is back again this year. At this point, unless there is a lot of interest, I will NOT be putting together a free league. I was in too many fantasy leagues last year, and have cut back considerably due to time constraints. To attempt to do everything is to do nothing well.

As for the Annual Redraft and Dynasty Pay Leagues, for openings and news on that front.

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One Response to “Busy Week One of Camp”

  1. By nubsnobber on Aug 11, 2009

    BVO’s past article made mention of bad wide receivers, then made no mention of poor play. It sited good play out of a certain Grand Valley stand-out that is a hometown kid. Grand standing for the local boy, hey BVO. The way Standeford played last year, I can’t think that he’s having a bad camp. Johnson is the #1 and #2; Northcutt is the #3. I would think Derrick Wiliams and Standeford are there with someone else able to beat them out.

    On my locks I picked 4 TE’s and 4 Wr’s. No I don’t think that is what will stick on the roster. But, I picked Will Heller and Casey Fitz early, then saw (and read) how the GRONK is playing. One of the two of them will be cut and GRONK will make it. But of the WR’s, who knows who #5 will be. So I picked the sure GRONK, and didn’t pick the #5 WR.

    The deVries injury sucks. Always a fan favorite, this may be big enough to end the career. I hope I’m wrong because the guy just works SO hard.

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