Sunday, August 9, 2009

DetFan1979 FFB [updated]

Busy weekend for the DF79 clan; Slumber Party for the Little Pink Lions+ soo...I didn't even get to watch the televised practice!!

I do have the final responses for the Fantasy Football Leagues:

There is ONE opening in the Annual Re-Draft League, and TWO openings in the Dynasty League. The cost is $15 for each league; Both Keeper/Dynasty teams open are of good quality, with some nice keepers. [There is now just the one opening in the Dynasty/Keeper League]

If you are interested, email me ASAP.




mark in az said...

I would like a spot in the Dynasty League if any openings.

Mark in az.

CHIEFGER139 said...

I was on vacation last week and my home computer cant get on line right now. Dont know if you sent me a email or not. If so try this one

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in the re-draft league if it is completely new (no keepers from last year). Additionally I would like a rundown on the league rules (points, #of rbs/wrs active etc.). Let me know if the spot is still avail (~ibjackiemoon)

DetFan1979 said...

ibjackiemoon - there is only one opening in the dynasty league left, although I can add you to the waiting list so you will be first in line for future openings.

In the dynasty league, only 5 players can be kept each season -- no more than 3 from the first 5 round, and up to 2 additional. You lose the round that player was drafted in.

Player Roster Lineups for each team:

Dynasty League:

1 QB
1 RB
1 WR
2 WR/RB/TE Flex
1 TE
1 K

Scoring for Both Leagues:



Passing Yards 1/25 yards
Rushing/Receiving Yards 1/10 yards
TD (pass/rush/rec) 6 pts each
TD 40 -50 yards bonus 1 pts each
TD 51-80 yards bonus 2 pts each
TD 81+ bonus 5 pts each
2 Point Conversion 2 pts each
Fumble Lost -2 pts each
INT Thrown -2 pts each


FG 0-39 3 pts each
FG 40-49 4 pts each
FG 50-59 5 pts each
FG 60+ 6 pts each
FG Miss 0-29 -3 pts each
FG Miss 30-35 -1 pts each
FG Miss 35+ 0 pts each
XP Made 1 pts each
XP Missed -1 pts each

Defense/Special Teams

All D/ST TD 6 pts each
ST TD Against -6 pts each

Points Allowed
Shut-Out 15 points
1-6 9 points
7-13 8 points
14-17 6 points
18-21 4 points
22-28 0 points
29-34 -4 points
35-45 -6 points
46+ -10 points

Yards (net) Allowed
Under 100 15 points
100-199 10 points
200-299 7 points
300-349 4 points
350-399 1 points
400-449 0 points
450-499 -1 points
500-549 -4 points
550+ -7 points

Other Categories

Fumble Recovery 2 points
INT 2 points
Sack 2 points
Safety 2 points
Blocked Punt 2 points
Blocked FG 2 points
Blocked XP 2 points