Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honolulu Blue and Silver Lining

Thanks for the suggestions on my scheduling troubles for the Fantasy Football Leagues. Things continue to be busy as we head into soccer season (Where I coach for the Oldest Pink Lion.), but thing have calmed down on the schedule front with school approaching. The first week of September will be a slight interruption as I have 3 FFB drafts that week, but other than that keep expecting to see posts almost if not daily for the rest of August, September, October, and most of November.

I am putting out a call to my guest bloggers early -- I will be out of town for my brother-in-laws wedding and on vacation in Florida right after Thanksgiving through the 6th of December. I will be looking for a couple of guest bloggers to showcase some pieces/fill in while I am gone.

For now, just let me know if you are interested and I will get in contact with everyone to work out details once it gets closer. I will have some limited Internet while down there. (I think.)

Finally, I found an optimistic bright spot to be had in the loss to the Browns that I am hoping will be cathartic, not a trend leading to Cardiac problems down the line... I have it written up over at Roar of the Lions.

Thanks again everyone!! Go Lions!!


RIP said...

This may be dumb thinking, but is it possible that Levy replaces Sims as starter this year due to blown lane responsibilities?

Stephen Steen said...

Hey, can you email me at stephen.steen@gmail.com? It's about this site and the great Lions content.

RIP said...

Hey Josh,

This year you are having little tid bit posts in reference to the Church, to the Roar, and Ty's blogs. Since the new paid job, you are blogging even less. In fact, you are 100 new posts less than last year. And last year you did not get started until Feb 23.

What is interesting about this year is the huge turn over of the roster plus the change of management and the five draft choices in the first 3 rounds. Nothing like last years "If Season".

Is your family all right or is there something else going on?

DetFan1979 said...

actually, I've been about the same. Last year from March through the end of August I had 168 posts. This year, I have 111 posts on DetFan1979 from March to mid-July. (only 6 posts on here in July) Add in 28 of my normal blog posting for last part of July to early August at ROTL, and that equals 139 posts -- roughly 30 off from last year in the same time frame. Most of the difference came earlier this year when I went on hiatus for the better part of 6 weeks to make time for personal items.

Most of the meat content has just moved over to ROTL when I transitioned at the end of July.

I have 28 posts in August both this year and last. So I am finally, in August, back on pace.

It has been a long year in some respects, but things are -- as I mentioned -- fully on track and rolling for my usual 5-7 post per week pace once again (with the exception of vacation.)

The new coaching staff is much less open and much less predictable -- with much less open being the key. There is less info out there, so less to work with.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed pieces like the "Road to 0-16" this late summer, and the more recent analysis.

I love the feedback everyone gives, and appreciate it! BTW -- I am the only author over at the Roar, which is my primary blog now for content. That is why little blurbs over here -- no sense double posting everything.

I am using this site more to keep regular/long time readers up to date on a more personal type level, as well as things that don't fit the content-only style I'm using over at the Roar.

DetFan1979 said...

BTW -- Levy won't replace Sims this year (I don't think) --

But after watching LEvy inthe preseason, I think he will be starting for Detroit possibly as early as next season at one of the LB spots.

He is developing into a heck of a defensive player, and I think he will be making a heck of a starting LB for Detroit for quite a while.

DetFan1979 said...

Thank you as well for the concern. I always appreciate your comments. Life is actually quite good in the DetFan1979 household -- time is scarce commodity.