Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fan's Eye View of Camp - Meeting the Players

I posted up more insight from my camp trip, including what players we saw, and what we talked about.

Pictures will be up tomorrow over at Roarof the Lions.

~ DetFan1979

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RIP said...

The Lion's camp is looking much better this year than what I saw last year.

The pics look good too of your family. You have not changed since the pics of you with the musket.

A side note with the Williams' case. If the courts decide to make it in state, that may be good for Grady Jackson. If they make the national sport a federal case, then the federation (federal law)may what to review all state laws for it now becomes is it right for some and not all. Another words, the state laws, and out come, in the state of Illinois is favored towards the lawyers, where as in other states the system works towards courts (if you get my drift).

If the players fall under federal laws, should not all laws for all states and it's residents be the same?

Why has the Juditial Branch been bullied since the depression days by the Executive and Legistrative Branches. Is it because they do not control the money? When is it the time to say enough if it is best for our national past time, but not best for all the people with almost same equal rights?