Friday, August 21, 2009

Roar of the Lions

There are a couple of new articles up over at Roar of the Lions from the past few days. Things have been pretty busy with Soccer season rolling again. Also, I think I finally have most things set for the two DF79 FFB leagues -- including keepers, draft orders, etc. All I have to do is transfer the rules/scoring over to a couple of sections where it didn't transfer. I still, however, need to do a schedule for both leagues so that ought to be...interesting.

I'm having trouble finding a good scheduling program -- especially for the Dynasty league where I want to have the 2 division winners from each conference play each other for their two non-conference games. Does anyone have an good site ideas/suggestions for one that can schedule both conference and non-conference games the way I'm looking for? (16 teams -- 4 teams per division. Play your division teams twice each, other conference teams once, and two non-conference games. Should be division champs from conference 1 play champs from conference two, 2nd place plays 2nd place, etc.) If not, I may have to do something less cool but much easier for the schedule.

Thanks for reading everyone!!!

~ DetFan1979


nubs said...


Make it easieth for thine self.

12 weeks; 4 weeks for playoffs, don't use the last week as starters sit.

Twice in division (six)
Once in conference (four)
(Two) random games against a team from each division in the other conference.

DetFan1979 said...

3 weeks for playoffs (8-4-2)

that is the correct number of games -- I was just trying to see if anyone knew of an easy way to make the two non-conf games specific pairings. I can't even find one where the divisions match up.

Likely it will just be "two random non-conference games some scheduling program comes up with so don't blame me."

:) That's what I did last year anyways...

Mark in AZ said...

i use this site to help me youn can have a few choices