Saturday, December 27, 2008

What I Want to See For 0-16...

As I hinted at yesterday, I want to see a different kind of game. How many of you have seen some of the highlight reels of the 76 bucs? Those were hilarious. Now, before anyone else gets started I know Rod will NOT play any different than any other game. He will do what lost him 15 games this season, and at the end of the day it will have lost him 16 games this season.

What I want to see is enough excitement to really fill the highlight reels. I mean, what great moments are there so far? Just pictures of RB's running 60+ yards untouched for a score? Sure, the DanO out of the endzone for the game-losing safety will be on there. But where are the rally classic "no wonder this team went 0-16" moments? Seriously -- they are not even lovable like the inept 76 Bucs -- an expansion team before the days of Free Agency.

So as I go to sleep tonight, here is a list of what I would like to see:

1. No punting. Deactivate Harris just so you aren't tempted. 4th and 25? Try throwing long to CJ. Or throw it to Smith underneath, then lateral it to Standeford, back to DanO and then he throws to CJ deep, who is now open as the Packers go WTF is the ball???

2. No "kicking away" -- If they do manage to score, kick the ball onsides and try to recover! What is another 20 yards even to a defense couldn't stop my cat from setting franchise passer rating records?? That couldn't stop Rod himself from suiting up and rushing for 100+ yards and a couple TD's, bad hip and all?? Forget "field position" - it's not about keeping GB's offense off the field -- it's about keeping the Lions DEFENSE off the field. Once they get out there, they never come back to the bench until the Lions are further behind! Always onside -- give the offense more chances to make it interesting.

3. Hook and Ladder every return like it's your last. What have you got to lose? You're 0-15, about to be 0-16. Why not gamble? Better to go down filling the highlight reel and letting 'em know that everything in the book (literally) wasn't enough to get you a win. Go down like a real man! A monkey could coach them to a better record with a dart board and numbered plays. So live a little already!

4. With that in mind, fake FG are a must -- see what kind of QB Hanson is -- he's the best performing player on the field so give him a shot. He's already beat one record this year -- why not another? He certainly can't throw more picks than Daunte Culpepper did!

5. Trick plays all the time. No WR's, Stanton at RB in the "wildcat" with K Smith, Rudi and Felton all on the field. Why not? Who's going to see that coming?

6. Run the HTBA defense - hit the bastard already. That is where you just put 11 guys on the field (with this roster any 11 will do) and just start hitting guys as hard as you can. WR within 5 yards fo the line of scrimmage? Mug him! Hard to run out routes from your back! Send in 11 man blitzes. (yes, everyone) and see how long it takes them to exploit it...

McCarthy: WTF? They just blitzed 11 guys on first and ten! There was actually nowhere to run! We only picked up 2 yards!
GB -OC: Maybe I better have Bret...I mean, Aaron throw a short out in case they try it again -- with no one covering someone's bound to be open.
McCarthy: Nah - I can't believe they did it once. Only a genius would do it again. Rod is clearly not a gneius, so they won't do it again.
[play runs. Lions rush 11. Sack for loss of 8]
GB-OC: Now can I call a short hot read?
McCarthy: Are you kidding? He just rushed ELEVEN GUYS -- TWICE! -- He thinks that we think that he knows that we know he's going to do it he is defending a hot short, or quick strike deep with max protect... Run up the middle.
[play runs. Grant for -2 yards in the face of 11 Lions Dlinemen rushing the middle of the field.]
GB-OC: Should we send in the punting unit?
McCarthy: He'll blink first. That deer in the headlights look...15 was all to make me look bad. We can't punt versus the LIONS! The Saints never punted last week, we're not doing it this week. Go for it!
GB-OC: Should I expect an 11 man rush?
McCarthy: Even if we do, what the hell is in the playbook that will stop that? His defense is so fricking slow that even an 11 man rush leaves the short routes covered...I've been outsmarted!!!
GB-OC: And here I thought this was going to be easy...

Alright, it'll never happen -- but a man can dream can't he??

As for speculation on front office changes... I'm no insider. I'll wait til real news breaks, then give my thoughts on it from there.

Go Lions! Go Eagles! Go Bucs!


CHIEFGER139 said...

go get um lions-the one good thing is its a road game-so even if they break the record by losing we wont have to suffer watching the fans tearing down the goal posts-unless they got fans watching it at ford field

Isphet said...

It's official. 0-16 for the Lions. Ugh.

detroitsims said...

They at least showed some fight..Just couldnt finish the game when they had the chance

RIP said...

Rod out coached himself this year.
Disapline this game? More than usual. Control? Too much from the coaching staff, not enough from the players. Game management? Looked too much of the conservative, it will happen for us. What was the chance that a team could go 0-16 in this day of parity?
How could anyone with the realism of going 0-16 be so predictable? Can family not mean anything? Wear there jobs not also on the Line?
Did disapline not mean anything to the players? The coaching staff had it by running any thing creative.
So WCF loves a good man with character. Where does he go from here? Let's give another good man with character another chance. Maybe after another three years of Rod, maybe Kevin and Ramzee will start thinking for the team. Maybe his character will rub off, and the team will respect what he loves about the game.
Anyone noticed that with the chance of going 0-16, Rod benched Kevin?