Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Believeable than Millen still in Charge...

Okay, here is passing along heresay post, because I ran out of time to look back over the tape of Lions-Indy, and I had to take care of some FFB commisioner stuff that took a lot of time.

I'll be back with REAL analysis tomorrow. Just leaving you with the wistful dreams that these statements are true (I do have notes on the Millen thing, so I figured...we can all dream, right?)

Posted by KitnaRules on 12/09/08 at 3:25PM
Guys here's the skinny. I told you about Millen getting fired in September and the next day Jay Glazer reported it.
This is what I know. December 29 Monday (Black Monday) after the 16th loss The Lions will hold a press conference. It won't be Ford doing the talking. It will be Tom Lewand. Lewand will say Marinelli (includes all coaching staff), Mayhew (and all Lions scouts) will be relieved of their duties. Lewand will announce he will remain in charge of Ford Field Operations only. Lewand will state the Lions will do an exhaustive search for a GM. Once the GM is hired he will hire a coach. The Lions understand they need to make the announcement right after the season and they need to hire a GM right away since he has to hire a new scouting staff, coach etc. Most likely the new GM will use some of the old scouting reports that were left in place. That's TBD. Listen trust me on this one. Ford met with Marinelli and let him know these last three games are it for him no matter if they win one or not.
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and then this followup post:

Posted by KitnaRules on 12/09/08 at 4:04PM
Telling you the truth. This will happen. Black Monday is coming Monday the 29th. Lewand will be making the announcement. Probably around noon.
Ford Jr asked Roger Godell for help. Godell and Ford Jr. are good friends and he helped him compile a short list. It's going to come down to an old school guy like Reese, Acorsi or Casserly or a young gun like Pioli or Ireland. Ford Jr. will do the interviewing along with NFL representatives. This is what the Falcons did last year when they hired Thomas Dimitroff.
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CHIEFGER139 said...

i remember these posts, it was the same day marenalli met with ford and I think they were in answer to my previous blog-where I said ford promised rod and mayhew they'd get one more year if they won at least one game to save the franshise from being the worst ever. I dont believe rod was told flat out he wont be back-but I also dont think he was given any guarantees the otherway too!! who knows what there thinkin?? Id be very surprised though if we go through the entire playoffs with no announcement-but maybe they will-maybe the guys they want are on the better teams now-and they will wait till their eliminated(think they have to) before talking to anyone?? if it goes beyond that-I think the chances of the current staff remaining goes way up!! any other team you know theyd all be gone-this team-anything can happen!!

Isphet said...

my only question is: Why are people calling it "Black Monday?" Black implies it's a terrible occurrence; as the color black has a negative connotation. Can we call it "White Monday?" or even "Blue Monday" because you know it's like an every three-year event with the Lions.

Anonymous said...

One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Detfan, after I saw the article on the Lions this morning concerning the Ford Sr. statement, I am came here to see your thoughts... Do you still think the previous reporting is accurate and this is just a facade put up by our beloved Lions? I sincerely hope that this report I read this AM is not accurate. The thing that also concerns me.. marinelli.the media loves this guy...including Cowher. He said some really interesting things...some of the other media said that it was not his fault for all of this and is remarkable to keep the team together after all it has been through. what are your thoughts?