Monday, December 22, 2008

DF79 Questionable; Going to IR?

Well, first off while playing in the snow with the kids, I discovered why people in their 30's don't usually get on the saucer sleds with the kids and go down the hill after shoveling snow and pushing the kids down the hill on their sleds for a couple of hours. Oh for the days getting jarred like that was nothing, and it sure does give a person a more profound respect for how hard it is to last in the NFL through all those bone-jarring hits. (Let's just say I managed to crash pretty good. The little pink lions thought it was awesome though.)

Yup - DetFan1979 wrenched his back out big time and I'm thankful I'm on vacation til Friday. With the upcoming Holiday and family time, I will be questionable until Saturday, or maybe even Sunday. But don't worry -- the team has told me I'm not going on IR with my back injury just because I've spoken out about the team *wink wink*

Still stunned that Killer has been calling the mind of WCF SR right so far... but I'm still hoping he changes his mind at least somewhat. (Ford, not Killer. I'm hoping for monumental, not daily.)

I'm not rehashing the reasons for keeping/firing Mayhew/Lewand/Marinelli as every reader of this blog has them blazoned onto our scarred Lions Fan souls.

There were some interesting reactions to all this -- Dan Wertzel at Yahoo suggested the League step in as he said Ford is doing more harm to the image of Football than PacMan or Chris Henry ever could. He may be right on this one.

I also loved Rob Parker's latest stupid look-at-me trick. What was even funnier was the National Media's reaction to it. I'm with Howie Long -- Rod is coaching an 0-15 team. They should all be fired about 5 minutes (if not sooner) after the season is done. Who would want to be interim coach at the moment of 0-16? Seriously now. Like he'll fire Barry at this point when the whole ship should be sunk at the end of the season. It was very personal, and in very poor taste coming from a so-called-journalist. That's all the attention he deserves, and hopefully he'll end up with a worse punishment next time he fabricates a story (see his piece and retraction on MSU's current QB).

Yup. I didn't really want it, but not only is 0-16 on the way, if the news of Mayhew and Lewand staying is true, how far off is Killer's musings about Marinelli, despite being in over his head, staying on too? (Don't read this article wrong -- just like with Mayhew and Lewand staying, Killer isn't saying it's what is, or what should, happen -- but he is attempting to play "what is Willy Clay thinking?") Also, should we start setting out sights on the 26 game losing streak of the 76-77 Bucs? We beat their 0-14 single season record. How about the whole kit and kaboodle to truly earn the mantle of worst ever? (And why can't we get quotes like Q: What do you think of your team's execution? A: I'm all for it. )

There are still some positives to take away from the team, but most have to do with the future and the ifseason. In answer to an earlier question in the comments, the Lions have the following picks:

  • Rnd 1: 2 picks (Det, and Dallas)
  • Rnd 2: 1 pick (Det)
  • Rnd 3: 2 picks (Det, Dallas)
  • Rnd 4: 0 picks (to Dallas for Cliff Avril 2008 3rd rnd draft)
  • Rnd 5: 1 pick (Det)
  • Rnd 6: 2 picks (Det, Dallas)
  • Rnd 7: 0 picks (to Dallas in Roy Williams Deal)

I didn't look, but I could have rounds 6 and 7 reversed. Pretty sure I don't though. [I updated the round 6 and 7 picks to be correct as per comment below. Thanks!!]

I will be doing a lot of draft looking (current, evaluating past, etc.) this ifseason -- which will be on us very soon! -- but will stay away from it for now.

GB did their darnedest to keep Chicago out of the playoffs on Monday, and came up short. Look for them to be VERY motivated to send the Lions down to 0-16. After missing out on the playoffs, the last thing they want to do is lose to an 0-15 team. Heads would roll in GB after that one -- all things considered (see: Favre, Brett ifseason moves even though the Defense is what collapsed on them this season).

I don't see the Lions having the passion to go into Green Bay and win. I'm usually a half glass full kind of guy, so I'm saying the Lions at least make a game of it. Of course, I thought last week would be a shootout so what do I know?? I will say that I like Mike Silver's 32 Questions entry for the Lions this week:

"32. Detroit
: Given defensive tackle Shaun
’s proclamation that only the team’s “true NFL players” will show up for Sunday’s season finale at
Green Bay, does that mean coach Rod Marinelli will be petitioning the league to
allow the Lions to play eight-man football? "

Go Lions!!! Go Philadelphia!! (Beat Dallas, and knock them out of the playoffs already, will ya?)

Have a Merry Christmas All!!


Mark in AZ said...

Thank you for that i forgot about the Avril trade. Also we do get Dallas 6th round pick and Dallas gets our 7th. round. Hope your back gets better. That why I moved to AZ from Romeo Mi got too old for the snow and cold.

Keep up the good work.
Go Lions and Philly beat the boys.

CHIEFGER139 said...

hope your back gets better
dont see much hope in a win either-hope they give it there all though with fake punts -going for it on 4th downs etc. should make it worth while if they do that-and hope they give kevin smith a shot at the 116 yards he needs to get 1000 yards-quite remarkable really considering all the blow out loses where they had to throw the ball.

CHIEFGER139 said...

an maybe you are on ir-want the chief to takke over while your out?? hopefully wouldnt ruin yoiur blog too much??

DetFan1979 said...

LOL - you wouldn't ruin the blog chief -- I want to see the wildest game of NFL football since the merger too! You're 0-15, soon to be 0-16? What have you got to lose???

Play the chief at CB -- I'm sure you could cover Greg Jennings better than Travis Fisher!