Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Put your Williams In, Put your Williams Out...

Well, some news heading into the game weekend. First, the NFL announced that the Williams Wall interior run-stopping base of the Vikings' defense was suspended for 4 games due to using a banned substance. Then, a judge says they are in... and the NFL is saying they will make sure they are out.

Minnesota - Zyigi Wilf claimed to be a moral leader for the team when he took over. Do the right thing, even if it costs you a football game. Have them start serving their 4 games now. The likelihood of the suspension being overturned is as slim as that of the Lions winning by multiple TD's for the last 4 games. It's not happening. Hope your defense holds in there, and if you make the playoffs over GB and Chicago, both of whom have been stinking up the joint, then you will have both of them back so that you can try to avoid a first-round exit. Would you rather have them against Detroit, or the first round of the playoffs???

I can tell you which gamble I would take, knowing how the NFL rules on these things. If there was a chance it could be overturned, they would have held up the suspension until the additional appeal was heard. The first appeal already lost. They are one game up on Chicago, and this week at least, I'm thinking they still have a winnable game without the Williamses. How about against one of the top NFC seeds? Dallas in town as a WildCard with Marion Barber and Tashard Choice ready to gash you while Romo passes? Carolina with Deangelo Williams & J. Stewart? Or defend the Lions without them, and hope to win 2/3 of the final games and pray Chicago does the same?

Assuming the Willie-Twins are out for Sunday, this would make for two things:

1. I'd have a shot in my FFB playoffs as I have Kevin Smith starting in all of them, and the center of that line will be like butter without the usual living wall of flesh gobbing up the center of the field.

2. The Lions would have a legitimate shot at winning a game. They lost on that blown call earlier in the season against Minnesota or 0-16 wouldn't even be entering into the picture. If DanO was healthy and starting, I would increase the chances. It's still an outside shot, but a shot none the less.

So lets hope the NFL lawyers get their way, and the Williamses are out. Whether you're rooting for the win or 0-16, at least it will make it an interesting game.

Avril and Fluellen are supposed to be starting at the two DE spots, with IAF rotating in with Fluellen, and inside on passing downs. Lets hope they pull Cody and see what Cohen can do in there. Avril has done well, that's for sure. I still love that sack-fumble-run back last week.

I'm still working on looking at the 3-4 possibility. Some good thoughts on it, and I'm still pondering.

If anyone saw the piece by PFT on who the Lions are looking at, I'd ignore it. I have no faith the Lions will have narrowed their search down to that few names yet, the list doesn't seem to mesh somehow. It appears more like a list of people to hire to consult on the hiring of a GM - not to be GM themselves. I purposely didn't post it here as I don't think its a worthwhile read, but worth shooting down. (It included both Ron Wolf and Ernie Arcorsi who are retired, and not at all hinting of coming back to the game. Also, Charlie Casserly who built that powerhouse Texans team...I mean...yeah. That kind of list.)


CHIEFGER139 said...

IF I was the vikes id sit them out -like you said better to have them if you make the playoffs and they should still beable to beat our lions without them-maybe by the time they play the next game but if they cant-theyll be sorry!! its tough for the vikes-they had a december melt down last year-now that this is happened they could very well again!!hope not much rather see ap in the playoffs then anyone the bears or pack has.still see it as another lions loss unless the vikes play so conservative and hand it to us-if that happens see the vikes with a new coach next year-until rods melt down rumors had it we liked him by far more than they like there sure though by now no-one supports rod-not mr ford-no one!!

RIP said...

Would the NFL sespend the Williams for a playoff game, or have the sespension go into next season? A gamble that maybe worth taking for the Vikings. Why play it safe now when you don't know what next year will be like.

RIP said...

My bad. Why gamble a playoff spot this year.

Isphet said...

I have a really weird fascination with this story. It involves the power of the law to interfere with the NFL. There's a line that keeps being redrawn regarding private organizations like the NFL being able to police who is and isn't allowed to participate.

Is the law allowed to force women to be accepted into all mens' clubs, or sports? if that's the case, then shouldn't men also be able to get into all womens' clubs and sports?

Is the law also allowed to now tell the NFL who it can and cannot suspend? Who it can allow or deny participation?

There's also another line that's closely related: fighting in games. Every time someone throws a punch in hockey, shouldn't they be charged for assault? If this were to happen, sports would be forever changed. For the worse, I believe.

I think the law shouldn't have any power to say who the NFL can ban or not. This is opening a seriously bad can of worms. Let mens' clubs be mens' clubs, womens' clubs be womens' clubs, and let pro sports determine their own rules and be able to enforce them. Even if the local courts don't "think it's fair" because their NFL team might have a smaller chance of winning on Sunday.

If the Williamses are allowed to play on Sunday, this is a very bad omen for the future of sports. Things are gonna get a whole lot more complicated.

RIP said...

Those were very good points you made. Can the law interfere with businesses running there business? Can they over rule unions and there bylaws? Can congress step in a say clean up your players, then have judges rule the oppisite way to support thier locale teams? When it comes to the law and equal oppurtunity, where is the line drawn. Is the judge ruling that Congress is out of line with baseball? After the president F. D. Roosevelt years, who can keep our congress in check? Does not happen any more. So does the Minnesota and the Williamses have the right to improve thier playoff drive with players who tested dirty? There is alot of money for the Vikings, and fan appreciation for thier team on the line with this issue.

RIP said...

Just listening to MLIVE again with Killer. For the last few weeks it seems they read this forum and talk what is posted here.
Excellent jobs to DETFAN1979 and the people who post here.