Friday, December 26, 2008

DetFan1979 at Practice; Inidividual Drills

So I'm kinda back, but I'm working on a creative piece called: "What I want to see on Sunday before 0-16 Sets In." about how I would call the game. In the meantime, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!!

I'm not too keen on Kevin Siefert's ESPN NFC North Blog, since he seems to dismiss the Lions as part of the division, and is a Vikings homer (Hope they lose and Chicago wins -- I'd rather see the Bears in the playoffs than Minny). He did have an interesting article about his keys to improving the Lions. Not so sure I agree with all of them, and I'm pretty sure WCF Sr. doesn't agree with any of them (even the good ideas). But, nice read overall.

Drew "China Doll" Stanton put his two cents in on the Rob Parker comments that never seem to die. I will say that Stanton hits the nail right on the head, and kudos to a player for coming out in support of his coach --- especially a player who has been all but ignored and certainly not received the full support himself of said staff. Way to go Drew! Now, play him more than one series and let us see if he gets injured again, or stands up to it!

This fellow has down the spirit of 0-16, at least in its basest form. Interesting to see an out-of country writer (the author is from the UK) giving his take on this potential record.

Now, I need your help on tomorrow's piece: What do you want to see happen in tomorrow's game? Remember -- you are about to be 0-16 and set the historically low bar that can only be tied, not beaten, unless the league adds more games to the slate. What, as coach, would you do to make it one hell of a memorable game to fill the highlight reels with plays that just scream: We did our darnedest, did everything possible, and still couldn't win we're that bad!!

My first one is: Leave the Harris inactive for the game, so you can never be tempted to punt and thus are forced to go 4 downs every series.

Your thoughts and ideas??? Remember, they are what make this Blog live!!!

Go Lions! Go Philly! Go Tampa! (If Philly beats Dallas, and Tampa Wins then Dallas is TOTALLY out of the playoffs.)

UK writer says give in my friends...and sums it up nicely!

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