Monday, December 29, 2008

The LaMe Regime takes over...

No more M&M jokes. Millen went earlier in the season, and now Marinelli has been let go. Unfortunately, just as Killer Kowalksi predicted earlier in the season around the trade deadline, Lewand and Mayhew have been retained as President and GM, respectively. But not respectfully, that's for sure!!

My new name for this incoming regime is LAME (Lewand And Mayhew Entourage) until proven otherwise. I'm an optimist, but even I'm having some trouble with this one. Sure, Bill Polian said Mayhew seemed like an up-and comer in GM circles. But another first time GM? One who learned under Matt "I built 0-16" Millen?

There is no talk at this time of looking for a GM. Nor will we likely see any -- Ford has made his decision, without even taking the time to look at what is out there. Status Quo.

I'll try to keep up to date, and give you my thoughts on what is going on. Say what you will about Killer, but he was the first to call this one months ago to much derision -- and it turns out he was right. Dave Birkett has a more comprehensive listing of who was kept/canned along with Marinelli. It appears they also canned the assitant of pro-personnel. (which has been edited into the stories from earlier, and is included in this short Freep blurb)

LAME will have to start moving quickly, as there are a lot of new GM candidates and HC interviewing going on right now. I'm curious as to what direction they will go in as I haven't a clue. Unfortunately, I don't think they do either.


detroitsims said...

Basically everyone was canned except Colleto, he was re-assigned to offensive line coach. Barry, Lake and the guy you spoke of are all gone! I am with you though, I dont like this decision to keep the front office the same. I guess it is a wait and see who they start talkin to. I dont even know who they should start with!! Anyone got a good direction for this team to go in to look at for head coach??? Lets see who everyone is thinkin. I know this name has been thrown around but, We were all thinkin it was gonna be a GM, coach and all that. I am gonna throw Josh McDaniels.

Isphet said...

I don't care if they name ZIGGY the damn GM, as long as "the zig-meister" drafts well and makes good trades. The Mayhew thing isn't a deal-breaker for me; and Lewand is basically just a paper-pusher. I say "whatever" to the GM "hiring." I guess Ford is too old to wait long enough to carry out a REAL GM search. The biological clock (of DEATH!) is ticking for him. Heheheh.

What does disturb me is that they kept some of the coaching staff. That's going to limit who the Lions can hire as a head coach, isn't it? And you kept the naked coach? Lol. You just know they are going to get a low-cost "this is my first head coaching gig" coach to "fill the head coaching slot" instead of coming in and cleaning house.

I'm using a lot of quotations today. Oh well. I can't wait to hear the whining from Lions fans about this one; it's going to be epic. "ZomG I AM QUITTING AS A LOINS FAN, THIS iS HorRIBal!!111oneone"

Anonymous said...

The new coach (whoever it is -- and I don't want to hear any mention of Cowher. He won't give up his life to come here to have his reputation flushed once and for all) will probably lose Coletto, too.

Isphet said...

my bad on the naked coach comment; that was Cullen, not Coletto. I doubt anyone cares, but a mistake is a mistake so I have to own it and correct it.

CHIEFGER139 said...

amazing fontes was only 5 games under .500 with the management he put up with-moeller the only winning coach-both are gone-we didnt appeciate what we had!! see mayhew as the quiet guy behind the seens-brings in a head coach and dicatates everything-yet stays quiet and lets the coach take all the heat!! then fires him as a scape goat!! then gets another 3 to 5 years to hide his incompetence with the new coach whos put under the same pressure-ford and mayhew and lewand stay clean and always have a fall guy-the coach-and when the pressures on the coach-it falls down hill-the smelly stuff-so the coach fires a martz-a rogers whoever-to stay alive-more of the same in the wize chiefs assement-not what you know-who you know-and how you can con-them!! especially since he learned under ford and millen-have to be the perfect butt kiser to make it with the lions-any outspoken player-coach managrment guy has no chance with ford!! in the chiefs wize oppinnion!!

RIP said...

Why is it us Detroit fans won't give anyone who is respected outside of our sports area, who is already here, not given a chance? Remember Shula, Belicheck, or that scouting genieous now in Pittsburgh. There are probably many more that I can not name. Is the grass on the other side of the fence always greener until we learn what we have lost? Do we fault Ford again if Mayhew becomes very successful after he leaves. Or is who ever makes the decisions our whipping boy if we loose the next 20 Super Bowls.
My statement is that Mr. Mayhew is respected outside of Detroit, but all we hear about is how bad it is to give a talent a chance to prove himself, for what how many "If Seasons?
And what did Mr. Lewand ever do besides being an accountant, paper pusher, yes man, and being hired by the Lions. Does he have personnel say in matters? Or does he balance the books while writing out contracts for players and entertainment for Ford Field.
The negative without knowing along with the season our play has slowed me to respond these days.
One more thing. It takes at least a year for a team to run a zone blocking scheme. The team has showed great improvement in the running game this past year. Can't remember any recent team since Bobby Ross quite when there was this type of improvement. Was it all Kevin Smith? Didn't Backus and Riola state that they are tired of changing new blocking schemes every 2 to 3 years? Why not keep Colletto until a new coach is hired?

Isphet said...

Mayhew seems to be going after younger coaches. The Lions have already asked permission to speak to Jerry Grey of Washington, Jason Garrett of Dallas, and Steve Spagnuolo of the Giants.

Jerry Grey is 46 years old and was D coordinator in Buffalo and assisted in Tennessee. Not sure why he isn't still a D coordinator somewhere to be honest, because he led what sounds like some pretty good defenses until his last year in 2005 when the Bills struggled.

Garrett has been the O coordinator in Dallas and is being paid 3 million bucks; not sure Ford is going to pay what he would have to for Garrett, and he wouldn't probably be worth it, anyways. Dallas' offense didn't exactly sizzle with all that talent this year.

Spagnuolo is under 50 also, and one hell of a defensive coordinator for the Giants. After the first 2 games of 2007 when they gave up Lions-style points (over 80 in 2 games!) the Giants flipped a switch and their defense instantly played better, and has been great since then.

Every prospect so far is under 50 years old. Interesting. I wonder if the Lions will contact older, more entrenched HC options the next few days, or just go ahead and take a chance on a bright young upcoming mind.

My guess is that the Lions are going to stick with a young first timer to save a few million dollars on the payroll. My biggest fear is that none of these young guys will say yes to the Lions, and the Lions will get stuck having to take their 10th or 12th choice. heh.

ClusterFox said...

Kudos to RIP.

I'm not jumping for joy either, but what decision is the right decision, we won't know for sure till later. so why do the masses always freak when we don't go spend 10 mil on Cowher or Parcells. Everyone thinks these guys are saviors, I don't get it. Your a savior till your a goat, and a goat till your a savior. Lions fan all need to relax, if you could buy a good team the Redskins and Cowboys wouldn't be sitting at home right now. We've made huge mistakes in the draft.Last year we were paying for them and this year I believe we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel(young inexperienced talent). I said it at the begining of the year, I don't care about W-L, because 10 wins doesn't buy you anything. I want a team that beats on people makes them pay for the years of abuse we've all taken.

Mayhew was smart or dumb enough to make the Roy trade. It's the best trade for the lions I've ever seen. The job we've all come to expect nothing out off, has just done something good. Can you imagine the backlash if mayhew was to go on and succeed somewhere else. Long story short, GM's don't win football games but they can deplete your team of talent. I think Mayhew has set up the team for a huge influx of young talent. I hope that leads to future success.
Need support look at the Redwings drafts in the late 80's early 90's after 40+ years of futility.

millersco said...

Isphet - agree it seems they are looking at younger coaching talent that they can build a long term relationship with. Both Lewan and Mayhew are young. We'll see how it goes. What we will never know is how much Mayhew disagreed with Millen's decisions or had different opinions. I just hope the new head coach will play young players - if we are going to build the team thru the draft, then they have to play. Rod's obsession was with veterans, when they didn't deserve to be playing and making rookies wait longer than they should have been. This league is too fast and too young to do that. Gotta find out what you have as soon as possible. Then you can make decisions.

CHIEFGER139 said...

mayhew will do at least for a few
so we hope
hey good enough for me-im going down to buy my season tickets now-hope to see you all down there too "lions fine in 2009 mayhews crew will take us through superbowls and beyond!!

CHIEFGER139 said...

so my new motto
which im sure will be hammered is

millerso said...


millerso said...