Thursday, December 18, 2008

0-16? 10 Games 'til they are "worst ever"

There is a great article with an interview with Archie Manning on narrowly avoiding a winless season, and being the first team to ever lose to the Tampa Bay Bucs -- in their 27th game.

That's right -- even at 0-16 the Lions would also have to lose their first 9 games next season just to tie the longest losing streak in NFL history. While this Lions team may be bad, we can take comfort in the fact that they still have a long way to go to be termed worst ever. (after beating KC, then losing at GB they are currently on a 15 game losing streak dating back to last season.)

See, there are some happy thoughts!!

Go Lions!!


CHIEFGER139 said...

lions win sunday
the nitemare is over

DetroitSims said...

I will be able to see this game sunday...I want to see them at least win a game, I really do!!!! The problem is I also dont think they can win a game and r destined to be the first 0-16 team.

Isphet said...

Yeah, I'm not rooting for 0-16 anymore; I think Ford is going to make sweeping changes regardless of the outcome of these last two games; and the Lions have all but sewn up the first pick in the draft.

I am rooting for them to win one of their last two. In some ways, I kind of hope it's at Green Bay on the last day of the season.

Setting the scene: The Packers were close to the Super Bowl with Brett last year. Brett leaves for the Jets, who stunk last year. Now; the Packers are already out of the playoffs, and the Jets are in.

The Lions have never beaten Green Bay at Lambeau when Brett was playing. Now, Brett is gone. The Lions are 0-15; can you imagine the slap in the face a Lions win at Lambeau would be for Packers' fans? Talk about throwing salt on the wounds of a bad season. That would also ensure double digit losses for the Packers this year, too. They are 5-9 right now.

That's exactly how I would like to see the Lions end the season.

CHIEFGER139 said...

isphet-im with you-my before season goals were 1. make playoffs
2. especially a winning team at home that others fear
3. go .500 on the road
4. make a top 20 defense
5. beat the pack at the pack
thats my only hope-they failed miserable every otherway-still want to beat the saints to get the monkey off our back-even if it does mean no major changes-its that important!! besides even if they dont fire mayhew-cant believe he'd stick with what he has and think he could just twek it-there beyond that-even if rod was here he'd know that too-i hope!!the saints are notorious for being a bad road team and for throwin in the towel to improve there draft status-i think if the saints have there heart in it they'll blow us out!! but figure they wont and if the ball bounces our way we win sunday!! if not?? im scared big time-even when washington had crappy teams and we had good ones they still managed to blow us out at there place-I think the pack would love to slam us with the title worst ever-and for the very reason you state-they will pour it on not to be lower than our lowly lions-I can see both coaches being fired for losin to us-both the saints and the pack-so no givemes unless the saints owner said take the week off we need some better picks on the defense-just the wize chiefs oppinnion!!

Isphet said...

haha, the internets are blowing up because Ford Sr. said in an interview that he's not getting rid of Lewand and Mayhew; and also implied that any GM that comes in might have to be part of a "committee."