Friday, December 26, 2008

0-16 FINALLY Catching on...

Well, it hasn't been hyped to the degree of a nearly perfect Patriots season -- where the NFLN was simulcasting the Pats-Giants on three networks (two of them people actually watch). It is barely mentioned other than the usual gags reserved for the lower-level teams each season.

Why? Since every NFL team TRIES to win, to go undefeated is actually as hard, or harder, than winning every game. Most teams luck into a win now and then (the Lions came close in the first Minnesota game). Why? Because they are trying their hardest to win, some team looks past them or has a bad week and BAM! there is a win. is at least front-paging a story on the Lions possibly going winless. It includes some very direct and concise analysis of fan reaction by Michael Rosenberg that really just hits it right on. A great read, if somewhat disappointing read for Lions fans. is barely, if at all, making mention. Parity is a long-term ideal in the league -- not a year=by year ideal. It is the ideal that any team can stretch out and snag the big one in any given year. That decades long Dynasties are near impossible to create, much less maintain. Things are geared to assist the lowest to become the highest. Here is another article, with links to yet more stories on 0-16. I understand Drew Sharp's take that many fans want to see 0-16 not for their team, but as a scar WCF Sr.

Yes, here we are as fans. Hello history. You have finally come knocking for our Lions. Please don't disappoint.

***Thing I'd love to see tomorrow #2: Onside attempt every kick. Even if you only recover Half of the kicks (the average for expected onside kicks 2004-2008 as per Elias Sports Bureau), the Lions defense didn't get one stop last week. Not ONCE. What the heck does 17 or so extra yards (Avg starting FP is 30 vs the Lions, avg onside kick is 47) matter when your defense couldn't stop me from rushing for 100 yards and 2 TD's bad back and all?? how do you keep the Lions defense off the field? By making sure the offense stays on the field!! [combined with my first request, no punting, this will really add excitement to the game!! At the least, we'd get to see the guys announcing heads' explode!]

Your suggestions???


Isphet said...

Here's an interesting story about a HS team that only punted twice all year. You might be on to something.

I would *love* to see the Lions do something insane like no punting and the A-11 offense, where all 11 guys could be eligible receivers.

That would be wild. Talk about going out on a high note! I'll be disappointed if the Lions come out in the same vanilla formations and lose AGAIN. If they are gonna lose, at least do it with STYLE guys!

I think they should stop playing defensive schemes also; and just line dudes up, point at a guy, try to cover that guy, and see what happens. It can't be worse than what's been happening!

I would love to see the Lions win this one, no matter how they do it.

CHIEFGER139 said...

i want to see fake punts, fake field goals and kevin smith getting his 116 yards for a 1000 yard season and hopefully a miraculous lions win-one of my goals for the team was beat the pack at the pack-the only positive they can get out of this season other than smith getting his 1000 yards-hanson already has the 50 yard field goal record-glad they didnt ignore that

detroitsims said...

Just go all out!!! Balls to the wall and try everything we can to get a win! It would be nice to see Rod come out and try something DIFFERENT instead of the same ol crap that hasnt worked!!! Sounds good! All onside kicks, no punts, every gol damn trick play in the bag..I wanna see it all!!

Isphet said...

For some reason, Rod doesn't strike me as a "gadget play" kind of guy. He's a practice guy. You don't change the way you do things in the game - you keep doing them the way the practiced; even if you're 0-15.

Mlive is blowing up with this Ron Wolf thing. Killer is reporting that the Lions are NOT hiring Wolf on monday; but there's a blogger named "Kitnarules" that swears that he has a "source" that has verified the Lions will be hiring Wolf on Monday to basically mentor Mayhew for a few years as either a GM or a co-GM.

I'm never one to believe hearsay, especially from an Mlive blogger named KitnaRules (lol) but evidence does seem to point that direction if you think about it.

WCF Likes Mayhew and Lewand, but he knows that Mayhew needs a little more experience. It makes sense to hire a veteran for just a few years in an increased role to mentor Mayhew; instead of throwing him to the wolves like Millen was. Maybe, just maybe, Ford knew of this arrangement last week, which is why he made the announcement that the Lions were looking to fill a "slot" and retain Mayhew rather than looking for a "complete control" type GM.

Normally I would just toss an idea like this out the window; but in this case, the pieces fit; so I'm a little intrigued that the Lions might go this route on Monday.

I don't think this route would be a horrible one for the Lions.

CHIEFGER139 said...

the chances are they will sign on the wize chief 1st-killer is right on this one -it wont happen!! kitna rules will own m-live blog if it happens!!

CHIEFGER139 said...

twas the night before history and we all will there
will our lions loose this one and make us despair!! the whole country is rootin we lose this last game
that we we will go down in history as the nfl's shame-
can oralasky and men put down the lions big shame or will it go down as in history as another lions big shame!! the whole worlds against us even most lions fans can this group of misfits save us this grim fane ?? win this one all is forgotten in yours to come-lose it and we will be mentioned for all eternity if not by some,
with chief in his night scarf and then the rest in ther bed are the lions truely truely dead?? lets hope not and when all is said and done-oralasky and company saved us from being truely daed.