Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Indy Game Summary

I know that many of you are not able to see the games, so here is a very nice game summary put together by Sean Yuille at Pride of Detroit (in the links section).

Good summary of the game.


CHIEFGER139 said...

good anaylisis
once again though-makes you wonder why rod trusted his defense at the end of the game?? will give him credit for being consistent-but time for him to wake up-mostly were holding these teams down because they dont have to score-theyre ahead and want to run the clock out-as soon as there behind-they easily chock up the points needed to win_ can you imagine us playing a team who was in a scenerio where they needed to win by so many points to make the playoffs?? if that was the case-then you'd see how horrible our defense really is-luckily we play all non-playoff teams now-who one of them is notorious for losing just to improve there draft status-the saints!! win this week-save eternity!!

Isphet said...

Rod's the guy that stands at the elevator forever pushing the button even though the elevator never comes. So far, he's hit the button 14 times, and it's never come. When are you gonna finally say "OK, the elevator isn't working, guess I have to go to the stairs?"

The Lions defense is just like the broken elevator. It aint gonna carry no one anywhere. Quit pressing the button already.

RIP said...

The elevator button in the NFL rarely works on the last desparation. I would like to expand that to the last 24 games Isphet.