Sunday, December 7, 2008

Internet Outage

To those in non-blacked out areas, if you could help with your thoughts from watching the game.

Apologies on teh lack of posts- we've been having internet connection trouble at home here, and I think it is finally fixed but I'm not sure. Hard to post when it cuts out every few minutes!!

I felt kinda like the Lions D - blink for a second and Chris Johnson just scored another TD.

The Williams Law-Breakers will be in for the game today, though again why you want your best team on the field versus the Lions instead of the playoffs, I'll never know. Best of luck Leos!!!

Asuming internet holds out, regluarly scheduled blogging will resume this evening.


Todd said...
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Todd said...

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I posted. Detfan, I still check your site daily and read everyone's comments. Still love the site just has been a little bit of a rough season and have not had a whole lot to say haha. This if-season should be extremely exciting though even more so than a normal one for us Lions fans. I really hope there isn't much truth to what Killer was saying in his Live Blog yesterday about them not making front office changes. I love Marinelli and think he is a great guy but with that kind of record, no matter how good of coach you are they need to make a coaching change just for mindset. I have no problem with Lewand staying on in some capacity but we'll see. A very interesting article ( obviously just speculating but very exciting to read was the FOX sports article this week about how we would be able to get Pioli and then he would hire Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels as a young head coach and then sign Cassell as a free agent and not worry about a qb in the draft. All speculation but again fun and exciting to think about the possibilities this if-season.

The real reason I wrote in: I have directv superfan so fortunatley/unfortunatley at times I have been able to watch every game. I have work sometimes on Sundays though and there is a link I just wanted to share with you all who are blacked out, myself being in Pennsylvania I escape the Lions tv gloom. They have almost every game on there college and pro every weekend its called: No dot com at the end just It is really cool just search sports and then they have the live channels. Sometimes they aren't clear because its people actually bootlegging it up onto the computer but sometimes you find a good feed. With any luck maybe you all can find a Lions or Vikings channel and get to watch the game!!!

Todd said...

That first post was removed by me, competley butchered the one thing I was trying to say haha so had to correct and re-post.

RIP said...

I missed on my choice for the Lion's best chance for a win. Forgot to record game, so I saw very little of the game while at work.
Did see them go for a first down on fourth at the end of the second half. Both teams had great pad level on QB keeper. Play did not work because the larger of the two Williamses had penitration where the keeper went. There probably was a thank you and bewilderment on the play call from the Minnesota sideline.

CHIEFGER139 said...

actually cody looks good-avril too-even my favorite guy i rag on looked good-fisher-at least for him-avril looks very good but i always thought he was the stael of the draft. smith is ok at running back too and i think i finally seen and hopefully all of you too that culpeper is by far our best qb-but looks like he is hurt and we finally may see stanton!! tough game for him if so-indy will most likely blow us out!! but there defense isnt that great so we should get a real good look at stanton if he starts and hopefully plays the whole game-cant wait-will keep up with m-live on the qb-status-hope stanton gets to play-think culpeper earned his keep yesterday-he definately can pin point the long one to cj-something kitna couldnt do-lets see if stanton can-actually i think culpeper despite maybe humilating himself-has shown us how good cj really is-he just needed a qb to throw it within striking range of him-culpeper can do that,

CHIEFGER139 said...

they brought up kelly not playin on m-live which brings up fisher again-
I posted this on m-live-
your thoughts all??

this is big news-because i consider fisher one of the worst ever-he gets burnt more than me making toast after a long nite of fire water after watching another lions draft or game. that being said-fisher who ive posted should be benched until none is left actually played a great game for him-doesnt surprise me-chief has actually been known to be wrong about a few things-sorry to disappoint my fans-that must mean kelly really blows or he pissed rod and company off and hes the next teams cancer?? wouldnt surprise me if they now blame him for the 0-13 sorry but these guys are that low-not sayin kelly's great or nothin-but geeze is he worst than fishers backup?? is anyone that plays that position that bad in the entire nfl?? its the dog house for sure for kelly-theyll probably have him on injured reserve before the week is out like poor kitna got thrown out!!
I said that because even when fisher was hurt they still didnt play kelly they played ramzee's

RIP said...

Interesting post on our corners.
Last year Bryant was argueably our best corner. As a free agent, he went to NE and was a training camp cut. Do not know what the reason for he not making the team. If he was healthy, this maybe a barometer to the quality of our corners. Any thoughts?

millersco said...


On corners, Bodden does well when we play more man to man, he actually breaks up passes. Don't think we have any other corner that can do that. Travis is just not very good, never see break ups, misses open field tackles a lot and isn't that fast. My opinion anyway. I would almost say take Jenkins with our first pick but we have so many needs. Our secondary just never seems to be around the ball regularly.

CHIEFGER139 said...

check this out
millens still our gm

CHIEFGER139 said...

looks like i was almost dead on when it comes to kelly
its on m-live they released kelly