Thursday, July 24, 2008

$3500 Candlesticks

In my profession, the division of "stuff" during a divorce -- homes, cars, assets, furniture... -- end up being something we unfortunately end up in the middle of. Joint accounts that each person is trying to beat the other one to. Trying to cancel the other person's insurance out of spite just to make their life difficult. Attmepting to sell all the things they like just so they can't have them. More destruction comes from stubbornness and spite than malicious vindictiveness.

About 3 years ago, we had one affluent couple that spent over a week with their attorneys, in meetings, fighting over things like candlesticks that they bought at a store, in town, where you could still buy them. But there they sat for hours negotiating over who deserved them more because each one couldn't stand that the other soon to be ex-spouse would get what they wanted.

It wasn't about the candlesticks. It was the principle of the thing. It wasn't the job of the attorneys to tell them they were both being ridiculous, it was to get their client as much as they could. What was "fair" to them.

Last year, I was talking to one of them, and he was ruefully laughing as he talked about his bankruptcy. "$3500 candlesticks. I paid over $3500 in legal fees for a *#&%>! pair of candlesticks. Sold em for about 50 bucks. Didn't even like 'em in the first place. What the hell was I thinking? I mean, there's tons of crap like that -- the dresser. I mean, we spent over an hour arguing about a dresser that we bought at home freaking depot! We both could've bought one for what we paid our lawyers on that little spat."

Each person wanted to get that "little bit more" from the other person. There were little things they just "had to have" -- and the divorce attorneys were more than happy to encourage it. Why not when you are getting paid by the hour? But in the end, both parties realized that what they thought they needed so badly at the time, in the long run was meaningless. But the money and time they wasted hurt them both more than any "victory" at the negotiating table ever could have gained.

Player agents seem to be in the same mold -- as are teams, at times, when negotiating. How far apart, really, are the Lions and Jordan Dizon that they are at a stalemate? Really? Is it a Candlestick or a $75 dresser from home depot?

In the grand scheme, is a couple hundred thousand they are apart going to mean anything to the Lions? To Dizon? The extra $80,000 workout bonus? The old end table from uncle Frank that was in the basement you both think is butt ugly and could care less about but want to keep the other person from having just out of sheer stubbornness??

No -- for both Dizon and the Lions every minute of camp he misses is irrevocably hurting both of them. The only one who stands to gain is Dizon's agent. At the typical 3% commissions they earn, another 300K in guaranteed money is anther $9,000 for him. HE wants more, and has convinced Dizon he needs that victory at the negotiating table. End of Story.

Tell your agent no Jordan. As NetRat so eloquently stated:

Posted by NetRat on 07/24/08 at 8:21PM
Hey, nimrod, sign the freak'n contract. This is about football, not DUIs and holdouts. Tell your agent the last offer was good enough and sign on the line already.. or get a new agent.. or it's the bench for you all year.

After all, holding out worked really well for Cedric Benson a couple of years ago. And Brady Quinn really locked up that starting job after missing most of camp with the Browns last year too. The NFL is littered with holdouts, and, in the end it typically amounts to one thing:

A $3500 pair of candlesticks worth $50 bucks and a nut-kicked feeling of what the hell was I thinking?


Anonymous said...

Jordan Dizon is about to expereince a nut kicking. The Takeo Spikes issue is NOT a scare tactic to get Jordan Dizon into a contract (and camp) quicker.

They know this kid can play, but the Detroit Lions football team is seriously thinking about signing Spikes and sliding him to SLB while Dizon sits behind Lenon.

The Lions see a great future, Dizon thinks he's the next coming of Patrick Willis.

I wish these two sides were only bickering about "chump" change.

The problem is, Dizon's idiots see a chance to make some extra money. They don't want Jordan to get paid where he is slotted. They want him to be paid like the 4th best linebacker.
2008 Keith Rivers (1) 9th pick
Jerod Mayo (1) 10th pick
Curtis Lofton (2) 37th pick
Jordan Dizon (2) 45th pick
Patrick Willis (1) 11th pick
Lawrence Timmons (1) 15th pick
Jon Beason (1) 25th pick
Paul Posluszny (2) 34th pick
David Harris (2) 47th pick

Puz was 4yr/$5 million
Harris 4yr/$3.5 million

That's more than a little difference for 13 spots.

Now, Dizon was picked between RB Matt Forte of the Bears (who signed a 4yr/? deal. After Dizon, is Jessica Simpson WR for the Cincinnati Bengals, and she hasn't signed. After Jessica, Trevor Laws has signed a four year deal, but those terms haven't been announced yet.

I would bet the Dizon camp is near $5 million and the Lions are near $4 million. I could buy a few candlesticks with that "leftover" cash.

Once the terms of Laws and Forte are announced, it should probably bring some more clarity to the subject.

DetFan1979 said...

I'm saying they shouldn't wait -- say they meet at around 4.5 and get it done NOW, or YESTERDAY -- isn't the half mil worth the practice time that will irreparibly hurt the team and the player?

Dizon needs to tell his agent he's making enough, get it done -- 4.25, 4.35 -- whatever it takes.

Because if it isn't done soon, the Lions will have less incentive to give in -- they are ready, as you indicated, to roll with Lenon and Lewis (or Spikes) at LB with Sims.

And if Dizon si at 5, and Lions at 4 -- then they are half a mil apart --- I ind 300k as my example (4.2 to 4.8 would be 300k apart to me -- the amount additional needed by the Lions to give, and other side to surrender, to make the deal happen)

Nice observation on 4th LB picked versus draft slot.

If he's not signed when I wake up, my opinion of him will ahve dropped another notch. This is work on it 24 hour a day territory, not sit back and see territory.

DetFan1979 said...

What is $500,000 to having Dizon get enough experience to start this season, and not be behind on the offense?

do both sides really need the candlesticks that badly?

Anonymous said...

That's the other issue I forgot to include, and was my point for posting.

If Spikes is still a wish for the Lions and they are VERY close to being capped out (cap numbers wise); they may need an extra $300,000-$500,000 to sign Takeo. netrat's list is close to accurate, but you've had some Lions cut (Dunn) and Campbell won't be signed; so I don't know where the Lions are #'s wise. And the rookie signings are usually TBA, they don't give numbers for a few days because it takes a few times to crunch all the incentive bonuses to figure out salary vs. cap salary.


DetFan1979 said...

Nubsnobber --

Love how Idiots=Agent

We are in complete agreeance on their greed and incompetence. I don't see how they can say they are doing what is "best" for the player -- best for him would be in camp.

I wasn't thinking of the cap when I cranked that comment out at 2am. on the Lions needing 500k. If Dizon's Idiots were doing their job, they would realize that as well, and compromise on this first contract. If he plays like he has the "p" word to, the Lions have already shown a wilingness to rework deals to give guys their due.

I also think, looking at Netrat's cap analysis on the next post, that if they did drop Bodden's base to vet min (which he is guessing they did) it is a pretty good net cap savings -- my guess is, they did it to

A. reward Bodden
B. Make it more likely to land Spikes to shore up a weak LB corps
C. Fincher and Gardner must not be showing anythign great yet, or they wouldn't be so worried.

It appears they have numbers at LB, but not the players they need yet in regards to starters or potential starters.

I still think you were dead on a couple of months ago when you said to watch out for Alex Lewis - he is healthy and motivated to get the starting job now that he has a legit chance at it.

My guess is they know how much they can pay

JJLions20 said...

Guys, I have an easy solution. if they are off by $1M, simply give him a $62.5K bonus for each game he starts in 2008. That's the difference. Then sign Spikes. If Dizon can beat Lennon out and play all 16 game, then he is worth the extra million. The longer he holds out the longer it will be that he actually starts.

It may mean cutting Bell to free up the cap space. But I'd rather have Spikes and Dizon, then Bell.

Anonymous said...

Thats right lawyers work for their clients.

Just read what Cherilus told his agent[s]/lawyer[s]....

"""""Detroit Lions first-round pick Gosder Cherilus was adamant with his agents that he wanted to be signed by the time the team hit the field for its first practice Thursday.""""""

read rest of Windsor Star article here -->

Hope this kid isn't a head case.

Go Lions

CHIEFGER139 said...

well it looks like cherlious is in way over his head-hope this is not the case as we sould of got otah-or a better linebacker like lofton and of course a much better rb like mendenhall or forte-heard smith stunk it up today with pads on-wasnt to displeased with smith he has the size i wanted-just hope we didnt screw up as usual!! your thoughts-chelious the beast or cherlious the bust!! remember albert was available too-and heard dizon's 3rd string?? i thought dizon was the biggest reach of all he better not end up third string or i'll be pissed!! our biggest need was mlb and he better be the guy that can back up the dl and stop the run or ill be pissed!!

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you have money down.