Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

This is a shot of DetFan1979 a month or so ago during the "Be a Tourist in Your Own Home Town" in Lansing. Mrs. DetFan1979 and I took our girls to the Capital Building, and the Michigan Historical Museum, among other places. It's a great event that helps remind us there are plenty of great things to see and learn right near where we live.

In this shot, Lions regalia is on full display -- along with a beautiful vintage Civil War Rifle with Bayonet, courtesy of the 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company B, Inc. If I had more time, I would like to join -- and help educate people about this important piece in the history of our country.

As we all celebrate our freedom this July 4th, lets not forget that Freedom is not just something we won a long time ago, it is something we need to fight to maintain.

Happy Independence Day!!

(For those who are wondering, the little red dot in the "O" in Detroit is a lady bug sticker my youngest daughter gave to me to wear. Of course I did, she's one of Daddy's little angel-cubs.)

PS - I added pictures to give even more life to the broken ninjas, that they may live forever in the DetFan1979 Archives.


Anonymous said...

Two articles I clipped from www.nfl.com

"Be like Mike

Tennessee wide receiver Mike Williams is the Titans' biggest loser. This offseason, Williams has lost a ridiculous 30 pounds, which is telling on a couple of a fronts.

For starters, it shows how serious Williams has gotten about his football career, something that was hardly the case when he was a rookie with the Detroit Lions in 2005.

But it also shows how much Williams let himself go. Last season, Williams' weight ballooned to at least 270 pounds, which would be great if he were playing offensive line instead of wide receiver.

But this spring and summer, Williams has boxed and played basketball, nearly non-stop, and even has experimented with pilates. He has altered his diet, worked out hard and recommitted himself to a game in which he was running out of chances.

Maybe it has something to do with Williams being in the last year of his contract; maybe it has something to do with some type of light turning on; maybe it has something to do with Titans coach Jeff Fisher's insistence that his hefty wide receiver lose weight after failing to catch a pass for Tennessee last season.

Whatever it is, it has worked -- for now. The true test will come this preseason, when Williams will have to be as impressive with his play as he has been with his new look."

I still think Mike is around 235; which is STILL TOO HEAVY. We'll see if he can make the team.

"Backs for the Bucs

Just because Tampa Bay has rewarded Earnest Graham with a three-year contract extension that includes $10.5 million worth of new money doesn't mean that the Buccaneers are done with running backs.

Free-agent running back Kevin Jones is seriously eyeing the Buccaneers and is considering signing with Tampa. Jones also has drawn interest from New England and Tennessee, but he thinks the situation in Tampa is enticing and the chance exists for him to excel there."

I think it would be a decent fit, as his violent running style was often compared to Michael Pittman.

And it would scare me a lot less, than seeing him in Bear's blue.

This little blurb came from bucnews.com; which I agree with.

"Schefter is a pretty reliable guy, but I just can't imagine that Bruce Allen has extended an offer to Jones, especially with Earnest Graham having just signed his extension. Warrick Dunn isn't going anywhere, Graham isn't in any danger of losing his job now, and Michael Bennett has the speed that Jon Gruden loves and none of his other backs have. Bennett has also performed well for special teams this offseason, and I would think he'd have to totally bomb training camp to get left off the 53 man roster. And that's not even taking into account Cory Boyd, who they drafted in the seventh round this year and Kenneth Darby who Gruden still likes, or Cadillac Williams, who is making good progress on his knee. I suspect this is a tactic by Jones or his agent, Blake Baratz, to get some other team to blink and try to sign Jones before the Bucs. I wouldn't expect any more to come from this."

The sleeper in the Kevin Jones lottery-and probably the team that needs him most-even moreso than the Bears. www.acmepackingcompany.com

"Former Detroit RB Kevin Jones had a workout to show off his surgically repaired knee. Four teams sent representatives to watch, and the Packers were one of those teams. Why would the Packers be watching this guy?

He was released in March after another injury led to knee surgery last January which should keep him out for 10 months. Instead he says he's ready to go right now. He's young (25) and has been good at times. It's hard to say how good/bad he's been since Detroit had a lot of turnover during his tenure, and he had trouble staying healthy.

With RB Ryan Grant unsigned, Jones might be some insurance or maybe some added incentive to sign before we go shopping for your replacement. If Grant isn't signed, then Mike McCarthy would probably prefer a bigger back like RB DeShawn Wynn to start. The problem is that Wynn and the other big running backs on the roster are not very good. If Jones is really healthy, then he might be a better option than Wynn."

Enough on the K.J. lottery, but I truly feel this is hype by K.J.'s agent because both Kevin Jones and his agent are scared Kevin is a league minimum singee and in fear of not being signed until lafter the season starts as a mid-camp, early pre-season signing after a camp injury happens.

Adam Shefter pays agents to get his stories; not the teams.


CanOpener said...

nice pic detfan

I thought you were going to stick that thing up Millens ( | ) with that big ole smile of yours.

I live in the area where the civil war started, but I lived close to where you live most of my life.

This area is rich with history but I want to give yall a little advice, - STAY UP NORTH YA DAM YANKEES!

Go Tigers!

Happy 4th to Yall, I mean you guys..lol..peace

CHIEFGER139 said...

ok- I ADMIT nice picture-im jealous i looked like you 15 years ago-but unfortunately dont now-been meaning to reply to this blog-nice one can-OPPENER-miss you on m-live but dont blame you for abbanndoning the idiots-some i could call out by name but wont-actually its the big time supporters on there that got me ticked the most-theyre way to hard on anyone who questions anything-they label me a hater or bi-polar-HALF THE TIME-not all but some-glad this blog is more reasonable-and we can put out our critisimism too without being bashed to death-were all true lions fans despite what some of them on m-live say.

CanOpener said...


It's all good, don't let the slappies get you down. Don't forget you called me an ass before and I called you delusional...lol..but your cool with me.

I was banned from mlive and I could post there if I want to change some settings on my computer but it's not worth it. Chief, you Detfan79, nubs, and the rest of the guys that post here understand where the Lions are really at but, I'm always hoping they surprise us.

I'll give you an example of my mlive abuse from a blogger there.

There's a guy named pittbull, who would jump on every post I put up..I was getting tired of trying to avoid him..he would be like..Can, But We needed a OT..and I would be like ..whatever.

But you know whats funny Chief, I go back there (to mlive) from time to time and read certain peoples blogs and I think he knows the Can and the Chief knew what the hell they were talking about...you can tell by the doubt he has in the running back situation...I laugh..but he bashed the hell out of me until I got banned.

I canceled my direct tv sunday ticket for this year :-( I will not pay to see this garbage no more...until change takes place.

I want to WIN DAMIT! I'm so sick of watching a team I love so much lose so many games all the time.

I think we will have to wait and see whats in store for us this year.

I had high hopes before the draft, but after the draft I looked at the team and said..hmmm..this looks like a good building year, but not one to take us to the playoffs..thats where I stand.

I hope I'm wrong but I have years of fan experience backing these words I've typed.

In God We Trust, With Millen We Bust

canopener said...

Hey Chief I've got a favor to ask of you...tell wrfetish to come and blog here...tell him canopener asked..me and him are cool.

Thanks, Can

Anonymous said...

On MLive its usually one and done for me.

There are so many posting there with multiple monikers, its hard to know whom is whom.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Lions didn't resign KJ, once the other teams determine his market price (within reason in financial terms of course). Why else would the Lions attend his workout?

Go Lions

Anonymous said...


I agree. You've got to do that; they owe him that much. And Kevin wouldn't pollute the waters too much. You never know what or who you'll need come the big stretch, or after the injury bug.


canopener said...

After this draft and free agency period I agree they should resign Kevin Jones but, who would wear the #34? It's kind of like the Lions already broke ties with Kevin and because they didn't draft Mendenhall they realize they made two mistakes.

CHIEFGER139 said...

sorry guys
but i think cutting jones lose was the right move and we dont need him back-even in his one 1000 yard season never thought he was 1/2 as good as james stewert-- hoping big time smith can be the consistant hard worker stewert was and make the running game click-the smith pick kept me on board-if they wouldnt of traded up and got him or charles i would of been so ticked-it would be like they were saying screw the running game all together-still not real happy with there 1st 2 picks-would of been very happy to get both in later rounds- no way i still see cherlious as a 1st rd pick or dizon as a 2nd-both these kids better start or see a lot of playing time that contributes-think smith is still much better than your typical 3rd rd runningback-he was on my list as one to get just after forte-SEEN SMITH AS A 2ND ROUNDER-like theyre later round picks to-avril was rated very high and he was a steal and love felton-didnt like the wide receiver pick of moore but if he can return kicks im all for it-hope big time dizon is as good as they think he is and cherlious has his work cut out to replace woody -one of my favorites whos gone-hope cherlious and dizon at least are solid starters-smith too-cause lets face it were really weak in all there positions there replacing. especially linebacker with baily gone- and runningback-put our too best on the market and there cheap and no one wanted them-jones is still waiting

Bill said...

Lets get ready for some football !!

JJLions20 said...

Mike Williams is old news. And with old news, we forget a few things with time. Didn't the Lions want him under 230. I saw a recent article form the Titans that had him at 242. So he still has quite a bit of weight to loose. But there was more to the Mike Williams proplems than just the weight. the weight was a symptom of his lazieness. He didn't love football, and want to really work at it. He didn't runs precise patterns. the list goes on. Can all this change during one off season? Wishfull fans may think so, but it doesn't happen very often.

Even if Williams could get down to 230, I doubt if he would be good enough to make this Lions team.

For all those posting about KJ.... My opinion is we need to look at this from KJ's point of view. He's looking for a team that can give him some playing time at running back. Coming off an ACL, and Lisfranc injuries, no team is going to give him a long term contract. So, KJ wants to prove to the rest of the NFL he can still be a starter. He's really looking to make his money in 2009. There is not a team out there that does not think they have a running back on their roster who will be there starter. So KJ is going to have to wait until there is an opportunity. This process may take a few weeks into the NFL season. KJ's best case scenario is something happens in the preseason, and a team is in the need of a RB. He is basically a RB available to rent in 2008.

I still don't think KJ will be physically ready until midway through the season, and he will be fighting it mentally throughout the season. But that is why NFL teams are testing him to see where he is at.

Some ask why did the Lions watch his work-out? Due diligence is the answer. KJ offers something to the Lions that no other FA back does. He knows the system. It’s not a big thing for the RB position, but it helps. So if something happens to Bell or Smith, it’s an option. It’s not that the Lions need KJ right now, but they could in the future. If the unfortunate happens the lions better be prepared. If Detroit was his best or only opportunity to show the rest of the NFL Jones can still be a starting NFL RB, he could swallow his ego and play for the Lions.