Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Our Luck...

Degman on Mlive forum posted this, and I LMAO:

"With our luck the Lions will be 14-0 Dec. 20th 2012 and favored to win the superbowl."

Favorite Response?

If the Lions are 14-0 that is one of the signs of the Apocolaypse!

Have a great Monday everyone!!


Bill said...

December 21 2012 is suppose to be the end of the world as predicted by the ancient Mayan calendar


DetFan1979 said...

I should have been clearer - the hyperlink on the date takes you to a story regarding the end of the world as predicted by the ancient Maya -- which as Willy410 pointed out is Dec 21, 2012.

canopener said...

My first question is, who will be on the team in 2012 who is still on the team now?

"YES", we will still be here and no we are not going out in 2012 due to some catastrophic event - as humans.

All I can say is Beam me up Scotty,

What I know for sure is the Lions will probably still suck in 2012.

History Says So!

Good to see you wrfetish.

CHIEFGER139 said...

we may stink in 2012 but i see some good years in between, this year tells us a bunch, did we finally move forward or like many doubters say-we went big times backwards back to a 2-3 win team-i think were moving forward-this season is the teller being rods 3rd year and finally having his guys he wanted. probably need a couple more years to tweak it but no more mass changes like this year.

Riley said...

SportsBook is accepting wagers of 80 to 1 against the Lions winning the SuperBowl this year. I'll take those odds.

The Atlanta Falcons and the Kansas City Chiefs are at: 100 - 1, and the Miami Dolphins: 90 - 1.

Inexplicably, the Chicago Bears are at merely 35 to 1 against. Green Bay Packers are only at 25 to 1 against, and most surprisingly, the Minnesota Vikings are only
18 to 1 against. The addition of Bernard Berrian has got people excited, maybe? I think the flaw in people's assessment of Minnesota, might be that they don't consider the 1 in 10 chance that Adrian Peterson gets injured by the 12 game of the season.

Anonymous said...

This site started out with a new post everyday. It was new and exciting. I looked forward each day to reading a new and interesting comment by the host.
I am disappointed it is now a 2 times a week post. The 2 posts are not as good as the early ones.
I hope you can find time to increase your comments in the near future.

Anonymous said...


detfan is on vacation. He's posted infrequently over his vacation, but he will start posting regularly next week (prob. by Sunday night).