Monday, July 21, 2008

Ifseason Status: QB

Okay, so just because it was my anniversary, did you really think I would be able to skip out on finishing off my "state of the team" series? What kind of fan do you think I am??

I've looked at the Dline, and the Oline. Tonight is QB, followed by WR, RB, LB, and Secondary (not in that particular order). I'll also be looking at battles and camp news as it comes out.

I looked at the positional breakdowns before the draft (I'm too tired at this point to hunt links -- they are all there in the history). So much of this is just updates and building on what was unknown. piece on the QB's.

NFL Teams, as whole, are usually in one of six situations at QB:
  1. QB "Controversy": Both of our starters are "close to even", "duking it out", or "equally bad". See: 2008 Chicago Bears. Typically leads to situation #2 or #3 unless you are the 2007 Chicago Bears...
  2. Mentor and Grasshopper: Veteran starter who is benchwarming or training/mentoring a young QB -- generally a high round draft pick -- to take his place and make him a highly paid backup for a season or two. If the mentor is fine with getting paid a couple mil for holding a clipboard, usually progresses to situation 3. If not, you get #4. (intentional)
  3. Young executive and experienced secretary: A young(er) starting QB, or one in his prime backed up by a savvy veteran QB that does more than hold the clipboard. They are good at helping the starter notice trends in the opposing D, eliminate mistakes, and all around help out the team by helping the starting QB get better. They play well enough not to have to run the scout team, but poor enough not to start. They get paid about a million or so a year to play very little football at all, and when they do, typically get to be the "hero" stepping in for the injured starter... Think Charlie Batch in Pittsburgh. It's a good gig, and for those whose egos can handle being "almost" the man, it is perfect -- both for them, and the team.
  4. Young Boss, Old guy he got promoted over (or will soon): You took his job -- or, as a high round draft pick were taken to "send a message" or "usher in a new era". He's not too thrilled about it. Sure, he's there to "help" you -- but won't really go out of his way. he might "warm up" to you after a while...maybe... or he might pretend to retire and go "gotcha" a couple months later when he starts to "itch".
  5. "The Man"..and the "Invisible Man": sure, you have that treasure of the NFL -- a solid or even all-star starting QB. And backing him up you have...ummm....Jared Lorenzen....Matt Cassell....Bueller?
  6. "An Open Competition": Jack shit, and you know it. Figure, at least if they are all "fighting it out" you can put forth the appearance of talent, and pray like hell one works out. See: Miami, Atlanta, any team desperate enough to sign Daunte Culpepper
  7. This is a special category for Jon "I collect QB's like Millen does WR" Gruden. Defies categorization.

Right now, the Lions have #2, but #6 vying to be mentored. [ You could also make a case for #5, but I'm taking the positive spin on this]

If the backups develop, then the team should be fine. If not...well, there is always the 2009 or 2010 draft -- or hope another Drew Brees gets dumped.

For 2008, the Lions are not exceptional -- but stable and able at QB. IF everything clicks, that is enough to get them into the playoffs. If it really clicks, maybe even win a playoff game. I think it's time for bed when I start talking that way in July, don't you?


CHIEFGER139 said...

i think kitna is fine as the starter-unfortunately i think both of our backups may not be ready to play at the nfl level at this time-hope im wrong. hopefully they give the young guys some playing time this year so that no longer will be the case-i think the big if this year is how well kitna handles the audibles and the 3 step drops hes not use too-if he does well at it our offense will do fine
deliver on the 10 win plus this year jon-
were counting on it!!

Anonymous said...

Sure Kitna has thrown for a lot of yards the last couple of years, but in that same timeframe I've got too many memories of Kitna either fumbling, throwing an interception, or throwing a wildly inaccurate pass, an untimely sack, etc. -- all seemingly in clutch game deciding timeframes.

Think that PFW may be onto something with the article that will be posted along with the link(below comments).

I think we all can agree that even though Kitna's thrown for 8000+ yds over the last 2 years, he's still an average at best journeyman QB, who at age 35/36(?) hasn't got much upside left, and way more downside possibilities at this time in his career.

As PFW asks, will Kitna fit with the new offense, audibilizing, different dropbacks -- and after 2 years of Martz controlling everything at the line of scrimmage, how will Kitna's game management be affected from lack of gameday decision making due to Martz' system?

In a matter of a couple of weeks your if season will progress into the preseason. If we can believe the media, Orlovsky and Stanton will get most of the snaps during preseason. I'm hoping DanO has a huge preseason, he's on a contract year, he's had 3 years in the system to absorb the offense -- the timing may be ripe for a breakout? I'm hoping so, for as PFW opines DanO is 1 of 4 NFC-North sleepers to watch out for this year.

"""""Detroit — QB Dan Orlovsky
Stay with us here. Yes, Jon Kitna is the starter, and yes, he has thrown for more than 4,000 yards in each of the past two seasons. But the Lions have won only 10 of their past 32 games after brief glimpses of optimism. With a new offensive coordinator and philosophy, though, Kitna’s gunslinging style might not be a great fit. Sure, he’s capable of making big plays, but he also doesn’t make the soundest of game-management decisions and is prone to high turnover totals. Better protection will help, but the coaching staff might want to take a look at Orlovsky, who is regarded as smart and tough and as having a good pocket presence. He also is ahead of Drew Stanton on the QB totem pole and could be in a position to make a splash late in the season, heading into his free-agent year. File this one under, “Supersleeper, circa November.""""""

Go Lions