Friday, July 25, 2008

Goodbye Candlesticks, Cherilus is the Boss

I'm sure you are all aware by now that Dizon was magically signed and examined between 2-a-Days today and made the afternoon session. At least he wasn't the last to sign -- a look around the league showed over half a dozen 2nd rounders are still unsigned. Agents have just taken it too far -- they are waiting so close to the last second that they don't have time to negotiate before camp.

Interesting read posted by 5BakerStreet about Cherilus demanding his agents get him into camp on time -- no matter what. That is the right kind of attitude for a first round draft pick whose attitude and love of the game are supposed to be two of his biggest traits. Lets hope he can dominate Dlinemen as well as he does Sports Agents. (I'd almost rather meet a Dlineman in a dark's close.)

More on the first days of camp later tonight, plus updates to the fantasy sites with new polls added later this evening/early am tomorrow.

Go Lions!!! Ifseason is ending, and the Filmseason is just about to get rolling.

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