Thursday, July 24, 2008

Contract Extensions

Despite their cap issues this year, Detroit extended Bodden's contract to 4 years, from the 2 he had remaining.

What I like best is the Roster Bonus in March of $8 million plus. By only giving him 2 million up front, they have essentially put him into a contract year. If he plays up to his 10 INT prediction then he earns his bonus and his extension with the Lions. If he doesn't the Lions can cut him or trade him with little to no cap ramifications.

They are putting a reward out on the table, and making him play his way to it. This is in stark contrast to Kalimba type deals that loaded big bonuses for future production without regards to earning it.

It is nice to see the contracts that are coming out of Allen Park are finally a bit more sensible, and creative. It's about time!

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DetFan1979 said...

From Netrat:

This is what I think I know... the signing bonus will get spread out over 6 years (or 4 years starting in 2 years) that part I'm checking on.

My guess is 6 years. $2 mill over 6 years is $333,333 in cap a year.

Then I'm guessing his salary for 2008 was reduced to vet minimum. Won't know that until 3 days from now.

If so, it will free up about a million in cap for 2008. If it didn't change, then it will use up $333,333 in cap for 2008.

The $8.6 mill in roster bonus in March will come 100% off of 2009's cap, meaning the Lions now will have $8.6 mill less in cap space to work with next year... unless they don't pay it and he becomes a free agent... costing the cap the accelerated balance of the $2 mill he just got paid as a signing bonus.


The roster bonus could be converted to a SB, which would make it more cap friendly and spread over 5 years remaining in contract.