Saturday, July 12, 2008 Cliff Avril Signs

I've been indicating in ocmments that, as per Netrat, he expected Lions draft picks to start gettign signed about the 12th. Lo and behold, Cliff Avril signs...on the 12th. Way to go NetRat! Cap and contract guru still. Last week Lewand said he expected the Lions draft picks to start signing soon, and that they should all be signed in time for camp.

Here's hoping he's right on, and at the current time, I don't see why not.

Avril Details:

The Detroit Lions have signed third-round pick Cliff Avril to a three-year deal, has confirmed.
The former Purdue University defensive end will receive the following base salaries: (2008) $295,000 (2009) $385,000 (2010) $470,000 along with a signing bonus of $484,000.

If he turns into even a decent situational pass rusher in his 2nd or 3rd year, the Lions will have quite a bargain. Camp approaches!

side note: Scoring & Rosters are up on the Dynasty site. I sent out invites for the free league (using ESPN) and will send the invites for the two Pay Leagues this weekend.


JJLions20 said...

Devries also gives you position flexibility, as he can play inside. Smith and Avril do not. I suspect Devries makes the team and could be inactive when they try to give IAF and Avril playing time. If there are injuries or lack of production Devries will be activated.

Did the Lions have to release anybody to put Avril on the roster, or does the contract have to be approved before they make that move? Right now I count 81 plus 1 injured reserve.

The big issue is Cherilus. With the Long & Ryan contract being so ridiculous, I could see an issue this year. The thing the Lions have going for them is Cherilus is a RT. There is no debate. Albert is going to negotiate that he is a LT and should be based upon Long's contract. Lets hope Cherilus' agent is not going to wait on Albert signing.

This is key be cause the Cherilus can't afford to miss camp if he plans on starting at RT.

JJLions20 said...

sorry about the above paste. I usually cut and paste into word to spell check and got some of my previous posting about the D-Line that was still in that word document.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I agree with the DeVries thing. The other thing about deVries and Smith (over Moore), they both play very well on special teams as "wedge busters". It will be interesting. I've advocated for 5 DT's, and I may be wrong as they want to keep five DE's due to the lack of depth and experience (other than White and deVries).

Cliff will need the extra step, and having all of these guys signed before camp is huge.

Cherilus will probably wait until there is tructure of some sort around him. At least a position before or behind him, and at least a tackle that was drafted after him will need to sign before you see Gosder gobble a contract.

Whoever found the Cliff Avril signing, kudos to you (detfan1979).

And I was surprised; we actually had a difference of opinion a week ago.

I will touch the topic only once because...well, just because.

Brett Favre-Atlanta Falcons. It makes the most sense, and Matt Ryan would have an NFL QB to mentor him (instead of Joey).


DetFan1979 said...

LOL - actually nubs, we weren't really diagreeing on the O-Line. I don't think I was explaining myself clearly. I've got a story on it mostly done -- I'll probably post it tonight or tomorrow.

LOL - I also have a Favre story too... I think. If I can find it on my silly hard drive, I'll post it. Some real telling stats!

JJ - I don't think he's going to wait on Albert signing; more like baker below him, possibly Otah. And Williams or one of the other top 15 tackles as well.

The Jake Long deal wasn't too outlandish, so the market for Olinemen, despite so many being taken in the first round, is set very reasonable.

I see Cherilus wanting to get into camp and take Foster's job away from him. Avril's deal shows they are willing to get it done to get guys into camp, and I think they will. Gut feeling they are all signed and there on time.

Who is Cherilus' agent? That will determine a lot of it.

As I said before, I agree Devries and Smith likely make it unless a no-name guy has an awesome camp. Enough of the DE's can slide inside that I'm betting they keep 5 DE and go with 4 DT.

Only problem with Favre to Atlanta is he wants another superbowl. Ravens makes the most sense, as their defense is nearing the end, and they need an offense to complement it -- and Favre would be a good fit in their run first/deep throw offense.

Anonymous said...

I can see the Ravens, too.
and Bucs.